Author Note: I got this idea while reading Manga, listening to music and watching AMV's! My all time favorite Anime is Gintama... so you may see Gintama like things on this story, if you have not seen that anime, I suggest you do because it's the best!

Summary: Naruto Uzumaki was a Dark Mage that almost took over the world over 300 years ago, Dragon's and both Human's feared the blonde, but one day he was sealed away... Over 300 years later the seal breaks and Naruto Uzumaki is back to conquer the world – but first he has to find a way to unseal his Magic!

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Chapter 1: All Blonde Men Are Good Guys!

"This sucks ass!" Naruto Uzumaki muttered as he walked around the town of Magnolia, "I'm hungry as fuck, who does a man have to sweet talk to get himself a free meal!"

The blonde haired blue eyed man continued walking, but stopped when he saw a brown haired boy being punked on by men way older than him.

"Aww, little boy is going to cry?" One of the men mocked the brown haired boy whose name was Romeo.

"N-NO! Y-You'll s-see m-my d-dad will b-beat y-you all!" Romeo tried holding back tears, but failed, "A-And F-Fairy T-Tail is the b-best guild!"

"Take that back punk, or you'll regret it! Phantom Lord Guild is the best, you're guild is nothing but trash!" Gajeel RedFox the one picking on Romeo growled.

"N-No!" Romeo took a step back as Gajeel glared at him evilly.

Hmm! If I save that kid I can then get him to buy me some food! Naruto thought with a evil expression on his face as walked towards Romeo.

"Who the hell are you?" Gajeel asked Naruto who stood behind Romeo.

"I am Naruto Uzumaki, so crap yourself in amazement at the sight of my awesomeness!" Naruto introduced himself with pride. "I make all the women drop their panties for me!"

"Amazing? More like Amazingly Stupid, HAHAHA!" Gajeel laughed at his own remark before saying, "You have guts, I'll give you that, but take a hike before you piss me off!"

Naruto blinked, not scared by Gajeel's threat and said, "How about you take me on, the greatest Mage in existence, I'll give you that honor!"

Gajeel just laughed before saying, "A nobody like you is full of himself, eh? Fine I'll shut that big mouth of yours!"

Gajeel's right hand extended into a giant club, and the club headed towards Naruto, Naruto didn't bother dodging as he grabbed the end of the club with his left hand, Gajeel remained shocked and speechless, he remained so shock and speechless he didn't notice Naruto take out a wooden Katana with his right hand, the blonde swung it and hit Gajeel's face, the black haired flew backwards and crashed into a wall, the force of the attack was so strong, the wall which was a brick wall began cracking up, and in a matter of seconds Gajeel was buried underneath.

"WOW! He's strong, h-he managed to make Gajeel fly back!" Phantom Lord members said surprised.

Naruto looked at them with a dark expression and said, "Any of you hungry? I have this Katana made of bark, because if you're HUNGRY I'LL GIVE YOU A LOAD OF BARK TO EAT!"

"N-NO!" They bowed slightly before running off to get Gajeel.

Naruto shrugged his shoulder's and looked at Romeo who had tears in his eyes still, "Hey kid, women don't dig boys who cry! So save your tears for when you eat a wonderful bowl of Ramen!" Naruto told Romeo who just nodded and wiped the tears from his eyes, "T-Thank y-you!" Romeo said as he looked at the floor.

"Don't thank me, I only helped you to get a meal out of it!" Naruto stated as he looked at Romeo with a lazy expression.

"Um.. I don't have any money... but if you come over to the Guild... maybe Mirajane can make you some Ramen!" Romeo stated.

Naruto grinned and said, "Lead the way, kiddo!"

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