Author's Note: This is my first time writing fanfiction so I apologize for its faults. I was really debating publishing this story. However, as a lover of Frozen and a Jelsa shipper, I really just wanted to put this story out there. The more I work with this story, the more I try to improve my writing skills, so bear with me. It might be a rocky start but, I promise you this will be a very thought out and well developed story.

Elsa was lost. No longer able to be with her sister. Her world had shattered. To her it was all her fault. At once she thought her powers were a beautiful blessing, but now a dangerous curse.

Elsa was condemned to her room. She heard her sister calling her name, knocking and sniffling, "Elsa, are you in there, I miss you."

All Elsa could do was shut her out.

It had been only days since the accident. Since the day true horror encapsulated all of Elsa's mind. She had done this. She was to blame. This was all her fault.

I miss you Anna.

After a few hours practicing with her father in the library Elsa returned to her room, head down, avoiding eye contact with anyone who crossed her path. As she reached her door she heard Anna and her mother whispering. Story time. She quickly tiptoed towards Anna's door and placed her ear closer to hear which story Mama would be telling tonight.

"The Man and the Moon."

"I've never heard that one?"


"Well… what's it about Mama?"

"Once there was a young man with a forgotten past. One day he would serve a very important purpose."

"What kind of purpose?"

"He did not know until the moon spoke to him."

"What did the moon tell him?"

"He would bring joy to children across the land with powers the moon blessed upon him. The young man listened and served his purpose. Yet, he did not know he would be unseen. Children could see his powers, but could never see that they came from him. Only if the children believed in him, would they ever see him".

"So no one knew he was making everyone happy."


"Why would the moon not want anyone to see him?"

"It was said the moon knew one day a very special child would believe and the young man would one day be seen."

"Well, I sure hope that's me."

Elsa ran back to her room and shut the door quietly. She slowly traveled to her dresser and looked for her nightgown. The nightgown, covered in blue and white lace, made her eyes shimmer and hair more vibrant. She walked to her vanity and ran a silver plated comb through her platinum hair. She paused and looked into the vanity's mirror with hooded eyes. She had grown up so much, mentally, since foreseeing her prophecy. What can I do to stop it?

She already slipped into bed when she heard a knock on her door. The light from the candle beside her bed had been blown out. She could see the light from the hallway peer into her room and hang over her.

"Elsa?" Her father spoke softly.

She did not respond. Please go away Papa.

"Elsa darling, would you like to hear a story?"

She did not face him. "No Papa. I just want to go to bed."

The King frowned, "As you wish my dear. Goodnight."

In her mind, she did not deserve stories. Sleep was Elsa's only escape. No more.

I can't do this anymore. I can't do this to my family. No more. I need to make this right.

Elsa was breaking. She decided she would leave her family, for their sake. She would wait until her parents and Anna fell asleep. She would take away all the pain and fear she caused her family. She would do everything in her power to prevent this prophecy.

It was the dead of night. She looked out her bedroom window as the gleam of the moon shined on her face. She thought of the story Mama told Anna. She wondered what powers the moon gave to the young man.

She placed her hand on the glass making spirals of ice crystals cover the window. She assumed by now everyone was asleep. She convinced herself this was the only way to protect her family.

Elsa did not plan on returning. She packed a small bag. A few pieces of bread she took after dinner. An apple and pear taken from the large silver bowl in the dining hall. A few garments and extra boots. Her comb and black head band. Most importantly, her doll that resembled Anna. Anna still had the doll that looked much like Elsa. They would play with those dolls for hours when they shared a room. She quickly gather everything and placed it in her bag.

Elsa peaked out into the hallway looking for palace guards nearby. None were visible. She threw the bag over her shoulder and dashed.

Before she reached the end of the hallway she turned back to look at Anna's door. She slowly crept back to her younger sister's room and quietly opened the door.

As she walked up steadily to the bed Anna turned toward her. Elsa swiftly moved back avoiding to wake her sister. She moved back and gently put her palm on her sister's head. Underneath her hand was the spot hit by Elsa's ice powers. Tears came to her eyes as she walked away.

Before Elsa slipped out of Anna's room, she began to hear a drowsy small voice, "Elsa?"

She turned back to her half asleep little sister whose eyes were barely open.

"Go to sleep Anna" Elsa said softly.

"Can we build a snowman tomorrow?" Anna asked, knowing nothing of her sister's powers anymore.

She whispered back, "Yes Anna."

Anna turned and went back to sleep.

Elsa quickly ran out of her sister's room and dashed for the secret garden pathway. The pathway of the palace's garden lead to the icy forest beyond.

She turned back to face the world she would no longer have. She started to run into the forest covering her foot prints with icy frost so no one could find her.

Swirls of snow-laced wind hit Elsa's face. She began trudging through the deep snow to nowhere. She turned left and right looking for any type of shelter she could find, but nothing was in sight. Her eyes started to burn from the tears running down her face. This poor young girl was lost in the middle of a dangerous snowstorm she created.

She was restless, stumbling about the snow, losing her balance, and beginning to freeze. Her emotions fueled the storm and she didn't know how to stop it. She fell to the snow beneath her feet and held her knees to her chest trying to keep warm. The cold air never bothered her before. There was something different about this storm, something she had never encountered. There were many parts to Elsa's powers she still didn't understand. She looked up to the sky at the daunting moon that hung over her.

Elsa wiped her tears. Why was I born with this curse?

She closed her eyes, in belief that she was alone and no one could save her. Elsa started to grow unconscious and drifted into a daze. Before she was consciously dismantled, she thought she heard a voice. No one was in sight. It was a voice she didn't recognized, but grew clearer each second that passed.

She heard the quiet voice say to her, "Don't worry, I'll get you somewhere warm."

Elsa felt her body rise above the ground, whisked away through the storm. She tried to hold on to what little strength she had, but couldn't stay awake much longer.

Elsa didn't know someone was trying to save her.