Jesus was sneaking his way into the rather oversized motel room he was called into. Upon opening the door he saw his autonomous lover, Optimus Prime laying in bed reading the Karmasutra.

"Oh hello~" Optimus said in a seductive tone, setting his book to the right. Jesus wasted no time in removing his clothes and revealing his holy 'staff' which upon seeing his partner became erect. Optimus pulled back the covers and pressed a button, his 'semi truck' showing forth.

Jesus slowly crawled up and dragged his tongue along Optimus' 'semi truck,' causing Optimus to let out a low moan. After a minute of licking; The Son of God then placed it in his mouth, bobbing his head up and down. Optimus soon grabbed Jesus holy head of hair and forced his head down, squirting his reproductive motor oil into his partner's mouth.

Jesus wiped his mouth, crawling up and mounting himself on top of the automaton's 'Semi Truck,' slowly lowering himself. The messiah moaned loudly as he used his knees to lift himself up and down, allowing it to go deeper inside of him each time. Optimus bit his robotic lip as his partner pleased him, wincing to keep in his cries of pleasure. After five minutes Jesus started slamming down as hard as he could, stroking his holy 'staff' to give himself some extra pleasure. Two minutes later Optimus suddenly yelled "AUTOSPERM, ROLLOUT!" And shot out a geyser of reproductive motor oil, ripping Jesus in half and killing him.

They then lived happily ever after, the end.