A/N: Hello Lovelies! This is my new fan fiction: The YouTuber Hunger Games. Every YouTuber in here is a real person (minus Anna, I created her, but you got to admit her channel would be awesome.) So be sure to enjoy! I'll post the full tribute list at the bottom so y'all won't get confused. Feel free to scroll down and look if you're so inclined. Go on, I'll wait. Done? Okay, well here we go! Oh, PS, Kalel has her green/blue hair in this fic. I just love it and I always imagine her like that. Besides my fanfic my rules.

Anthony Padilla (Smosh) POV

I gasp and fall out of bed, sweat moistening my forehead as I land with a painful thud against the hard stone ground. Wait, stone? My hotel room has carpeted floors...where am I? I get up, brushing some white dust off of my shirt as I stand, and look around. I almost scream. The bed I had just fallen out of was hardly a bed at all, merely a wooden plank with a thin mattress held up by two chains in the corner of the...cell. It almost looked like a prison cell, with the cream coloured stone walls and floor and windows and door made up of think metal bars. I notice another bed on the other side of the room, and recognize the aqua hair of Kalel instantly.

I run over and shake her shoulder, and she groans and wakes up, looking at me through squinted eyes,

"What time is it?" She mumbles, pushing herself out of the bed, not yet realizing where we were,

"I have no idea." I whisper honestly, and in that moment she looks around, and subsequently freaks the hell out,

"Where the fuck are we? Ant, oh my gosh. Are we in prison? What happened?" She shouts, and I squeeze her shoulder with my arm and try to calm her down, while attempting the rising panic attack that was forming within me,

"I don't know, Kal. Mayb-" I start, but a voice cuts me off,

"Hello? Anthony, is that you?" Someone shouts from the cell across from us, and I run over to see Alfie Deyes and Zoe Sugg standing in a cell on the other side of what appeared to be a very long hallway, "Where are we?" Alfie asks, as Zoe looks around with wide, scared eyes. I shrug,

"No idea. Hey, can you see anyone else here?" I ask, "Shane? Lisa?" I notice the ginger and blonde haired YouTubers beginning to stir,

"Yeah, Caspar and Joe are across from us. They're still out of it though. Do you think-" He's cut off by shouting at the end of the hall, and I strain my neck to see, just in time to see a large figure get thrown into a cell at the end of the hallway, and a few moments later, I make out a girl with pale mint green hair thrown in as well. Assuming everyone here were YouTubers, I guessed the mint haired girl was Anna, also known as Annadorable. She was a pretty popular comedy vlogger, I think she had around 900,000 subs, maybe a million. I knew her solely because of a viral video of her, where she did accents from all around the world, all around the world. Apparently, she had this weird 'sixth-sense' kind of skill where her accent changes depending on where in the world she was. She didn't even have to know where, it just happened automatically. I always thought it was super cool and super creepy at the same time. But right now, all I knew was that she was definitely awake when they brought her here, she had to know something, I'm about to call out to her, when Kalel bursts into tears. Anna would have to wait.

Dan Howell (danisnotonfire) POV


A few moments ago, I woke up. In a van. An empty fucking van besides a very scared looking Annadorable. So some psycho white coat guys come and grab us, and throw us in here. This, this cell. What was going on?

"Anna, I'm sorry to interrupt your little crying fit, but can you please shed some light on the subject of why we are in a prison?" I snap angrily then intended to, and she looks up, wiping tears away from her bright green eyes,

"You mean you don't remember?" She whispers, her face pale and ghostly, and not in a tumblr person way,

"Do I seem to remember?" I rebut, and she sighs,

"What's the last thing you remember?" She asks, I think back,

"Leaving the hotel with Phil and getting to the convention center, then...uh...I can't remember after that." I admit, and she looks downcast for a moment, then takes a deep breath,

"Well, a bunch of people, I think there were twenty seven of us to be exact, got to the convention center. And, uh, everyone was getting kind of disturbed about the whole thing because we were the only people there, and then a few people, I think it was Anthony from Smosh and, um, Benny Fine tweeted people asking if they were coming. No one knew what it was. So, that's when people started freaking out. So I suggested that Ian from Smosh and...Phil, yeah, Phil left go and find someone and they leave, and that's when all hell broke loose," She stops and takes a deep breath, her voice quivering, "There were these men and women who drove up with twelve vans. Right into the convention center. They started grabbing people and injecting stuff into their arms and the people passed out instantly. They put everyone in the vans in groups of two, until it was only me and you left. I don't think you saw me, but you might have, then you just walked out and gave up. They grabbed you and threw you in the van, but I instantly felt awful, I figure, you saved my life a few years back, now it was my turn." I interrupt her,

"I did what? I've never met you before in my life." I inquiry, she smiles a little, a nostalgic smile that conflicts with her red eyes,

"I was a big Phan. You, Phil, and Shane Dawson were literally my saviours." She says softly, then continues, "So I run out and tell them to switch me for you, and they do it and throw me in the van, but they were out of injection things so I was awake the entire time...then, when I thought you were safe, they decided that the boy from KidPOV, Ben, I think his name is, was too young or something so they switched him out for you anyway. It was completely pointless...I'm sorry Dan. I tried." I instantly feel horrible, she literally scarified herself to save me and here I was acting like a complete knob* to her. I sit down beside her and hug her, feeling indebted to her. I didn't know what was coming, but I made a silent promise to myself to protect her.

Then the doors open.

Group 1: Anthony Padilla (Smosh and Watch Us Live & Stuff) and Kalel Cullen (Frilly + Fancy and Watch Us Live & Stuff)

Group 2: Caspar Lee (Dicasp) and Joe Sugg (ThatcherJoe)

Group 3: Benny and Rafi Fine (TheFineBros)

Group 4: Tanya Burr and Jim Chapman

Group 5: Felix (PewDiePie) and Marzia (CutiePieMariza)

Group 6: Troye Sivan (TroyeSivan18) and Tyler Oakley

Group 7: Alfie Deyes (PointlessBlog) and Zoe Sugg (Zoella)

Group 8: Shane Dawson (Shane Dawson TV) and Lisa Schwartz (Lisbug)

Group 9: Joey Graceffa and Meghan (Strawburry17)

Group 10: Jon Cozart (Paint) and Grace Helbig (ItsGrace)

Group 11: Connor Franta and Bethany Mota

Group 12: Dan Howell (danisnotonfire) and Anna (Annadorable)