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Seto was having a pretty good day. He had actually gotten to bed before 12:00 am, and he hadn't woken up to one of his brain-splitting headaches. Nobody had tried to take over his company or kidnap Mokuba. His good mood was boosted even more because he got to fire two idiots at work. They had like the Joey and Tristan of the office. Getting rid of them was great. At that moment he was walking down the street and thinking of fun things he could do with Mokuba. They hadn't spent any quality time together in a long time, and Seto hoped they could have a day out with just the two of them.

Kagome, on the other hand, was having a terrible day. It hadn't started off promising; that should have been her first clue. That morning she had almost been killed and while fighting for her life Inuyasha had been giving her oh so helpful comments on her fighting techniques and archery skills. He had made her so angry that she had jumped into the Bone Eaters Well to go home. When he had tried to follow she glared at him, daring him with her eyes to follow her.

Upon arriving home, she had been hoping for some peace and quiet, but instead she got an annoying little brother asking questions about Inuyasha and what cool dangerous things she had seen. His voice had given her a giant headache, so she decided to take a walk to, hopefully, clear her head.

While Seto was making plans in his head, he failed to notice the girl coming up the sidewalk, fast walking like a freight train. Kagome,in her fury, also didn't notice the distracted man who was walking along peacefully. With a dull smacking sound they ran into each other.

Kagome, ticked of already, shouted at him, "Hey watch where you're going!"

Seto, not one to back down from an argument, snapped right back, "Well maybe if you had been watching where you were going maybe you wouldn't have run into me."

Kagome didn't have a response to that, so instead she just huffed and got up from her spot on the ground. "Why is it that guys always have to be jerks!?" she shouted at him. His only response was a sigh as he rubbed his aching forehead, hoping that he wouldn't bruise. Finally he looked up at her, "You ran into me." She looked ready to murder him right then and there, "You ran into me!"

Seto was trying to stay calm and hold onto his good mood. He was determined that this random girl, off the street, wasn't going to spoil his one good day in who knows how long. So he got up from the ground, brushed of some dust while glaring at her, and said, "Watch where you're going next time." With that he walked away, leaving an angry Kagome behind.

Kagome, still seething in rage at guys in general, begun to stomp back home. On the way, though, the peaceful scenery and fresh air caught up with her, and Kagome's anger melted away. Now that she felt calm, she thought back to the stranger she had bumped into on the street. She recalled his cold, icy, blue eyes, hair the color of smooth milk chocolate, and calm cool demeanor, that gave him the air of someone authorative and reserved. She found these these features similar to Inuyasha's, but in a way the stranger seemed more mature. She quickly shook these thoughts out of her head, 'Inuyasha is my boyfriend and no good looking stranger can replace him.' But then her thoughts drifted to why she was back home in the first place. 'No matter how annoying Inuyasha can be.' Her treacherous thoughts continued to drift back to the stranger. 'Just in case, though, I should figure out who he is.' She smiled to herself and ran the rest of the way home.

Seto was busy grumbling to himself as he walked back home. Stupid girl running into me. In Seto's mind this was a high offense; no one was supposed to touch him. This girl not only collided with him, but also knocked him to the ground. Yes, this was a very high offense. In Seto's imagination the girl would be thrown in prison and be given a life sentence. Was this highly childish? Maybe, but he was Seto freaking Kaiba and he could think about whatever he wanted. He fantasized more about her prison life. In her prison photo there would be a frown on her fair complexion, and her blue eyes, the color of crystals-

Suddenly Seto found himself fantasizing less about her misery in prison and more on her attractive looks. Once realized what he was doing, Seto quickly shook the treacherous thoughts out of his head. Love is stupid and always will be. I refuse to fall for some random middle-class girl who I only saw for ten seconds. He began to walk a little faster towards the Kaiba Mansion, trying to get the girl out of his head.

But maybe I should do some research on the girl so I can better avoid her. A small smile graced his normally cold face as he ran home as well.

The next morning at school, Seto was walking into class, avoiding the Geek Squad, and finding his usual seat in the back, with a bored sigh. As the bell rang a few stragglers raced into the room to avoid being late. The teacher, a blonde woman in her early thirties, walked to the front of the room. "Good morning class," she said in her normal cheery tone. Children had yet to suck away her patience and cheer. The class, minus Seto, responded with a weak and drowsy, 'Good morning' in return.

She continued to smile happily as though she were speaking to a group of kids who weren't still half asleep,"Today, class, we have a new student. Please be kind to her and welcome her into our school."

Seto's eyes widened in momentary disbelief at who walked into the room. It's the girl from yesterday! Her eyes scanned the room and stopped on him. Her surprise at seeing him was obvious. Although she quickly wiped the look from her face. "Would you please introduce yourself and tell us one interesting thing about you?" the teacher asked.

She cleared her, suddenly dry, throat and nodded, putting on a small smile, "My name is Kagome Higurashi, and one interesting thing about me would be that my family owns a shrine."

Seto could already see a few of the boys eyeing her, including that mutt Wheeler. He snorted, finding it both amusing and sad at how simple their minds were. "Ms. Higurashi, please sit next to Kaiba. Kaiba, please raise your hand."

He did so, and Kagome walked over to the seat next to him. In all honesty, Kagome couldn't believe they were in classes together. When she sat down, instead of listening to the teacher, she stole glances at him when she thought he wasn't looking. But Seto, being as observant as he was, noticed every time she looked at him and thought it was highly amusing. At least it was more entertaining than the lesson on the board he had already learned. As the bell rang and class ended Kagome turned to him while gathering her things.

"You still owe me an apology," Kagome said jokingly. "If my memory serves me correct, and it usually does, it is you that owes me an apology," he said smirking at her.

Kagome laughed lightly, wondering how they were joking like this after their shouting match yesterday. Seto's smirk sent butterflies a-flutter in her stomach. Stop it brain, Inuyasha is my boyfriend." But then she thought about how she didn't know where anything was in this new school, and this seemed like the perfect excuse to be near Kaiba. It couldn't hurt because she did need to know where her next classes were.

Seto looked into her eyes and saw the same crystal blue he had seen the first time. Not even the artificial light in the room could dull them. It was hard to imagine that he had been so upset with her the other day. "Well how about you show me around the school since I'm new and all," she said. Seto smiled instead of smirking again, "As long as I don't owe you anything, then alright."

The rest of the day was spent with Seto showing Kagome the school grounds and the fastest ways to her classes. It turned out that they had quite a few classes together, which was always a pleasant surprise to both. He acted like he had other things he could be doing, but deep down, under his cold outer shell, he didn't mind the company of Kagome Higurashi.

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