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So. Let's introduce a fic where the Grimm never existed, the people of earth were never pushed into remnant, and the need for Hunters was never necessary.


What if the Faunus still existed?


That was always the first thought that came to Blake Belladonna's mind whenever she looked into the image in the mirror. She knew what it was but society deem her to be otherwise. In everyday life, there are the puns, the subtle jabs, and the brainwashed hatred in the eyes of everyday people. It was all hatred to a monster. That's what society had always treated her as, even who she thought her friends were treated her as.

She was an abomination made up by the cruel game of God.

She stared at her extra appendages atop her ebony hair, the annoying presence of those monstrosities unnerving her. She could never have the have the confidence or pride to call herself a Faunus anymore. Because what was there to proud of? Being different? That's the reason of why many of the Faunus were persecuted.

She'd cry herself to sleep every night, hoping for a better day than the last, and so the process would repeat. She'd wake up, go to school, get picked on all day, with the occasional gang beat up, go home, cry herself to sleep, and let the process repeat.

That's just how 'life' was. A very cruel isolated box, it gets smaller until you feel crushed.

Then again, in her mind, 'life' was a cold-hearted bitch.

She sighed to herself, wiping the morning crust out of her eyes. She looked at her clothing, a black tank-top on with a random pair of white shorts she had found, which she happily called her pajamas. It was a haphazard combination she found just laying around. Why need style when they hate the skin? The clothes mean so little anyways.

She'd have to face the music of school eventually, so, with whatever motivation she could muster, she moved over to her nightstand to, ironically, turn her iPod speaker on.

Blake had always thought her music choice was a little bit 'different' that others. For example, she couldn't stand pop, but she liked punk-rock, or rock. She didn't mind the classics, but she hated country. She loved Japanese music, even if she didn't completely understand it. Seeing the beauty in something she couldn't understand. Only if people could operate the same way, she thought to herself. She hated rap, but loved metal. It was such an aggressive genre, it felt like she could vent out all her frustrations to the world. It was her best method of actually expressing herself.

Speaking of music, one of her more favored songs came blasting on. It was a by a pretty popular band, A Day to Remember. The song was 'It's Complicated', which title had perfectly described her life status. Swinging her head to the beat, and throwing in a dance move here or there, she began her morning routine, after listening to the song two more times.

She messily discarded her clothes before hopping into the warm shower that awaited her. Her cat ears twitched non-stop due to the water, but soon stopped after being used to the downfall of the water. Contrary to popular opinion, cats don't mind water, but only when it's on their circumstances.

She bit her lip a few times when the water ran over her unhealed knee, and most likely infected cuts and scrapes from her frequent bully sessions. She'd have to remind herself to clean those out later, but what was the point in it if they would always just come back? They were a good reminder of the

Deciding the "on her own terms" time was up, the shower water stopped causing her ears to twitch one more time. The cold air kissed her skin while she then left the shower and covered herself with a towel. There was a trick she caught onto a while back. Crack the window open, turn the heat on, and open the door when she got out.

By cracking the window open a little, and turning the heat on, moisture never built up on the mirrors, but the lovely heat remained in the room. By opening the door when she got out of the shower, the cool air would come in, and help perk her up, as uncomfortable as it was.

She hastily dried herself off with a towel, including viciously drying her hair. She'd been so accustomed to leaving it in its messy state. She loved just letting her hair down and free, unrestricted by anything holding it back. A sudden vibration sound rumbled across the countertop in the bathroom, jolting Blake out of her 'My hair is freer than me' trance.

Blake wondered what could be going on in the world of the internet. After putting on several bits of clothing she walked to her desk. She opened her mini laptop, and saw a blinking green icon on her screen. She knew who was going to call, and allowed herself to purse her lips slightly into a smile. She clicked on the icon.

"What's up, Kit-Kat?" An obnoxious voice blared on onto her speakers.

Blake couldn't have been more thankful for this blonde female in her life. Her name was Yang Xiao Long, but she wasn't Chinese at all. There was a visit to China when Yang was very young. It was there, her parents had asked her to stay put at park bench. She waited and waited. After two days, Yang never lost hope. A man who ran a food stand fed her those two days. On the third day, he learned of the reason of why she was waiting. He didn't have the heart to tell her that little Yang was abandoned. So taking responsibilities of which her parents lacked, and a bit of convincing with his wife, that server, and his family took the little blonde in. It was there she was raised into the headstrong young woman she was today.. All of this happened at the Year of the Dragon festival during sunrise.

Which was the literal term of how she got her name. "Sun Little Dragon".

Yang had been one of the very few people at the massive school she went to that was actually friends with Blake. A real friend. The two would seem like an unlikely pair to be with one another. One day, Blake forgot her wallet at home and was in need of food one night, the blonde girl gave Blake a bowl of much needed noodles on day. From there, Blake and Yang got to become best friends. Not like that fake clingy 'BFF' bullshit. Yang was someone to talk to, to have fun with, and to share endearing insults with.

Then again, Blake was also friends with Neptune and Lie Ren. They however have very busy schedules, they hardly had time to hang around, and so whatever little clique of friends she had, it was never in school.

Yang was definitely someone not to mess with, too. Despite her gorgeous blonde hair, and luminescent lilac eyes, plus her more than well-developed bust, Yang was a top notch boxer, winning plenty of tournaments before. It came into being because a man threatened her foster dad's food stand. She unleashed her untapped potential while being backed up by her foster father. After that, she wanted to punch people ever since.

Blake had always thought Sexy Death had a name, like most avatars on the internet. After spending so many years with Yang, she had a good feel for who Sexy Death actually was. She traced her attention back to the screen, where Yang was awaiting her reply. Blake thought about coming up with a way to annoy Yang, but couldn't think of anything clever.

"Just getting ready for another day in Fun-Land." Blake exhaled part of her worries. While she waited for Sexy Death's reply she grabbed another towel off the rack on the back of the door, and began to lightly dry herself off.

"Cheer up. Half the sports team are away games, and the only real problem you have to face is Ice Queen. The news gets even better. Neptune got his schedule rearranged, so he shares more classes with us now." Yang said, perking up near the end.

Diving into her memory, Blake recalled of how Yang and Neptune always had each-other's backs. They had been friends for years now. Within the passage of time, it seemed like when Yang arrived back from China, it was only mere weeks ago. In fact, it had been 8 years.

"Did you hear? The White Fang just assaulted a Schnee Company Dust Refinery." Yang said, sending a virtual news link report to Blake's laptop. She nearly hissed in anger when she saw the White Fang getting away with employee hostages and dust.


This mysterious mineral had just appeared out of nowhere. Apparently, a new stage in human evolution had occurred. A presence of this "aura" most likely caused this. Nobody understood what it was, but scientists understood that in order to use this aura, Dust must be used in cooperation. A new and expanding science, it was ridiculed at first but was adopted by the public and with the research to show the potential impact to help the world.

It was a great energy propellant, but with chance to change it into something deadly, basic instincts emerged to create conflict. The White Fang, formerly a peaceful Faunus representative group, has been relentlessly attacking facilities that housed Dust. Which, mostly was all owned by the Schnee Corporation. Considered to be a terrorist organization by now, and was used as the main motive toward the persecution of the Faunus people.

Blake paused the video chat, preparing to dress into her casual clothes, which was a pair of dark black jeans, and a white Originalskateboards "Save your soul, start a revolution" T-shirt. While she was a fan of longboarding, and watching some people go over sixty miles per hour, she'd only manage to casually ride downhill, and some technical tricks.

It was a healthy pastime, and stress reliever. Being a seventeen year old girl had its ups and downs, but for her case, it mostly was downs. A lot of them, but hey, beggars can't be choosers, right?

'Well...' Blake began to think to herself, but forcefully stopping that thought process. No need for a schizophrenic debate at Seven A.M, right?

"Alright cats, I'll see you at school. You going to ride your bike and should I bring a ball of yarn?" Yang asked, returning Blake's attention back to her, whom, she unintentionally forgot was there.

"Yeah and you better not. Also Glynda pulled some strings and got that court case going over my moldy basement. Some riffraff (I'll just leave my little note here. See if anyone catches the previous phrase.) Went down over it. 'Apparently, the government was supposed to handle it, and didn't. So, these nice guys came over, remodeled the basement, and child services gave me an extra thousand dollars this month. So I have gas money to spare now." Blake finished, leaving Yang with a smile on her face.

"See, not all people despise the Faunus. I think it's just our fucked up generation that can't accept it. Not that the media isn't helping either… There are those adults here and there, but our generation just doesn't want to accept it. From China, I learned very quickly, that just because someone is different than you, doesn't mean you treat them differently." Yang replied, lowering her tone significantly towards the end of her little rant. It brought a small grin to Blake's pale face, anyhow.

Blake sighed out a small laugh, however she found it possible. It the kind of half-hearted laugh meant to bring the conversation back to something less serious. "Thanks, Long. I'll see you at school." Blake saw Yang's head nod, and her face graced with a bright smile, as if reassuring her before ending the call. Feeling much more refreshed than she did waking up, Blake exited the bathroom, fully letting the cool air blow against her smooth, but open-poured skin. She raised her back to the ceiling, cats do love to stretch.

She let out a small shiver in delight, feeling the cool air work wonders for her body. Raising her arms above her head, she stretched her loose muscles as best she could. She lowered her legs into a forward split, feeling her tight jeans comfortably expanding with her body. Her left ear twitched in a gentle breeze.

She continued her stretches for a few minutes, taking advantage of the hot shower loosening her muscles. While she was already quite flexible, she had always loved the tremble of the muscles when she stretched too far. It was very similar to someone waking up and doing one of their "limbs go anywhere" stretch.

She let her ears focus to the song playing on her iPod. A rather feels-esque song, 'You're not alone' by a now dismembered band, Saosin. Sighing to herself for the umpteenth time that morning, she grudgingly removed herself from the floor, turned her iPod off, and grabbed her black jacket off the coat hanger. It had been a little chilly that morning, so she grabbed her favorite jacket.

It was a warm but thin lining of fleece on the inside, with an elastic-type of nylon-polyester that formed the snug fitting exterior. She zipped it up all the way to her neck, while she slipped her thumbs through the small thumb holes on the sleeves of the jacket.

Moving towards the garage door, she grabbed her white backpack off the floor, its minimal weight not slowing her in the latest. Swiftly grabbing her keys off the hook by the door, she opened the garage door to her pride and joy.

A metallic-ebony 2014 Yamaha YZF-R6, complete with new rims, tires, and custom paint job. It had taken her a year of saving, two weeks of begging Glynda, her semi-foster mother, to get it, and when she did, she had ridden it for twelve hours straight. The perks of being able to see at night.

Blake had anyways loved the feeling of riding motorcycles. She couldn't stand cars, always so boxed in and secluded. She wanted to be free, than suffocate in a condensed deathtrap. Of course, as long as subjugation and discrimination occurred with the Human and Faunus people, she doubted that "freedom" could ever be achieved.

She walked over the bike, picking its sleek black helmet up off the seat of it. Reaching inside, she felt the metallic ring of her keys, and a small piece of circular elastic. Pulling both out, she tossed the keys on the seat, and tied the piece of elastic around her hair, making a ponytail out of the wild mess.

She loved her hair loose, but tying it up over getting it stuck in another car, or something, was a much less appealing idea. While the odds of that were super slim, Blake had never been the kind to be too careful, considering her past experiences. Frowning at the various memories that resurfaced in her mind, she blocked out the impeding angst trip.

Now that she had thought about it, she actually was a deeply caring, sensitive person on the inside. She'd often thought she'd put other people before herself most of the time. It wasn't necessarily the smartest move or course in life, but it suited her well.

Her thoughts drifted back to school. While a few of the teachers she knew were accepting of the Faunus, most weren't. She had obviously noted that when the amount of work she had to do nearly tripled with these teachers. There was always the headmaster, also her Uncle as well. His name was Ozpin. He was an extremely kind man, who held a zero-tolerance policy on discrimination of the Faunus.

Blake slid onto the bike, swiftly, while also gracefully placing her helmet over her head. The helmet was a comfy mesh on the inside, with a dark black exterior. It looked like a cross between a dirt bike and motorcycle helmet, but is still had a definable sleek and smooth look to it.

She turned the key, feeling the motorcycle roar to life underneath her. Pressing the garage door opener button attached to her keychain, she looked back to see the morning sunrise peak over the forested mountains in the distance.

She had lived alone for well over seven years now, accustomed to her small, three bedroom house. The best part of the house she technically owned, was that it was up in the mountains, a little further away than the residential area for the thirty or so small town that was up the mountain. Her breathing hitched every now and then, a sign that the altitude was very high. Around 8,000 feet or so, was her best guess.

The local parks department had also finished paving the whole mountain with a new style of super-smooth blacktop. This led for a smooth ride up and down the mountain, which nobody could ever complain about. Ever.

Rolling in reverse out of her garage, using her feet to help balance her backwards approach to the road, she felt the change in ground from small, pebbly gravel, to smooth blacktop. Pulled out into the road now, she eyed the long and winding road down the mountain beneath her. The sun was halfway over the horizon now, its glare bouncing off her helmet's visor.

Toying with the throttle a little, she began the long descent down the mountain, often waving to her "neighbors" when she rolled through the one street town. They all returned her waves, and she often saw some of the little kids point and smile at her as she rode by.


Blake had just rolled into the school parking lot, which almost was a little too big. The good news about this was that she would never have trouble parking away from everyone else. Glynda and Ozpin had offered her a spot in the teachers lot, or the auto-shop garage, but Blake had declined it, saying that "I don't need special treatment" as an excuse.

She parked in her usual spot, far off in the corner, where nobody could ever bother her. She slid off her bike with feline grace, the same way every morning, which always elicited a scoff from her. She took her helmet off, feeling the cool air blissfully assault her face, still reeling in from her excitement of the ride.

She clipped her helmet to the backside of her backpack, ensuring it wouldn't hit her elbows or arms while she walked or ran. Walking down the school sidewalk, her eyes drifted to all the cars in it. Interestingly enough, today, there was a Yamaha and Ducati parked in the same spot. She noticed the change in scenery when she walked past them, they weren't usually there before.

She came to the conclusion it could be new students, or visitors, she shrugged the thought out of her mind. She saw the main entrance to the school, and the usual massive crowd of students around it. The different kinds of groups scattered across the school's entrance grounds similar to how islands scattered across the ocean in the Pacific. All in huddles, each chatting about anything and everything.

There wasn't really a safe or best route today, so it looks like she'd just have to walk through the front. Before walking, her amber eyes scanned the area for Yang, whom she hadn't seen yet, which was rather unusual, considering Yang would be at the school earlier than her. Yang was the armor to make the mornings much more tolerable.

Not daring to keep track of the count, before beginning her evenly-paced walk into the school. She turned down to the main sidewalk, ignoring the glares and glances she received. As if rehearsed, with agility only a cat could have, the Faunus ducked under a football, then sidestepped an oncoming soccer ball.

She'd hear the words "freak" or "animal", but ignoring them was a simple task. They were meaningless words that people always used to being out a reaction in her. She would wear headphones to her iPod, but that makes it easier to see the disapproving looks and words of malice to be spoken.

'Halfway there' she thought to herself, the black metal doors with large windows only a mere thirty feet away,

She'd let her guard down, thinking there was nothing to worry about at this point, so when the baseball came flying out of nowhere, it fully connected to the back of her head. She sharply cried out in pain, instantly rubbing the point of impact. Like all forms of pain of the jolt of electricity followed by the slow and bitter burning sensation.

Of all the glorious time for Yang to show up, 'now was the time,' Blake thought, as she saw Yang run to her side. Yang wore her usual outfit, as they had dubbed it. In reality, it was whatever jeans she found on the floor, and the same yellow hoodie she wore every day.

Yang's lilac eyes scanned over Blake, who forced back tears. "Hey, you alright, Blake?" Yang asked with sympathy, closely walking on Blake's side. They both looked back to see Cardin, captain of the football team snickering, but soon boisterously laughing with a large crowd of people at Blake. Blake often tried to not look into the faces of those who harassed her.

What really drew the girls' attention were the two blond-haired boys pushing their way through the crowd. The one on the left had the most piercing cerulean eyes Blake had even seen in her life, but the hood covering most of his head blocked her view, constantly. The hood bobbed up and down slightly, which was the only instances that Blake could see his face. He wore a dark blue hue of jeans, with a black hoodie. It was odd because this was something she didn't experience other than Yang.

The one on the right was just a monkey, literally. He was tall, blond, blue-eyed, yellow monkey tail swaying behind him which was just as bright as his hair. He wore light blue jeans, and an unbuttoned white dress shirt. Which showed off his more than chiseled six-pack.

The two friends stopped, and tried to listen in on the conversation that was happening. The boy with the hood removed his hood, revealing spiky, messy, untamed, and wild blond hair. There was no other way Blake could describe him from this distance, other than something 'dangerously casual.'

Her cat-ears twitched, picking up the conversation.

"Hey, did you throw that ball at that girl?" The now un-hooded boy asked. There was a hint of fury in his tone.

Cardin laughed again, his brow, short-cropped hair slightly bouncing with his head. "So what if I did?" he said, still laughing. "What're you and ape-shit over there going to do about it?"

The black- hoodie boy's face went into a deathly frown after hearing that. "Listen here, you piece of shit. I don't appreciate the cowards that prey on others, which goes two times as much for the Faunus. What makes my blood boil are people like you, how could you do this!? Especially since you hit a girl." The boy spat out, lacing the last few words with absolute venom.

Before Cardin could speak again, the sound of cracking and skin flapping echoed throughout the school, and then the sound of a dull 'thud' as a body hit the grass.

Blake looked on in absolute awe, her mouth slacked open in unbelievable surprise.

That boy just socked Cardin across the chin, he most likely broke his jaw, if her ears didn't deceive her, and sent him unconscious! Unbelievable! The monkey Faunus behind him laughed, placing a hand on the other blond boy's shoulder. He motioned towards Blake, and they began to approach her and Yang.

Blake saw Yang with a shit-eating grin on her face, who kept looking back between the unconscious Cardin, the two boys, and Blake. The two boys had finally reached the two girls, a short distance of three feet separating them. Blake could finally get a clear look them.

The boy that punched Cardin eyed Blake carefully, from the crinkles in her jeans at the ankles, the way her shirt still brought out her curves, her watery eyes, and her cat ears that pointed back the way a dog's or cat's would when they were scared, or in retreat.

"Are you alright?" The hoodie boy showed his concern. Hoodie boy, Blake had dubbed him. She dully nodded her head, realizing her lips wouldn't respond to any commands, whatsoever. 'Dammit brain, work with me here.'

"My name is Jaune, and this is Sun Wukong." Jaune spoke, his tone now slightly uplifted. Yang raised her eyebrows, quite visibly at mention of Sun's last name.

Blake's mouth could form no words, her mind still trying to grasp the dense gravity of the situation that had just unfolded in front of her very own two eyes. She was thankful when Yang began to talk, because there was no way she'd ever be able to formulate a simple syllable at this rate.

"Don't mind my friend, she's just a little shaken up right now. Her name is Blake Belladonna." Yang had introduced, saving Blake the embarrassment of her speechlessness.

"And you?" Sun had asked. Yang snickered to herself. Blake knew where this was going.


"Yang Xiao,"

"Yang Xiao Long"

Jaune and Sun laughed, pleased with Yang's more than obvious sense of humor.

"Do you know Xiao Long I've been waiting to hear a familiar name?" Sun asked, making Yang heartily laugh in response.

"Anyways, I'd better get Blakey here moving." Yang said, letting her laughter retain in her speech.

The boys smiled and nodded in return. Blake nearly jumped in surprise when she felt Jaune's hand gently run over the spot where the baseball had impacted against her skull. His hand felt so warm and soft against her head, gently brushing past her ebony locks, almost caressing the point of impact. His hand gave off a warm feeling, almost parental. Normally, she wouldn't allow anyone else to touch her.

She'd let her guard down, and paid the price for it. Never imagining the consequences, as usual. She felt a warm streak of liquid was felt go down her face. It was agonizing, feeling the cruelly slow descent of liquid emotion. It felt like someone took the key to the box she kept her emotions in, opened the box, as whipped it into the crowd, all its contents spilling out for the world to see. The tear became a waterfall.

For a rare time in her life, she actually felt it.


Her body completely complied when Jaune slyly spun her around, throwing his arm around her side, walking her into the school with Yang and Sun in tow. She gave Jaune a sidelong glance, which he caught, quickly winking at her. Putting two and two together, she realized the scraggly boy had understood the situation, and on the spot, had thought of a compelling escape plan.

The four of them moved through the hallways, Blake and Sun receiving glares, and death threats, but most were geared towards Blake. The threats bounced off Blake's ears, just more meaningless words, but Jaune didn't take warmly to any of it. For every glare, or death threat, he returned it tenfold, which quickly shut the prying onlookers up for once.

They had finally had reached their destination, the roof of the school. Yang had led the way for the most part, but it seemed Jaune and Sun were also familiar with the school's layout as well. Blake walked over to the edge of the roof, enjoying the breeze that blew by. She saw birds glide with the breeze, the free wind taking them anywhere in the world.

Her nerves now more calmed and at-peace then earlier, she lightly tugged out of Jaune's gripped, whom he carefully let her out of. Re-attaining her basic motor functions, she turned to Jaune, and gave a small, but warming smile. She wiped away her tears. She was lucky that her nose didn't get runny yet.

Blake stared at the blond haired boy, whom oddly reminded her of a knight. "Thank you. I really can't thank you enough for what you did."

Jaune's smile grew, obviously happy that Blake was speaking again. "It's my pleasure. I can't stand things like that." Jaune spoke. Blake found Jaune to be interesting at this point. She could tell that there was honesty to his words, a show of good character and moral.

"Well, thank you again." Blake spoke with newfound excitement, which elicited a laugh from Jaune. She looked up and raised her eyebrow.

"You can stop apologizing now. I'm just doing what I think is right." Jaune replied.

Yang hopped in the conversation, her face ridden with anticipation. "I think you're seeing something 'right' this instant, aren't you?" Yang spoke with a teasing manner in her voice. Simultaneously, Yang eyed Jaune and Blake. Jaune replied with a blush, while huffing and rolling his eyes.

Yang nearly fell over when she saw Blake's checks turn into a cherry red glow, while coughing into her hand, in a very discreet manner. It was so beyond uncharacteristic for Blake, it was the first time Yang had ever seen it with Blake. Yang didn't want this be escape from Blake.

'At least it'll be good gossip talk for later...' Yang thought on the positive note.

Heads turned to the door leading to the roof, as a loud, yet distinct sound of a door opening was heard. A man walked on to the roof, and looked at the four teenagers with a slight smile. His white hair, styled in a similar fashion as Jaune's gently swayed in the wind.

He wore a long black overcoat, which most related to looking like a military trench coat out of World War I, but in a dark black with a green dress shirt underneath.

His golden eyes peered over his low-resting spectacles, which eyed Blake with obvious concern. He walked towards the female Faunus, then resting his hand on the point of impact. Blake winced at the contact. For some reason that she couldn't explain, his hands hurt, and Jaune's didn't. It wasn't that he was trying to hurt her, or anything like that, but that it actually did hurt. When he lifted his hand up, there were faint traces of blood, which raised everyone's concern.

"Are you alright, Blake?" The man spoke, still eyeing Blake with a fatherly type of expression. Blake nodded back at the man, who sighed in relief, happy with the response. His golden eyes then wandered to Jaune, who gulped at the glare he received.

"And you, Mr. Arc..." The man paused, filling the rooftop with an immediate feeling of suspense. "Have given out justice that was long overdue." The man finished, turning towards the courtyard, where everyone saw Cardin being carried away by the nurse, and some of his lackeys in tow.

Jaune audibly sighed, dropping to the floor. "God, Uncle Oz, you wanna scare me a little more?"

"Uncle? Uncle Ozpin, you never told me you have a nephew." Blake said, which Jaune promptly did a double take at. "He's your uncle too?" He said, unbelieving in the credibility of the situation at hand.

"Ooo, looks like the headmaster has been living up to his name." Yang said with a more than playful tone. The whole group, excluding Ozpin laughed, watching the older man face-palm himself. The dry humor of Yang was something that usually cheered Blake up.

He stifled a small laugh, turning to Yang. "You need some new material, Xiao Long... Which you can think about in detention today." This turn, everyone laughed at Yang. She didn't shrugged and she rose her hands in a whatever shrug. It was worth it because now that everyone lightened up. But with that, a prolonged feeling began to fester.

"Now on a more serious note, I still need to have Blake checked for a concussion. If it weren't for the fact Cardin is in a legal football contract with the school, I'd expel him myself." Ozpin said, heaving a sigh at the end. Yang glared at Ozpin, who looked back as if he'd done nothing wrong.

"Is something wrong? I'll give Cardin more detention if you want. I can suspend him too." Ozpin spoke, treading hostile waters. The scowl on Yang's face grew, and her body posture absolutely screamed lividness.

"I'll even-"


Yang punched the nearby wall to the stairway, causing everyone, including Ozpin to flinch at the brutality that she subjugated her fist to. Yang retracted her extended arm from the wall, her knuckles and fingers shredded and bloody. She punched the wall, again, leaving bloodstains on its faded-white surface.

Her tone was beyond pissed, nearly yelling to her lungs content, "I can't fucking do this anymore, God Dammit! It's the same exact BULLSHIT every single day! Blake always gets hurt, and always brushes it off like its nothing, and in the end, everyone else gets THE FUCK AWAY WITH IT! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU, OZPIN!" Yang screamed, her frustrations fully being barraged at Ozpin.

"Yang, you know I'm doing all I can-"

"SHUT THE FUCK UP, OZPIN! YOU HAVEN'T DONE SHIT TO PROTECT HER!" Yang screamed, the harsh vocal torment violently ringing through everyone's ears.

"Yang..." Blake moved to interrupt, but was silenced when Yang glared at her, a near killing intent rolling off her. This time, her tone was lower and darker. "And you, Blake. You always try to be strong as to shake it off, but I know what happens when you get home. Just like any sane person would, you break down, fully knowing the consequences of coming back when this headmaster doesn't do shit to help."

"I've watched for eight damn years now, as you've gotten beaten up, sometimes to the brink of death, trampled on, bullied, and treat it like it was nothing, always trying to be strong in front of everyone else. You don't know how much it hurts me, or Ruby, or Lie Ren, or Neptune, hell, even Pyrrha and Nora feel bad, and they aren't even in our classes anymore!" Yang finished, angry tears trailing down her flushed cheeks.

Jaune and Sun didn't seem uncomfortable with the situation at all, if anything, they seem pull the pin to the grenade by what Blake had been through, more than anything. Ozpin had remained silent, a glum expression etched into his bowed head.

Ozpin raised his head, looking over to where Blake stood. "Blake, you never told me that this was a daily occurrence...This is the first time I've heard about anything with this kind of physical violence. Don't tell me you've been hiding this from me, too." He finished, his speech being slow and rather saddened. It was very uncharacteristic for anyone who'd known him. He was generally a very enlightened person, with a very careful, but proud sense of humor. All eyes turned to Blake, who absorbed the peer pressure.

Blake was extremely uncomfortable with the current dilemma, visibly fidgeting, her eyes scanned the ones of her peers, and then landed to the still open door. Sun and Jaune were off to her left side, Ozpin had moved closer to her right during his speech, and Yang was so blinded by anger, Blake doubted that she'd do anything if she sprinted for it.

With grace only someone of feline descent could have, Blake bolted for the stair door, kicking her foot against the open door to help propel her flying descent down the first flight of stairs. As fast as her legs could carry her, she ran to wherever her legs would take her.

Blake never had social anxiety, but that moment up on the rooftop had to be the worse case of it she'd ever experienced in her life. Her mind racked up ideas on where to go, until it had finally clicked. Changing her course of direction, she headed into the school's auditorium, heading for the small area on the large second floor balcony reserved for stage crew.

Essentially, it was like a senior lounge, but with peace and quiet backing it up. Blake slowed her sprint to a walk, and then jumped onto the purple couch, being sure to sling her backpack with helmet off her back before landing. Broken backs weren't the first thing on the agenda for this year. She passed many students, and she didn't pay attention to any them during her escape.

Blake sat up against the corner of the couch, stretching her legs out on the worn plush cushions. She reached down to grab her backpack, bringing it on to her lap. Unzipping it, she dug around in its meager contents, until she pulled a small black book out. Feeling her giddiness being aroused, she hastily opened the book to read its smutty contents. It was her beloved hobby that eased her mind of any situation.

The sound of the bell faintly echoed out in the hallways, but she ignored it. It didn't matter, she was just eager to escape… Her first period class of Trigonometry with the most anti-Faunus teacher, and possibly being, in the entire school, and always made sure that her class was living hell.

Toning out the world, she'd set back to reading her smut book, which she was enjoying most graciously. It truly was a work of Art, at least in her own opinion, so she thought. Lucky for her, the author doesn't intend to stop writing, so her hobby had a future.

Her mind drifted back the incident on the roof. It had been the first time Blake had ever seen Yang snap like that before. Sure, Yang could get very angry at times, but not enough to mutilate her own body, or use vulgarities to the extent in which she did.

'In retrospect, it may have not have been the best idea in the world to take off like that. Ozpin has treated me like family ever since Mom and Dad died, and I've lied to him so many times now. I've completely betrayed his trust...' Blake somberly thought, feeling the all-familiar tears well up in her eyes again.

While she was immersed, her breathing began to balance out. It happened whenever she was truly relaxed. The image on the roof began to repeat in her mind, it playing over and over again, tormenting her. She bit her lip, hoping the slight bit of pain would redirect her thoughts to her book. There was no need of light for obvious reasons, so it made it easier for her to hide.

Her mind drifted to Yang, her words echoing in her mind. 'I've watched for eight damn years now, as you've gotten beaten up, sometimes to the brink of death, trampled on, bullied, and walk away like it was nothing, always trying to be strong in front of everyone else. You don't know how much it hurts me, or Ruby, or Lie Ren, or Neptune, hell, even Pyrrha and Nora feel bad, and they aren't even in our classes anymore!"

Blake pinched her nose, closing her eyes. She heard the faint 'squish' of the blood being squished around behind her eyes, and soon felt the hot tears exit her eyes. She laid her book on her stomach, doing her best to clear her of all thoughts. She slowly lost the fight and gave up, letting the tears run freely down her face. Making no attempt to quiet her sniffles, her very quiet sobs echoed throughout the wide cold and empty balcony. It was the cries of troubled siren.

She berated herself, she knew she was better than this. 'I'm so much stronger than this. What's making me cry? What is so special this time!?' She cursed to herself mentally. It struck across her face, the revelation became clear.

Jaune and Sun. The absolute seething anger they gave off when she got hit by the baseball. How angry they were when Yang spilled her heart out at Ozpin and herself. It's because this time, Blake knew deep down...

'...They care...'

She'd been blinded by mental barriers. Making the fake vision that her life was fine, she allowed herself to live in a false method of living, thinking that nobody cared about what happened to her. She didn't need to tell Ozpin or Glynda what was happening, because she thought they wouldn't care. It was all one, big, fat, lie.

This realization only made her tears worse. She swore her sobs must've gotten twice, or even thrice as loud as before. This growing sense of buried emotion, she nearly jumped to the roof and screamed her lungs out when she felt a large hand suddenly rest on her shoulder. 'As if it would make everything better.'

She remained absolutely still and silent, tears hill freely cascading down her flushed cheeks. The large hand on her shoulder felt oddly familiar. Warm, comforting, careful, she'd swear she felt this hand before. It clicked. Jaune.

Blake smiled to herself, fully knowing that things were going to take a turn for the better. She slid down the couch, fully laying down on it, her legs propped up on the far arm of the worn cloth.

She felt the decline in elevation when he sat next to her. Her head slid up against his leg, which hardly budged, indicating tight muscles, which then indicated, well-built. Using her legs, she pushed her head up on the side of Jaune's leg, giving her neck better elevation.

"Reading?" His soft voice asked, looking towards the black book the still remained in Blake's stomach. She shook her head a few times in response. "What's it about?" He asked. She cleared her throat, doing her best to get the dryness to go away from her earlier crying.

"It's about a man with two souls, each one battling over control of his body. In the mean-time, he has to try to hide it from the one he loves the most. If he doesn't find true love by the Winter Equinox, then both souls will perish, leaving his body an empty shell." Blake's voice was clearer and stronger with each word. "All of that angst, he unleashes it with a woman that tries to understand him."

She heard Jaune laugh a little. She raised an eyebrow, but he waves her down. "Sounds deep... and smutty." Jaune had bits of playfulness in his voice. Blake blushed, hard.

"You know what this is!?" Blake said, a loudness approaching in her voice. Jaune laughed, and leaned down into her human ear. He let a small breath out, sending a shiver down her spine. "In the closet, smut reader." He whispered out. Blake covered her eyes in embarrassment, not pleased with the current situation at hand.

"Anyways, Yang and Ozpin are looking for you." Jaune said. Blake regained her composure, a frown etched to her face. "I'm not in the mood to talk to them..." She adverted eye contact with Jaune.

"How old were you when it happened, Blake?" Blake was completely thrown off by his question.

She gave him an inquisitive look, "When what happened? What're you talking about?" Blake said in confusion.

"When your parents passed away." Jaune spoke with absolute firmness, not a hint of wavering in his voice. "I see the way Uncle Oz acted when Yang went on her little angst rant. He was sad, Blake. I've known Uncle Oz for years now, and I've never seen him sad, ever. He's like a second father to you, isn't he?" Jaune said, nailing the head with the hammer on Blake.

"I was six when my parents died. They were killed by the White Fang, eleven years ago. They were the kindest, pro-Faunus humans I had ever seen in my life, and the White Fang went and killed them, in cold blood, in blind fury. I swore to myself, I would never be able to move on until I killed the man who did it. Call it a revenge complex, or whatever you want, but that's just the way it is."

Blake remained silent, letting Jaune's words sink into her skin. Those words had been seared itself in her mind right then. She'd never forget the uncontaminated look of resolve that Jaune had when he spoke.

She sighed, preparing for the story she was about to tell.

"It all started when I was four..."

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