Note: This is partially inspired by The Walking Dead, The Last of Us and every other terrific portrayal of an apocalypse across all mediums, but the facts are not necessarily based off of those scripts or other typical zombie depictions. Forgive me if there are any inaccuracies or objections to the way I've written it. It is just fiction and merely my imagination.

Often the innate traits of human beings come to life in the light of the desperation for survival. But there can also be goodness as well. Exploring the nature of human relationships and the human condition has always been very interesting to me. Enjoy the ride, lovely people.

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Chapter 1

"Oh yeah," she moaned. "Fuck, just like that."

The man on top of her slammed into her while holding onto the rails of the bed frame, moving like a bull. She arched her back, leaning into his kiss. He stared at the woman writhing beneath him. She was gorgeous. Their two bodies moved like one, accompanied by the taste of passionate sweat that danced in the air.

He groaned. "Bella, yes."

His name was Edward Cullen. A twenty-eight year-old professor from the University of Washington. He taught philosophy. Many said that he was too young, but the man was perceptive and sharp, having always been the youngest in his classes due to him constantly skipping grades. So indeed, he was quite young to be a professor.

The woman who was writhing on the bed underneath Edward was Bella Swan. She was a psychologist who knew first-handed what it felt like to watch her father get shot in the head by a delusional man. At twenty-seven years of age, she was a woman of wisdom and wit. But much like Edward, she never found anyone else with the same emotional intelligence and appeal.

Thus, they both settled on having a marvelous deal. Being friends with benefits. That way, they could both advance delightfully through their careers with their sexual needs being satisfied. Bella had once read a statement of from a sexologist which had stated that orgasms were indeed advantageous to the health of people and boosted people's moods. Thereby, increasing concentration and efficiency whilst doing work. Provided, that the person who they were sexually involved with was not around for that would be too distracting.

Bella Swan grew up in a small town, called Forks in the state of Washington, where her father, Charlie, had served as the head of police there. After placing a woman who had microwaved her own baby into the prison cell, the woman's lover had decided to put a bullet into Charlie's skull for vengeance. Bella was eleven at the time. But after her traumatic recovery, she knew she wanted to become a psychologist and help others in need.

The two figures were wrapped tightly around each other. Their synchronized moans were almost harmonious, along with the creaking of the bed springs that groaned with every thrust Edward made. Bella could only gasp out single syllables. Perhaps, two as a maximum.

"Hard-er. Fast-er." she breathed.

"Lady, you're killing me. I can't go any faster. I'm not a machine." Edward said into the crook of Bella's neck, kissing and nibbling her soft skin. The brief whispers of his kisses sent tingles to Bella's core as she felt herself clench and suddenly release with everything she had left in her body.

"Fuck," he groaned as he came with her. He would never get tired of having sex with Bella. They did it nearly every night, unless one of them was occupied or busy with work and needless to say, both of them could never become bored with each other. They were matched in a magnitude of preferences, including positions... and other things, such as their favorite books and movies.

Yet, they still remained friends with benefits. Some could wonder why two people who had similar interests and could get along so well would not have any more feelings for each other. But perhaps, Bella and Edward had yet to realize that. They were so engrossed with their own careers that they forgot the very concept of romance and relationships.

Edward would always claim that his long hours at the university would turn off any girl who he would date. He dated a handful of women but eventually found that their lack of interest in Plato and Kant was not enjoyable. Bella had her occasional one-night stands when she was in her early adult years, but then she nearly slept with a married man whose wife had traced his phone and yelled at Bella, telling her that her husband had an STD. Whether that was true or not, Bella had felt incredibly stupid at her own gullibility of people's faithfulness and also the mere fact that they could actually not be clean.

After forcing Edward to do a test, along with herself, and both being rather happy with the other person's mannerisms and temperaments, they fell into a suitable contract. A deal.

They would only be each other's sexual partner until one of them opposed such an agreement and the whole deal would be called off.

They were allowed to kiss but definitely not whisper words of endearment. Not that either of them felt like that towards each other.

They were allowed to 'sleep-over' but not spoon or touch each other, unless one of them wanted to do the deed again, in the middle of the night. It worked quite well, but usually Bella would jolt Edward awake by her fists when she'd sleep. He would often move to the couch. So much of a sleep-over.

Finally, they would remain friends above all else.

Edward and Bella had met in a bar, a fortnight ago. He'd thought of her as beautiful but she, being her usual, defensive self, stomped on his foot when he'd approached her outside, after following the brunette beauty leave. She'd thought he was a creep who was lurking in the shadows, waiting for a suitable moment to attack a defenseless woman.

He'd yelled out a string of profanities while she covered her mouth at his expression of pain. With both of them being slightly tipsy from a few drinks, they found each other engaged in a lusty staring contest. Green and brown, with a tang of animalistic desire.

It only took a taxi ride before they arrived at Edward's apartment and stripped each other naked. It only took a couple of days to settle on the deal. They also agreed to alternate between each other's apartments, going from Bella's to Edward's on every other encounter. They became good friends, often mimicking each other and telling the other person whenever someone was ogling them in public.

They also had their own signals, where if one of them was getting unwanted advances, the other would come in, pretending to be the other's partner. For two intelligent individuals, they were never willing to explore anything beyond that. Beyond that acting.

After Edward walked into the ensuite bathroom to dispose of the condom in the bin, he splashed some water onto his face. Returning back to Bella's bed, the television that was hanging on the wall opposite the bed was switched on, with Bella reclining on a pillow and watching the screen. It was currently at a commercial break. Edward laughed at how intrigued Bella looked at the commercial for Walmart. Her button nose was scrunched up and her almond-shaped eyes, round and big.

A soft purring came from behind the closed door of Bella's bedroom, marking the presence of Bella's kitten. Lucas was his name and he was a black, Ragdoll cat. Midnight fur and glowing blue eyes. After Bella had told Edward about her cat, asking if he was allergic and with him stating that he was not, Edward had fell in love with the adorable kitten.

However, they realized that the kitten liked watching them have sex. It unnerved both of them and so a habit to close the door every time they did it was ensured.

He went over to the bed and kissed her, all over her jaw. She moaned, linking her hands around Edward's neck.

"You better be on top, this time," he said. "You've worn the stallion out."

"Okay, professor," Bella said as she straddled him. The television screen went black and switched back to the news deck.

Bella's moans filled the evening atmosphere as Edward sucked on her nipples, whilst rubbing her clit, eliciting a wanton moan from his lady friend. He groaned as she ran her fingers through his hair, massaging his scalp. They were so preoccupied that they paid no attention to the words of the anchorman. The two figures on the bed were in a world of their own, completely.

"There have been a few sightings. Many have stated that it is indeed not Halloween just yet," the news anchor said, staring at the camera with a look of disbelief. "We are still unsure what these 'creatures' are but we will keep you informed as officials are still searching for answers to this rising mystery."

Bella and Edward did not hear a word.

Love, perpetually.