AN: This story is a cross between Twilight, The Nightmare Before Christmas and Scary GodMother. I got the idea after watching TNBC and SG so I'm writing it down and sharing it with you. Enjoy!


Isabella Marie Swan is not my real name; it's actually Jasmine Skellington. I am one of the daughters of Jack Skellington (the Pumpkin King) and Sally the raggdoll. I am also the god-daughter of Scary Godmother, so my life was already hectic before I met the Cullens. Charlie is also a lie his name Charles Wolfe aka the Wolfman, he is my guardian so he knows everything about the pack and the Cullens. I'm already a 'vampire', married and have my daughter but now I think its time for my families to meet each other. That means that I have to tell them before Halloween so they can join the parties and celebration. Hopefully this wont backfire and ruin my "life".

October 20 2014

I had no choice but to tell them today, if I don't then I'll have to leave them and go to my family by myself because I promised my parents and godparents that I'd return home this year for Halloween. I also have to explain to Edward that I have another mate, his name is Lock; I have no idea how he'll react to that. I called a family meeting tonight with the Cullens and both wolf packs so I only had to say this once and so Alice wouldn't see it first. When it was close to the meeting time I left the house to gather my thoughts. Charles was already there but he was in a tree waiting for the signal to show himself.

Now its time for everyone to arrive and I calmed myself down so Jasper wouldn't be affected by my emotions. When they all walked in the clearing I stood straight and began to tell them the truth.

"Ok I haven't been completely honest with any of you, neither has Charlie. My name isn't Isabella Swan and he is not my father. My real name is Jasmine Skellington the Pumpkin Princess of Halloweentown. I have been alive for 300 years which is youung where I'm from. I came to this world to see just how horribly humans live. Frankly if I hadnt met all of you I wouldve gone home a long time ago." I was interrupted by a very pissed off Alice who was growling at me. She lunged at me but was stopped by Charles who grabbed her neck and flung her to Jasper who caught her easily.

"Control your pixie, Cold One," he growled before sifting to his wolf form and sitting in front of me, I had to laugh a little at that but continued my explaination.

"As you can see this is Charlie but like I said hes not my real father. His real name is Charles Wolfe aka the Wolfman. He's my guardian and my self appointed older brother. He is very prtective of his Pumpkni Pie," he growled a little at me but stopped when Renesmee stepped forward looking like she was about to cry. I stepped toward her and thats all she needed before launching herself into me.

"Why didn't you tell us mom," she cried into my shoulder. I sighed and pulled back so I could see into her eyes.

"At first it was only to protect myself but then I began to love my both my familes and I did it to protect all of you. I was NEVER supposed to be born my mother is far from human and so is my father. The only reason I was concived and birthed was thanks to the witches in town because they saw how much my parents wanted a child and they wanted to try a new spell." I told her then pulled off my necklace that was spelled so that only I was able to remove it. I let them see the real me; the human skin was shed and my own skeleington showed along with my bright red air and my real clothes which looked like a school uniform with a spiderweb pattern. Everyone but Charlie and Paul gasped and growled going into a crouch, Paul moved to stand in front of me protectively shocking the pack. Charlie stood and I moved Renesmee a little behind me ready for a fight if I must. Paul ran to the forest and came back clothed in his human form before pulling me to his side with a smile on his face, I rolled my eyes at his antics.

"Look she was going to wait to tell you this untill everything calmed down but she has been summoned back to Skellington Castle along with Charles and myslef so she couldn't put it off anymore. This is an innvatation to the holiday festival inn Halloween Town and Scary Godmother's House. We need to leave in about an hour so if you decide to come meet back here but pack nothing," Paul said quickly before I kissed my daughter on the cheek and left with Charles and Paul. I knew that this would be a lot for even the Cullens to take in so we went to the Holiday Trees and just sat there. Paul, my son (yes I said son) pulled me to him as if he knew I was goin to start crying. I knew they would be upset but the fact that Alice lunged at me and my families all growled at me seeing my true form had really upset me. When it was time to head back I pulled myself together and we raced back to the clearing.

The only one standinng there was my daughter who looked so broken so I walked over to her and wrapped my arms around her, I waited until she stopped and we were about to leave when everyone else including the imprints came into the clearing with excited expressions. I smiled and we showed them the way to the Holiday trees before stopping at Halloween. I looked at Charlie and he opened the door and...

AN: FYI Jasmine looks like Judy in the cover photo. I hope you enjoyed this chapter. I will work on my other stories when I get the chance.