Clark Kent wandered around the town called Smallville. While the bones of the place he'd called home since he was a toddler were there, this wasn't his Smallville. Fortunately for his sanity, or what was left of it, the switch would only be for a week. Aside from people being older than they should've been, way older, considering the fact that it was the '80s which meant that they should be in diapers if they were even born yet, his brain tended to sort of shut down every time he caught sight of a white Pete Ross.

Deciding that he had nothing better to do, especially since one or two of the townsfolk he'd run into had mentioned that his mother was already dead, he decided to look up the love of his life. A bit of inquiry landed him with an address that was a couple miles outside of town. As he approached the house, the front door slammed open and a small boy ran out of the house, shortly followed by a small terrier.

"Ricky, be sure to finish your homework!" a very familiar voice called after the boy who was racing past him and out onto the country lane. A voice that commanded his immediate attention, and not because it belonged to Lana Lang.

Nervously going up to the house, he took a deep breath before knocking on the door. An instant later, he heard a very familiar pattern of footsteps approaching, and the door was answered by a very familiar woman.

"Clark?!" the woman said upon catching sight of him. "This is a surprise."

"...Mom?!" Clark said.

Clark Kent wandered around a town called Smallville trying to get his bearings. While the bones of the place he'd once called home were there, this wasn't his Smallville. Fortunately for his sanity, the switch with his counterpart from this Smallville would only be for a week. He didn't think he'd be able to handle being a teenager again for any longer than that. Aside from the awkwardness that had been added to the awkwardness that was puberty, High School had been hell, with the only bright spots being his friend Pete and of course Lana Lang.

Walking down the street was an experience in sensory overload. From his perspective, it was nearly twenty years in the future, and there were far too many differences that his brain wanted to latch onto and analyze down to the last detail. If Smallville was this bad, he didn't think he could handle Metropolis.

"Hey Clark!" called out the Pete Ross who was black.

"Hi Pete!" he called back as his friend's counterpart.

Deciding that heading home and getting the whole seeing his dead parents alive again thing over with already was probably a good idea, he turned down a random road, turned up the speed a bit, and started combing the general area where the Kent farm was located, marveling at the fact that the local crops were all corn instead of wheat. After several minutes of fruitless searching, he eventually ran across a rather helpfully labeled mailbox.

Going into the brightly painted house, he found himself pausing in shock when he saw Lana Lang standing in the kitchen preparing dinner. Though he'd come to town to deal with some last-minute details pertaining to the sale of the farm before the switch had been made, he hadn't expected to see Lana until the High School Reunion that was taking place next month. Even middle-aged Lana looked beautiful.

Lana noticed him staring and frowned.

"Clark, son, are you alright?" Lana asked.


Author's note: Watched Superman III for the first time since I was a small child. All I could think when I saw Lana Lang in that film was "It's Martha Kent!". Halfway through the picture, I started picturing Lana hitting on Clark, and Clark freaking out because it's his mom.