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Tanzuku quarters a bustling town known for its casinos and fine woman which attracts people from all around the fire nation and outside it.

The town's size is quite large and its structure similar to konoha that is it's surrounded by large walls and its most prominent structure is the Tazuku castle which is its most popular tourist attraction and the town like most in the land of fire is surrounded by lush green forests.

Walking through one of the many streets of the town is a couple of two unique individuals.

The first is a male appearing to be in his late forties whose height easily exceeds six feet with white spiky hair that spreads out in all directions and is tied into a ponytail that reaches his waist and the most notable feature about his face are the pair of red lines running down from his eyes.

He wore a green short shirt kimono and matching pants; under which he wore mesh armour that showed out of the sleeves and legs of his outfit. His outfit was completed with hand guards, a simple black belt and traditional Japanese geta and a red haori with two simple yellow circles on each side, and a scroll on his back.

His companion is a blue eyed blond girl that looked to be in her early teens with her hair tied into twin tails, she has tan skin with three whisker marks on both her cheeks.

As for her attire she wore an orange tracksuit with blue on the upper shoulders area as well as around the waist, a white swirl with a tassel on the left side, a red Uzumaki swirl crest on the back, a large white collar and orange pants with a shuriken holster attached to her right knee.

The white haired man seemed to be grinning from ear to ear as he ogled the women wherever he could find while the young girl wore an irritated expression on her face as she looked at the old pervert with annoyance.

"Hey pervy-sage how are we supposed to find this Tsunade lady if you keep on slacking and perving around?" The blonde girl asked in annoyance once again.

"How many times have I told you not to call me that brat? Why won't you just call me Jiraiya or Sensei?" Jiraiya asked with a twitching eye.

"Hey I just name'm as I see em" Replied the blonde cheekily.

"Kasumi" Jiraiya sighed, why did she have to inherit her father's looks but her mother's personality?

"Well brat just so you know I'm not slacking, when you were out practicing the first stage of rasengan I found Tsunade's whereabouts through one of my contacts and according to them she should be at one of the local casinos right now, so I'm going to get her while you go over to that restaurant and get us a booth would you" Jiraiya asked and Kasumi nodded.

Jiraiya quickly walked over to a casino close to the restaurant he sent Kasumi to and went to enter but before he could the door opened and came out the woman he came looking for with two others.

The first was a busty blonde woman who wore a grass-green haori with the kanji for gamble written in black on the back, inside a red circle. Underneath she wears a grey, kimono-style blouse with no sleeves, held closed by a broad, dark bluish-grey obi that matches her pants. Her blouse is closed quite low, revealing her sizeable cleavage. She wears open-toed, strappy black sandals with high heels and red polish on both her fingernails and toenails.

To the woman's right is a fair-skinned woman of average height and slender build with black eyes and hair. As for clothes she was in a long bluish-black kimono with white trimmings, held closed by a white obi, and open-toed sandals with low heels.

Lastly to the woman's left was a teen with spiky black hair that spiked out in all directions with a muscular yet lean build, he has dark brown eyes and an angular face.

The teen seemed to be about 5 foot 7 and was wearing black boots that reached the middle of his shin with black pants which was held together by a furry brown belt. He wore a dark blue shirt; on his arms he wore blue arm guards that reached his elbows and to finish it all off he wore a black high collared short sleeved haori that reached his knees with blue flames at the edges.

The three had different expressions on their faces; the blonde seemed frustrated, the brunet looked tired while and the teen was irritated which was obvious by his twitching eye.

"Yo Tsunade! How've you been?" Jiraiya greeted as he looked at his long time teammate and childhood crush.

"Jiraiya? What're you doing here?" Tsunade asked with a quirked brow and straight to the point, not feeling like going through pleasantries considering how much money she lost.

"Is that how you greet an old friend after so long?" Jiraiya asked cheekily and Tsunade groaned.

"Man it's been a really long time since we talked face to face huh? And Shizune my you've grown up to be beautiful lady" Jiraiya stated as he looked her over.

"That it has and thank you Jiraiya-sama" Shizune replied.

"So Tsunade, mind introducing the young man next to you?" Jiraiya asked as he looked at the young teen and Tsunade smiled while on the inside she was grinning like the Cheshire cat that ate the canary.

"This is Naruto Senju my son" Tsunade said and you could glass shattering from looking at Jiraiya's horror stricken face.

"Hi,nice to meet you" Naruto greeted with a slight smile at the poor sage who was frozen solid.

"H-how w-when the HELL did you get hitched and got a kid on top of it too?" Jiraiya asked aghast.

Tsunade dearly wished she had a camera with her right now but decided to answer the poor sage's question "Well I'm still single but I got Naruto around 15 years ago"

Jiraiya wanted to say something at the ridiculousness of the situation but couldn't because his jaw was stuck glued to the ground from the news.

His old teammate who had left the village due to the death of her lover had somehow moved on and now even had a SON!

Jiraiya really wanted to meet the man that could woo even Tsunade but before he could ask anything more he was interrupted by his newest student.

"Hey pervy sage I got us a booth like you said, did you find her?" asked Kasumi as she walked over to the group and got a good look at them but stopped when her eyes locked with the spiky haired teen.

Naruto blinked as his brain stopped functioning as he looked at the blonde angel in front of him and he could have sworn he felt his heart hammering inside chest as he stared at her.

Every second he looked at her he could feel himself being enraptured by her beauty; all his life he had never felt like this for anyone before and it was an odd yet pleasant sensation inside his chest as he continued to gaze at her.

After what seemed like eternity of locking eyes with the young blonde, his body moved on its own and he took both her hands in his own.

"Is this what they call love at first sight?" the words left his mouth without him even thinking them and before his brain could register what happened the action had been done.

Kasumi coloured different shades of red as she heard those; all her life she was neglected, glared at and scorned. Her peers mocked and looked down on any of her skills or achievements and never truly acknowledged her.

The fact that this admittedly good looking guy came up to her with eyes as if he was staring at the most beautiful thing in the world and confessed his love was something she never expected to happen to her period.

Thus she was confused on what do or say except do her best impression of a tomato.

Tsunade and Jiraiya who was distracted by the odd turn of events looked on in amusement while Shizune looked at her surrogate little brother with a raised brow. It wasn't like him at all to act like this; the only things he ever showed interest in were training, jutsu and food.

"U-uh- sorry about that! I u-um nice to meet you! I'm Naruto Senju" Naruto quickly let go of Kasumi's hands as his mind restarted and quickly introduced himself in order to relieve some awkwardness.

"K-Kasumi Uzumaki" Kasumi stuttered as she got a better look at him and had to hide her blush at his cool clothes at least to her.

"Damn I never thought I'd see the day you would show any form of interest in girls but I'm glad you did; had me worried there for a second" Tsunade decided to tease her son and this time Naruto blushed.


"Well how about we talk over some food and drinks? My treat" Jiraiya said and everyone agreed.

Scene Change

After the group got to the restaurant and ordered, Jiraiya decided to continue the conversation.

"So Tsunade you haven't changed a bit since I last saw you at least physically" Jiraiya said smoothly and looked on in amusement at Naruto and Kasumi who couldn't meet each other's gaze yet still kept stealing glances at each other.

He was silently grateful that Kasumi was keeping herself busy so he could talk Tsunade over to becoming the new hokage.

"True but you sure have, the years haven't been kind on you" Tsunade said with a smirk as she paid more attention on her son who was acting like this the first time ever! Looks like those teenage hormones finally kicked in!

"That hurt y'know" Jiraiya said with mock hurt.

"That aside I'm here on important business other than catching up" Jiraiya started and everyone paid close attention to him as his voice got serious.

"I know, so what is it?"

"During the chunin exams two weeks ago, Orochimaru attacked with help from Suna and our village suffered heavy losses and one of them was sensei; he died and… named you his successor" Jiraiya said with a sigh and Tsunade scowled.

"The old monkey had it coming, being the hokage is a fool's job and I'm not taking it"

"Hey who do you think you are calling jiji a fool?! He was a great hokage and a hero!" Kasumi shouted, angry at the audacity of the blonde sanin.

"And he's dead, that's what awaits all those fools who want to or become hokage" Tsunade replied and Kasumi stopped, thinking over what the sanin said and her words were true that they were dead but they weren't fools, they were heroes.

Kasumi lowered her head with here shadowing her eyes.

"What's wrong? Cat got your tongue?"

Naruto looked on at the exchange with slight worry.

"Take it back…" Kasumi said with a dangerous tone

"Excuse me" Tsunade asked with a scowl

"I said take back what you said about the hokage!" Kasumi shouted and Tsunade frowned

"Or else what?"

"I'll knock your lights out!"

"Is that so then let's take this outside" Tsunade said as she walked out, followed by Kasumi and they rest reluctantly followed.

Fight goes exactly like in anime

After the beat down Kasumi received from Tsunade both decided to hold a bet on whether Kasumi can master the rasengan in three days.

"Well then see you in three days" Tsunade said as she walked away.

Scene Change

After the first day passed and Naruto couldn't stop himself and decided to find and see Kasumi's training.

After searching for her chakra and finding it rather easily considering her chakra is like a lighthouse, Naruto made his way to the forest.

Naruto sweat dropped as he stared at the abysmal chakra Kasumi had and sighed after watching for half an hour of her trying and failing to perform the jutsu.

'Wouldn't hurt if I give her some advice' Naruto thought as he decided to reveal himself.

"You do know that you can't say you mastered the rasengan if you need to use both hands to perform it" Naruto said and Kasumi jumped at the sudden voice.

"Oh it's you… Naruto right?" Kasumi asked and blushed a little when she remembered what he told her the first time they met.

"What are you doing here?" Kasumi asked as she stopped her training.

"Well I thought I should give you some pointers since Jiraiya doesn't seem to be doing it" Naruto said smoothly and Kasumi sweat dropped since Jiraiya dumped her to get some sake and bother Tsunade.

"Do you even know the rasengan?" and her answer was in the form of a blue spiralling sphere of energy in his hand.

"Wow you can do it too! Who thought you?"

Naruto smirked "Myself actually, my mother mentioned it once to me and I experimented till I got it down"

Kasumi's eyes sparkled as she looked at him in wonderment "So do you know tons of other jutsu too?"

Naruto smiled "Yeah, though most of them are too destructive for a demonstration"

"Really?! Will you teach me one?!"

"Sure but first I think you should master the rasengan first"

Kasumi nodded happily "Alright! So what do you think I should do to?"

Naruto rubbed in his chin in thought "Well you're already on the second stage, if you had better chakra control it would have been easy but… hmm maybe you can with shadow clones considering your reserves"

Kasumi quickly nodded and summoned a shadow clone to help her create the rasengan.

Naruto blinked then blinked again as he looked at Kasumi try to create the rasengan with the help from her clone.

"You know the shadow clone jutsu" Naruto asked incredulously since he was pretty sure that was a forbidden technique to be taught to genin.

Kasumi looked over at him and nodded "Yeah it's kinda of a long story of how I learned it"

Naruto sighed at her "Then why don't' you use shadow clones to learn the jutsu faster?"

"What do you mean?" Kasumi asked confused and Naruto sweat dropped

"Shadow clones transfer their memories once they pop, which means that any information they learn will be sent back to the original and that also includes any jutsu they learn" Naruto finished and sweat dropped when Kasumi looked at him as if he'd given her all the year festivals at once.

"Shadow clone jutsu!" Kasumi shouted as she created fifty copies of herself.

"Alright let's get to work!" Kasumi said with a cheer

Scene Change

Kasumi masters the rasengan and can make rasengan in both her hands.

The rest of the days are same as canon till the part where shizune tells jiraiya about Orochimaru's offer.

"So you're telling me Orochimaru offered her the chance to reunite with Dan and Nawaki and that she might accept" Jiraiya said sluggishly due to the drug Tsunade added to his drink.

"Yes…" Shizune said quietly as she used medical jutsu to make the counter drug react faster.

"Does Naruto know about this?"

"No he wasn't with us when Orochimaru approached us and right now he went off to get some items lady Tsunade sent him after so he doesn't interfere or find out"

"Then we have to go stop her!" Kasumi said as the three agreed while Shizune wrote a letter for Naruto explaining the situation and the where to come over.

Scene change

The battle goes the same till the part where Orochimaru summons Manda

"Kukuku well while this has been fun, I grow tired of this charade, Manda finish them off except for Tsunade" Orochimaru said with a sadistic glee.

'Damn it, of all the times to be drugged' Jiraiya cursed while Tsunade prepared to summon Katsuya.

"Fine bu-" Manda suddenly stopped when unbelievable amounts of killer intent flooded the area.

The intent was so strong it felt as if gravity was trying to crush them well that was for the ones that weren't it's targets while Orochimaru, Kabuto and Manda felt as if Gravity decided it was their enemy.

The temperature which was supposed to be warm suddenly dropped fifteen degrees.

Tsunade looked over to Shizune and asked "You did'nt?" Tsunade asked fearfully and Shizune meekly nodded too terrified of the killer intent.

"Oh shit, may heaven have mercy on your poor soul Orochimaru because he certainly won't" Tsunade said and Orochimaru could have sworn he saw her with eyes full of pity.

"What do you me-" He was cut off by a new voice.

"Y'know Orochimaru, normally I wouldn't really care whatever you'd do but threatening and attacking my mother and sister and to top it off hurting Kasumi, now you've done it… you're…" Naruto said as his eyes were shadowed by his bangs.

"Oh and what would I be?" Orochimaru asked not even registering the fact the killer intent being leaked is from him.

"You're DEAD!" Naruto shouted as he disappeared and in the blink of an eye appeared right in front of Manda's face and punched him.

The snake summon boss was sent hurtling several yards as if he was a common grass snake kicked away by a human.


"What the fuck?" Jiraiya asked incredulously as he stared at the unreal feat of strength shown by Naruto senju.

"I get he's Tsunade kid but note to self-do not fight him EVER!" Jiraiya told himself and watched as Tsunade walked over to Kasumi to continue healing her.

"Aren't you-" Jiraiya would have asked his question of whether or not Tsunade would help her son if not for the fact he was seeing Naruto using Mando like a Laso; the image was so surreal, it was like looking at an ant using a python as a laso.

"…Never mind…" Jiraiya as he continued to look at Naruto play around with one of the strongest and dangerous ninja in the world.

After swinging around Manda like a laso, Naruto decided to use him like a balloon and proceeded by blowing up the snake boss by shooting a wind jutsu in its mouth after which using speed that matched the hirashin made a giant snake replica of a balloon dog.

Unfortunately for Naruto the snake boss decided to save himself and disappeared in a puff of smoke while this happened the snake sanin tried to get away but before they could using a teleportation seal, Naruto used Orochimaru like a punching bag until the lucky kabuto finished the handseals and both disappeared in flames.

"Damn slippery bastard, next time we meet I will kill you" Naruto promised with a snarl after which he decided to deal with more pressing matters like healing Kasumi.

"Let me take care of the rest" Naruto said as he walked over to where Tsunade was healing Kasumi and took over and amazed Jiraiya yet again when looked at the speed of the recovery.

"So Tsunade, mind telling me what will your answer be?"

Tsunade sighed "You know what to call me from now on Jiraiya, it's lady hokage… but at least I have more than one reason to go back" Tsunade said as she looked at the worried expression of Naruto as he triple, quadruple…. kept repeatedly checking over Kasumi's wounds.

Jiraiya smirked "Oh I know what you mean, heaven help whoever that tries to get in this kids way"


Yeah this is merely the prologue and after this the real story starts.

I know I haven't explained a lot of things but I will as the story continues.

First of all what I want to get out of the way is that Naruto is adopted and he's actually a full blooded saiyan.

The pairing is NarutoXkasumiXAkame (fem sauske)

Lastly Naruto will use Ki not chakra and I'm adding some power levels, now remember these are based on energy levels and physicals prowess, not skill and Naruto only uses ki while the others use chakra.

Power levels:

Naruto- 9500

Kasumi- 250

Tsunade- 170

Jiraiya- 185

Orochimaru- 195

Manda- 290

Naruto may seem overpowered but that's only till some real bad guys show up.