Annabeth POV

My mind was completely focused on the task at hand until Chiron came over and called my name. Up until then I was practicing archery, but it sounded urgent so I placed my bow down and ran over.

"Annabeth! You must hurry, I need you to get Percy, Thalia, and Nico and bring them to Thalia's tree" Chiron said with a grave look on his face . "This is a matter of great importance that must be addressed quickly and secretly" and he galloped off without another word.

Soon my mind began to fill with the possibilities of what could have Chiron so worried, an evil Greek deity trying to rise to power again? Another war? It has only been 3 months since the Giant War and everyone is still trying to cope with all the loss.

Realizing I was just standing there wasting time I ran to go fulfil Chiron's orders. With no time for questions I grabbed Nico, Thalia (who was visiting with the hunters), and Percy and together we sprinted to Thalia's tree.

As we caught our breath Thalia was the first to speak, "Why are we here?" she asked and I replied "Chiron's orders, probably a small quest" not mentioning the panic and worry I heard earlier in Chiron's voice.

Just then Chiron and Rachel appeared out of the shadows, "I'm afraid this is a much bigger than your average quest. About a week ago Rachel received word from some demigods in the future, they contacted us and asked if we could send some of our greatest heroes to aid them." We all gathered closer as Chiron was speaking, interested in what he was saying.

Rachel picked up where Chiron left off "After talking to Chiron, I IM'd the Romans, but they refused to send anyone, for they are tired of being involved in Greek affairs. We didn't want to send Leo and Piper because they are with the Romans temporarily, to be with Hazel, Frank, and Jason. We don't know exactly why they need you but you will discover it over time."

"It is important you never reveal your true identities, don't use your powers and don't over use your strength. You need to act like 16 year old mortals, or otherwise they will get suspicious. Also you will have all your memories and the people there will think they have known you their whole lives. Percy and Annabeth you must wear modest grey clothing, Thalia and Nico you both will wear black. This information will help you blend in."

"The people who contacted us will tell you even more once you get there. If you come back not a day will pass and everything will be back to normal. But if you die, you won't be able to return. So, do you accept this quest?" asked Chiron

It took a couple of minutes to process all that information, but we all looked at each other and replied, "We accept"

"Excellent, I will contact them, be back here ready to leave in 45 minutes." and he went off and left Rachel.

She ran up to Percy and I "Please return to us, we need you guys" she whispered. Then she turned to Nico and Thalia, said goodbye and good luck, and disappeared in the darkness.

We all separated to our individual cabins to go pack. I quickly threw some clothes, ambrosia and nectar, and my knife into a bag along with some other stuff and put on the most modest grey clothing I had. After finishing a couple more things, I jogged back to the tree.

About 5 minutes later we were all present and ready to go. I had quickly written some goodbye letters for loved ones and friends just incase we do not return, since this quest was top secret, we couldn't say goodbye in person.

Chiron gave me a hug "Goodbye and good luck, may the fates be kind to you. Please come back home, camp needs you all" I was on the verge of tears, I would miss camp so much. Then a bright flash and a bang sounded and we were gone.