this is my first fanfic ever and yeah, next i will do (atempt) an astro boy fanfic! so no hate plz and if you injoy you can request your oc to be in it! i will only take 5 so yeah! do a disc. of your character in the reviws and i will do my best to include them in fanart and the story! my deviantart (dont know if you spell like dat to lazy to check) is epicfireheart123 {yes im a warrior cats fan no hate plz!} so thats where the fanart will be! ENJOY THE STORY!

It was a sunny day in ponyville. Piper, the silver earth pony with the navy blue mane, was on her way to visit her cousin Star Singer. To her she was the most ANNOYING creature on the face of the planet, but Piper, came just because of her baking skills. Man does she love them honey cakes. Out of the corner of Piper's eye, she saw a pink mare sitting on a park bench upside down reading a copy of war and peace upside down. Piper walked towards her. The pink mare seemed to have sensed her presence. She looked up from her book reaviling an eye patch. Piper was about to ask about her injure, but the pink mare jumped up and landed on her back. Her head turned at an akward angle. Piper heard a loud crack when she twisted her head back. "Ello Govna!" The pink mare said jokingly. "Hi... You...?" Piper said akwardly. "Where's your cutie mark it's okay if you don't have one what's your name I'm Pinkie Pie?!" "I'm Piper... and no I'm a blank flank." "That's okay!" Pinkie said with a grin.

Suddenly, Pinkie watch buzzed and a brown stallion appeared. Pinkie quickly covered the watch and said wearily "Um... I gotta take this be right back!" and she zoomed inside a telphone booth. Piper thought it odd to have a telephone in a watch. Just as the door to the phone booth was creaking open, a loud explosion was heard from the medical building. A hoard of screaming ponies was seen running away from the disaster. The odd pink mare seemed more serious when she yelled at Piper to run. She ran as fast as her legs could carry her, but she stopped and turned around. To her horror she saw Pinkie being mauled by a bunch of zombified ponies. She began to run over to help her new friend, but Princess Twilight zapped magical spells that instantly killed all the infected ponies. She hauled Pinkie's unconscious body and galloped over to get the same brown stallion on Pinkie's watch! Piper quickly galloped over to her cousins house, and locked the door.