After Tommy and the gang fully grown up and have their dream jobs, some of the original Rugrats have children. This is their story.

Jason Pickles: son of Tommy and Kimi, 14, loves music. Jason is basically the leader of the group. He knows his friends will be by his side and be honest with him. He trust them and they trust him.

Simon Finister: son of Chuckie and Lil, twin to Sandra. 15 and loves games. Unlike his father, he is a daredevil and will be willing to do anything if he is being paid but unlike Toby, actually knows when enough is enough.

Sandra Finister: daughter of Chuckie and Lil, twin to Simon. 15 and loves debates. She will agrue until her point is made and she doesnt like to be wrong. She is like her mother and is into clothes shopping and sports.

Toby Deville: son to Phil, 14, and hates Jessica. After a accident in middle school, Tony and Tess hated each other but a secret of Tobys might change that.

Jessica Pickles: daughter to Angelica Pickles, 15, and hates Toby. Unlike her mother, she would rather throw a party then take over her mothers job. She is the one girl that will kick ass given the chance.