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Mission: 496944546

Area: 4979490984844

It was a clear night, the wind gently blew the sand across the ground, attempting to bury any struggling flora trying to survive in the desolate wasteland. Blowing the chill night air that contrasted against the harsh heat that was present during the day around the dunes. The desert was vast and empty, except for one thing...

Standing before the base of one of the larger dunes, there was a large stone fortress, a silent structure with men walking on it's ramparts. It was a souvenir from the foreign legion days of old, but took on a more vile purpose. The walls were decrepit and eroding away from the continuous sand that scratched away the surface of the stones leaving the surfaces almost smooth in parts.

This fortress, that once used it's solid walls to protect against the enemy of freedom and righteousness, was now used to hoard...and it wasn't food, precious metals or stones, or even was people. An ironic twist for this structure that stood for defending the people. Most of the people currently within the walls preferred to be elsewhere, even off this earthly plain. Poor souls that were bought and sold on illegal markets, and forced to take part in activities that they would never have done normally with people they would rather have never known existed.

They were slaves, personal, medical, sex, punishment...whatever anyone could come up with, these people had a slave for that need, and in any shape or form they wanted...for the right price. They were ripped from their past lives, their homes, their workplaces, the streets...anywhere were a truck or van could execute a quick getaway. These vile fiends had been in business for a while, having the corner on the slave market, no one was selling humans without their cut of the profits.

The men were paid to keep the people inside, to keep them prisoners, not giving them even the most simplest of freedoms, seeing the light of day. The slaves' skins were a pale color, and their eyes were beginning to weaken, along with their spirits. Soon, the biggest shipment of merchandise would be distributed.

They were walking along the top of the wall, their rifles drawn and ready. They had never had an attack, but the ones that pay for their time, felt it was never an option to be knocked off guard...not that anyone would come by coincidentally in the middle of a desert.

However, all the preparations meant nothing. For something, something they could never hope to counter, was on it's way to shut it down permanently, and bring an end to the guards.

If they had looked up to the moon, they would have seen a lone figure stood out fiercely against the white orb. It was a person, with large wings, one feathered and translucent, the other leathery, like that of a bat, but the light of the moon could still be seen faintly.

The figure sighed "How could they not find this place, this all could have been dealt with months ago...I hope they don't raise too big a fuss, I'm not in the mood to fight."

His head twitched slightly.

"I'm tired, it's been a long day..." said the figure to the empty space around him.

His head twitched again.

"If they push it, then fine, but not just because you're bored." said the figure.

The figure pulled up his legs, and then shot to the ground like a sniper's bullet, the dark clouds behind him blew apart and dissipated into the air. Once he had hit the ground, the walls surrounding the fortress cracked and crumbled down, leaving a bare skeletal perimeter around the fort's compound. The people that happened to be on the ramparts were buried underneath the tons of stone that were knocked loose, killing them.

The figure looked around, the wings wrapped around like like a protective barrier. "Don't tell me that's all the men they had, for an operation this big, they should have had more people." he said with a disappointed tone.

His head twitched once more.

"Let them be, they're dead, there's no point..." said the figure shaking his head.

He looked around at the silent fort, but all of a sudden, the sound of footsteps came to his ears, growing louder and louder as the people hidden below the fortress made their way up to see what had happened.

"What's going on?"

"What happened to the walls?"

"What's that?"

"Who's that?"

The figure looked over to them, slowly removing the wings, to reveal himself. He was a small boy, perhaps no older than eleven, he had long black hair, white skin and fiery green eyes. There was a scar that cut from his forehead, straight down his eye, and ended on his neck. He was dressed all in black, except for a red tiger lily in the button hole of his little suit.

The men stared.

The boy turned and faced them, a gentle smile on his face. "You've got one chance, let all the people below go, if you don't..."

"Get him!" shouted one of the more braver men and they began to rush the boy. But the boy didn't move, instead, he took out from behind him a large ebony staff with a large white crystal perched atop it.

"Idiots...Heavenly Tnemegduj!" whispered the boy as he swung the staff in front of him.

Shards of light appeared out of the staff, and they hovered in midair.

"What is that?"

"Where did those come from?"

"What did he say?"

Then the shards became parallel to the ground, and in the moonlight, they turned black and impaled themselves into everyone that had climbed above ground.

"ARGGHHH!" screamed several people as the shards ripped through their bodies until they were reduced to nothing but mere fragments and puddles of thick red liquid collecting in small areas or dripping down vertical surfaces.

"One chance, that's all you get." said the boy softly, and just as a cloud passed over the moon...his calm face was replaced with a sadistic and manic smile and his eyes were widened, as if a wave of madness blasted through it. "You should have played don't play nice..." he swung his staff over the nearest and largest piece of flesh, slicing it in half. It slowly turned silver and became a large glittering sword, dripping in blood.

"You get broke."

Seven figures stood on a far sand dune, watching the episode from a safe distance.

"Ugh...I hate it when he goes dark, he creeps me the hell out." said one of the figures shivering. He was a grizzled looking man, who had a quiver and bow slung on his back. He wore animal skin around like a tunic and a straw hat on his head, he looked no older than forty. "And I don't creep out easily."

"I still can't believe that's the Boy-Who-Lived." said one of the other figures, a willowy woman with long platinum blonde hair and a halo of light around her middle. She was wearing a tight fitting leotard that had a slash around her middle where the light was, exposing her midriff..

"What can you expect, Cosmo?" said a tall, masked, tanned, beefy man with spikes on his knuckles. "The poor kid didn't exactly have a happy childhood, it's no wonder he's damaged sometimes."

"Force, mind your tongue." said another figure, medium built dark man, dressed in black with two swords on his back. "He is the Star Captain, and demands your respect, he has seen more than all of you have seen in your lifetime."

"C'mon Longsword, you gotta admit, the kid is off-balanced." said another figure, a woman in her early twenties with a blonde pixie cut. She wore bell bottom pants and a shirt that had sleeves that extended almost two feet beyond her hands.

"If you think I'm so off balance Ctenizidae, put in a transfer." said a cold voice coming from behind them. They all turned and saw the youth that was just off at the fortress not a moment ago. The same manic light dancing in his eyes.

"Oh! Uh...hello Cap'n." said Ctenizidae, throwing up a concealed hand in salute and an embarrassed smile. "I'd never abandon you! What would you do without me?"

The youth laughed darkly. "I'd have less accidents happen on missions."

"That's not fair." pouted the blonde.

"Sir, Are the people secured?" asked Longsword.

"No...I left that for you all to handle. I need to get back to Headquarters, Yang is beginning to act up again." said the youth he ran his fingers through his hair. He looked up to Longsword with his bright green eyes, the evil glint gone. "I want a full report when you get back."

"Yes Star Captain." said Longsword bowing low, and with a flash of white light, the Star Captain was gone. "Come, we have work to do." they left the dune and ran, or levitated over to where the fortress lay.

"I noticed something, how come you never say 'sir' to him when he talks nice?" asked Force.

"I think it's because Star Captain Yin acts like a girl when he's nice and sweet." said Ctenizidae teasingly, "The Lieutenant probably almost says ma'am."

"Don't be foolish, now, let's be quick, the Healers at the Northern Sanatorium are waiting for everyone here." said Longsword sternly, as he led the rest of the Rangers to the ruined fortress. He'd have to make Ctenizidae go through the Training room a few times without her insects. Such disrespect towards Captain Yin, he would not let that slide.

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