A/N: The idea for these little snippets (they're so short I won't dare call them one shots) came about when I made a comment somewhere that the good and bad thing about the open ending of the TB season finale was that it was an easy fix, so I figured why not do that instead of the usual barrage of pics of my usual chapter announcement whenever a new chapter for one of my other stories is up on the blog. They're proving quite popular over there so I decided I might as well start uploading them here too. They're short they're sweet and uncomplicated so enjoy as long as my muse lasts.

Edit November 2014: While the original intention was to keep these short and sweet, the fixin's soon became longer. They average around 1500-2000 words after this very short first one. From Chapter 14 onward one single fixin' was extended into a story of its own. A brief description of that particular fic:

"I know you, there are two Sookie Stackhouse's. One who still clings to the idea that she's merely human and the other who's coming to grips with the fact that you are better than that." – Eric Northman.

So what would happen when one angry fairy was knocking on the back door of Fangtasia while a seemingly human and heavily pregnant version of her is preparing for an elaborate Thanksgiving feast?

Please note that I don't own anything pertaining to the universe of SVM and True Blood created by Charlaine Harris and HBO. Any recognisable characters, storylines and/or dialogue belong to them. I just try to make you feel better for what the treatment of the past seven years has put you through ;)


Eric flew in with great haste cursing himself for arriving so late as he took in the tastefully decorated table from the sky as it was filled with the most important people in Sookie's life. Finding her eyes instantly his worried hands travelled over her protruding belly without pause.

"You made it," she smiled gratefully trying to avert the concern in his eyes. She was taking on too much in the last trimester but there was little that could dissuade the unstoppable force known as Sookie Stackhouse. It didn't stop him from reminding her at every turn and threatening to call Dr Ludwig on her.

"Wouldn't miss it for the world," he returned before greeting everyone at the table. He grabbed a chair placing it strategically between himself and the man at the head of the table. "What is the sperm donor doing in my seat," he whispered with a hint of annoyance to her ears.

"Hush now," she returned at his lack of manners. "It took a lot of work locating someone in your direct genetic line, the least we can offer him is a home cooked meal."

Eric grumbled a little as he warily eyed the man that resembled more of the werewolf and despicable Compton than any of his own looks. His eyes decided to travel to the life that was growing in her belly instead that despite altered genetics smelt of both of them while a contented heartbeat thundered aloud. He sighed, not in resignation but in gratitude, a fitting feeling at this American feast after all. He was thankful for everyone at the table, including the one in his seat. So what if their child might resemble one of her exes in looks, the child would be theirs and anyone who would suggest otherwise would not only fear the scorn of his wrath but Sookie's too.