Metting the team

It was a normal day in the new york museum presenting a new expo of ancient egip as a Young Brown haired guy get in but this tennager is not a normal tennager he is Peter Parker aka your friendly neighbor spiderman entering to the museum

man i can't believe i have to come here alone now Harry couldn't come with me an well MJ mmm well i would not come with here even if someone pay me maybe i should ask jonny but then i should tell him i'm spiderman and well he can't keep a secret especially because i would like to take to one of his fantastic four kind of parties Pete tought to his self as suddenly a girl just hit him from the back and make him almost fall he did not see the girl good he only could see he back and her Brown hair in a pony tail he only could hear her scream sorry as she keep running in to his way well this is going to be a Parker luck day for what i can see Peter tought to his self

As the girl with the Brown ponny tail keep running thinking oh i hope that guy is ok oh come on Kitty how could you get behind so fast of the rest of the group is always the same when we get out of the mansión or i get lost or let behind because i get distracted oh there they are Kitty tought as she aprouch a girl with Brown and withe hair and a blond boy hey guys thanks for waiting for me Bobby Rouge Kitty said to the two ather tennager that were standing in front of her

Oh calm down sugar you were the one who just get lost like always and we tought that maybe you find a cute boy and go party with him Rouge said with a Little grin in her face

Oh shut up Rouge you know that just in that area I'm not ready for that right know Kitty said with a Little sadnees and anger at the same time in he reyes

Oh come on Kitty it's been weeks since you and colossus break up it's time for tou to look for some who actually cares for you and make you feel good and actually love you Rouge said while giving Kitty a suport in her shoulder

Well you know Kitty that im free if you want Bobby said in a funny tone

I don't tink so Bobby you're more loke a brother to me and plus i don't think that you're boyfriend material Kitty said also in a funny tone

Oh you break my heart Bobby said looking at the floor in defeat

Well we are gonna go to the expo to do our homework rouge said in kind of a mother way

Ok lets go Kitty said as the three walk inside the museum room

Really dude i don't know how you convinve me to come to this thing instead of working or doing i don't know somwthing fun a rouge voice come from a tall big black guy teenager with a yellow shirt and black sunglasses

Some times getting some knoweless doesn't hurt anybody luke even can help you to take all that rage out of you a bloung skinny guy tells him as the two gwt inside in the musseum

You know that i don't have anger issues danny i just like to hit tings Luke said with a firmly tone

As you said my fríen but at least lets see this new egipt expo Dnny said as calm as always

Well well well but look who is here bit i fis powerman and iron fist a cooky voice come from behind

As Luke and Danny look back just to see a blond guy with sunglasses a hoodie with a big smile

And what are you doing here Jonny or should i say human torch

Sssssshhhhhhhhhh you don't see thta im undercover so nobody see that is me Jonny said he knew luke and Danny from some times that the fantastic four and they tey tam up and as they were from the same age they kind of get along

Sure and you saying our héroes names at loud help us Danny said as calm as always

Sorry i just kind of want to say it like tath Jonny said with a grin in his face

Well nyway what are you doing here anyway Luke said in his firmly tone

Well i came here to see the biggest expo of ancient egip to get some good knoweleg a just kidding i came here to get some chicks Jonny said with his cooky way

Well you are welcome to join us if you want Danny said

Well i think i could use some wing men after all spidey didn't want to come with with out showing me his secret identity he loses it Jonny said with a mocking tone

It's his life dude you can't blame him for having a secret identity dude Luke said with his strong voice as Danny nods in agrement

Well i think you're right but naaa let's go inside and get some dates Jonny said with exitment and get some knoweledge Danny complement the sentence as the three héroes walk into the romos of the museum

Well when are we going to strike a weird looking teenage said as he is croach and next to hi mis a fat big and fat boy and a rockering looking guy calm down frog mystique said that we wait because this is going to be a big hit so we have to wait for other guys to make this fast and clean

I dont know why we have to do this strike with other guys Lance the big fat biy said

Because those are the orders beff and if mystique tells us that with this job we are gonna need extra help i think we are going to need it after all now that Pietro decide to become a hero now we need help come on lets get inside and wait for the others

As Peter walked trow the halls of the musseum waching the scultures and taking pictures as he walk he stops to take a picture to a statue as he walk a Little backwards he just felt how he hits with someone and fall with this person I'm sorry i didn' see you i'm sorry he says as he stand up and helps the girl that fall with him as he help her stand up he reconise her pony tail it's you

the girl with a pink shirt and jeans with a Brown hair in a pony tail just stand up What Kitty said confused

You were the girl Who make me fall in the entrance Peter said surprise of looking how pretty she actually is he only could see her back in th entrance

Oh you were that guy I'm so sorry I was in a hurry and i just didn't see you and ohh that usually don't happen to me trust me Kitty said remembering her phasing powers

No i should be apologizing right now it's my fault that we two fall just for try to take a pictures Peter said a little embarased

Don't worry know we are even Kitty said with a little smile and tinking that the guy in front of hi mis kind of handsome

I think we are Peter said smiling and why are you here let me guess you came to see the egipt exposure

Yeah I'm with my friends investigating for a hoemwork and you Kitty said

Well kind of the same only that i came alone i didn't have anybody to come with me Peter said with a little of joke tone in his voice

Awwwww that's not good especially for this kind of expo are for come with somebody Kitty said comforting Peter and giving him a little simle

Peter just don't know why but that smile confort him

Thanks and I'm Peter by the way Peter Parker

Peter? She said remembering the guy who with resently she broke up and kind of make her angry

Yep that's my name a lot of people may have it but nobody pull it out like me Peter say joking as he always kind of do

That make Kitty smile well i kind of start seeing why I'm Kitty Pryde nice to meet you she says as he extends her hand in a fryendly way

Nice metting you to Peter says as he shakes her hand with plesure

Who is that guy that Kitty is speaking to Bobby said as he watch from far Bobby said to Rouge

I don't know but he is not bad he is kind of handsome Rouge said with a kind of sexy voice tone

Really you think he is kind of handsome but when i invite you to go out you say no to me because you say that i'm not handsome enough Bobby said with kind of a shock voice

Ohhhhhhhh calm down snowball you are not just my tipe Rouge said with a mocking voice

Well who do you see that you like? Jonny ask to Luke

I don't know i don't see any girl of my kind Luke said firmly

Ohhhhh come on luke you're killing me i think i would have a better shot with Mr calm over there because he doesn't protest tath much we have seen really pretty girls an you just say no to all of them Jonny said complaining

In that he is right Luke you should open to some one Danny said with his calm voice

Ohhhh come on you're with him Danny Luke complain

You see even he is with me look over there how about with that girl with the Brown hair with the pony tail Jonny said pointing at Kitty

No I don't think so i think she is with her boyfriend look closely to the guy with the Brown hair that she is with Luke said

Ohhhhhhh you're right i didn't notice it they look kind of cute together ohhhhhhhhhh but look at the girl over there with the Crown hair and the withe stright of hair she is smoking hot Jonny said pointing at Rouge

Well if you like her then go get her dude Luke said with a challenging tone

Ohhhhhh that sound to a challenge to me Just you two watch and learn Jonny said with a cooky tone and walking to rouge

10 dollars that he gets slaped Luke said with a mocking tone

It would be dumb from me to be ton something that i know it's going to fail Danny said ith a little mocking tone to

Hey girl looking at this egipt tings Jonny said with a seductive voice as he get closer to Rouge

Seriusly? Rouge tought to her self yeah that the point of being in te museum in this egipt expo Rouge said in sarcastly tone

So what do you say if we get out of here and grab a drink Jonny said still in his sexy tone

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm let me think about it Rouge said just maybe i'll just play with this guy for a little bit advanting i'm only going to be here for a few hours maybe i'll play with him rouge tought to herself

So in what school do you study Kitty ask to Peter with a cute tone

In Midtown highschool its actually a pretty good school and you Peter ask her enjoing Kittys's company

In a kind of private school in baywille Kitty said a little nervouse

Ahhhhhhhhhhh so a little outside the city Peter said in a little disapintment he was expecting her to be really close

Yep I usually don't come to much to the city I'm here only for the expo ding a homework Kitty said also in a kind of dissaipinting tone because she kind of was liking the company of Peter

Well if you are going to be here only for the day maybe i don't know if you like maybe we could Peter couldn't finish his sentence a explocion come out and suddenly some supervillians come out

Ok let's go boys clean this place a boyce said it was trapster hidroman and the hogoblin with avalanche frog and beff

Oh come on bott Kitty and Pter tought to theirselves

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