H – Help

"I told Steve the truth!" Kelly sobbed as she walked through the door of the beach house.

Donna and Noah had been sitting at the counter enjoying lunch (tacos and chilies straight from the border) when she burst in. "Oh, Kel," Donna said, immediately shoving aside her plate and running to Kelly, gathering her in her arms.

"Told Steve what?" Noah asked, lifting an eyebrow curiously.

Donna led a trembling Kelly over to the sofa and pushed her down onto it. Then she looked at Noah apologetically. "Noah, it's not –"

"If you're going to tell me it's not my business, don't," Noah said. "I live here too and I think I should know what's going on under my own co-rented roof. You girls have been acting crazy-weird for the past two weeks and I want to know why."


"No, Don, it's okay," Kelly said, sniffling. "You might as well tell him. Come dinnertime, everyone in L.A. and the surrounding boroughs will know. I dread my mother's reaction…"

"Are you sure?"

"Yes," Kelly said. "Go ahead."

"Wait – me?" Donna asked.

"Yeah. You tell him. He's your boyfriend."

"Okay, well …" Donna looked at Noah. "You know how when a girl and guy meet, they can instantly be insanelyattracted to each other? So much so that they just can't wait to rip each other's clothes off…"

"Yeah, that's you and me every night," Noah joked. "But seriously, get to the point."

"Okay, well imagine the attraction has dimmed a bit but this pair, for lack of a better word, get really tanked and just go at it like bunny rabbits."

"Donna," Kelly protested.

"Sorry, bunnies are cute. I like cute."

"Get on with it," Noah said.

"Fine! Just fine," Donna said in exasperation. "I was trying to be delicate but … Kelly and Steve boned and now Kelly is knocked up!" Donna blushed, Kelly sputtered and Noah just looked flabbergasted.

Then he started laughing. "Kelly, you and Steve? Steve? As in Steve Sanders?"

"Is there any other Steve?" Kelly moaned.

"And you're having his kid? Of all the people to hitch your wagon to…" Noah couldn't stop laughing. Donna had to literally jump up from the sofa and grab him by the shoulders and forcibly push him out of the room. Still they could hear his snickering from down the hall.

"I'm sorry," Donna apologized. "Noah can be …"

"Insensitive," Kelly put in. "But he's right, you know. Steve is … well, Steve. He's just a three-year-old in a man's body."

"C'mon, Kelly, he's also a good guy."

"A good guy who takes advantage of drunken girls."

"Kelly, there none of that going on and you know it. For all Steven's dubious charms, he's a really great person. Besides, he adores you and would never, ever hurt you."

"That's true but I just can't depend on him. I was raised without a father, Donna. I needed a stable influence and I didn't have one. My baby won't either… Steve is-"

"Going to be an amazing daddy," Donna promised, hugging Kelly. "I mean who can relate better to kids than an overgrown one?"

"I'm just nervous."

"Of course you are."

"I always thought Dylan and I … Or Brandon and I…" Kelly shook her head. "Never mind."

"How'd he take it?"

"Who – Dylan?"

"No, Kel, Steve! When you told him about the little bundle of joy."

Kelly sighed. "He was shocked. Very shocked and said he couldn't believe it … And then he walked out."


"Yeah, he said he needed time to process everything… So you see, Donna, I will be doing this at least ninety-percent all on my own."

"No way!" Donna protested. "I know Steve's going to man up and anyway, how could you think I'd ever, ever let you go through this alone? You're my bestie. Besties stick together, through thick and thin."

"Oh god! Thick… I am going to get so fat, huh?"

Donna giggled. "Stop that, silly." Kelly giggled a bit too. Her hand found her still-flat belly.

"You really are going to be there, Donna? Every step of the way?"

"Yes!" Donna said. "Through raging hormones and crazy cravings … All of our friends will be there for you too. We're going to help you out. It takes a village to raise a child after all."

Kelly bumped Donna's shoulder. "Thanks, Don."


Just then Noah came back into the room. The girls turned to look at him. "Is your case of the giggles finally cured?" Donna asked facetiously.

"Yeah, yeah." Noah's lips twitched. "Almost." He burst out laughing again, and this time, Donna and Kelly both joined in. They all chuckled until their bellies ached.

I – Increasing

Donna walked into her bedroom one night to find Noah sitting in his boxers atop the covers, sans shirt, looking incredibly delectable. All she wanted to do was maul him but Kelly's baby shower was just two days away and she had so much left to do. With each day that passed, Donna felt increasing pressure to make it the best baby shower ever. It was a co-ed affair. All of their friends would be there, including Dylan. What the hell had Donna been thinking?

Donna licked her lips, seeing the way Noah was looking at her. He totally had the bedroom eyes; let-me-seduce-you-right-now-baby thing going on. She looked away even as he reached for her hand, trying to pull her onto the mattress with him.

"Donna," he said.

"Don't, Noah, don't," Donna protested though weakly. "You can't woo me with your charms. Not tonight anyway."

"That sounds like a challenge," Noah said and he quickly tugged her into bed. She landed on top of him, her knee between his legs. He was immediately smothering her with kisses - kisses that turned her on like a suddenly flicked light switch.

"Noaaaah," she moaned. "Please stop. I have so much to do for the baby shower… Ooooh … Ahhhh…"

Noah kept up his sensual torture and her legs shook. "I need to-"

"You need me, Don," Noah said, slipping his hand down the waistband of her booty shorts. "And guess what? I need you too. Ever since Kelly got knocked up we've barely have a free moment together."

"Oh, Noah, I've been bad haven't I?" Donna said looking up at him, losing herself in his sexy gaze. "Really bad for neglecting you."

"Yes, yes, you have. You've been terribly naughty."

"Are you going to punish me?" Donna asked, blushing, but only a little. She had never talked dirty like this with anyone else. It was an almost foreign concept to her, but she felt so secure, so safe, with Noah in the bedroom and everywhere else too. It was a feeling she had not enjoyed previously.

"Hell yes I am," Noah said and he flipped her over so he was on top. Before long they were making love – wild, passionate, frenzied love. They were drowning in desire.

Suddenly, they heard pounding on the adjoining wall. Kelly's voice came through loud and clear. "Do you two perverts mind? I'm trying to sleep here!"

Donna blushed and then she and Noah dissolved in giggles. "She's just jealous because she's not getting any," Noah said and that made Donna laugh more.

"You're so bad," she whispered.

"Let me show you just how bad," Noah said, slamming into her. "Oh and by the way, the minute Kelly pops out that baby, we're getting our own place."


"Come on. Don't you … Uh …" Noah crashed into her again and again. "Uhhh… Like the idea … Uhhhh … Of not having someone pounding on the wall all the time? Having some … uhhhh … privacy?"

"Ahhhh … Yes, okay I dooooo!"

"Then it's settled. Once the baby … Oh fuck, Donna! Once the baby comes …"

"I'm cumming!" Donna screamed and they heard wild, protesting pounding on the opposite wall. They giggled even as they rode the heights of a mutually explosive orgasm.

"Yesss!" Donna screamed in his ear. "We'll get our own place."