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Grantaire's cellphone buzzed on the coffee table in front of him, before laughing like a mad man.

'Courfeyrac! What does he want now?' Grantaire thought to himself, pressing the home button on his phone. He sighed, opening up his texts.

Grantaire, Did you loose a baby? I found a baby.

Grantaire read the text over and over again, his mouth silently saying the words. He answered: No, I didn't lose a baby, but bring the poor child over to my flat. If we can't find it's parents, then Enj and I will keep it. What is it, anyway?

A few moments later, His phone laughed again.

It's a baby! A baby human!

Grantaire chuckled loudly. No, is it a boy or a girl?


"GRANTAIRE! BE QUIET! I'M TRYING TO SLEEP!" Enjolras hollered from the master bedroom.

"Sorry, Enj, Courfeyrac is joking with me, at least I think he's joking..." Grantaire yelled back.

Enjolras appeared in the doorway, wearing only a towel around his waist. "What do you think Courfeyrac is joking about?"

"He says he found a baby."

"He's lying."

At that moment, someone knocked on the door, causing them both to jump.

"Open up, it's Courf!" Demanded a voice. Enjolras laughed and opened the door, forgetting that he was only wearing a towel. Courfeyrac was standing in the doorway, holding a tiny, dripping bundle in his arms. The bundle wriggled and almost rolled out of Courfeyrac's loving grasp.

"He wasn't lying." Grantaire said softly, kissing Enjolras's cheek. Grantaire took the baby from Courfeyrac and held it close to his chest. There was a flap of the blanket covering the baby's face. The baby gurgled happily, and Grantaire, curious, lifted the fabric, expecting to see a cute, happy baby. He was not prepared for the mangled mess he found instead. As soon as the fabric left the baby's face, the baby wailed. Not a cry that communicated hunger, fear or sleep deprivation, but one that sounded more angry, which turned into sadness. Grantaire put the blanket back, and the forlorn whimpers turned back into happy gurgles, then soft snores.

"No need to find his mother, she doesn't want him." Courfeyrac said sadly.

"Why would you say that, Courf?"

"I saw her throw him in the river on my way to Jehan's. She said something about not even the circus wanted him. I guess his face is why."

"That little bitch! Nothing gave her the right to do that! Nothing! I just- GAH! I hate people who waltz around like they own the place! They make me so mad! Let's just go find that bitch and get her locked up for attempted murder!"

"Enjolras... Calm down... You're scaring me..." Grantaire said slowly.

Not seeing any sign of Enjolras calming down, Grantaire said, "I guess we'll take him..."

Little did they know what they were in for...

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