Yo Yo Yo it's the one and only SunDragonSoul, now with a new story that has been stuck in my head for a while. Heres my thought process, due to reading so many maximum ride fanfics, I wanted to make one crossed over with Kingdom Hearts. Why, you may ask, well because I wanted to make an OC Avian Human Hybrid keyblade wielder.

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Please note this is based off of the Secret Ending Video The Gathering from Kingdom Hearts 2.

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Aerial Hearts: Winged Heroes




A desolate wasteland lays unending, with thousands of key shaped swords stabbed into the ground, like grave markers.

"Do you know," A mysterious voice said. "that even some hearts can fly?"

2 figures walk down a path in the graveyard like wasteland, where none of the key shaped swords were impaled into the ground.

The first was a male, tall and willowy, with a rather athletic build. His body is covered by a ankle length tattered brown cloak with the hood up and shadowing his face. Held in his right hand though was a rather unique styled key the size of a long sword and bladed. The handle is a sea green with a black pommel. The guard of the weapon was black and curves around the handle but doesn't connect to the base of the handle itself. The shaft of the key is silver and has semi-circular indentations on its sides. The teeth are comprised by two silver, triangular blades that overlap each other and slant downward. Both triangles have slanted, heart shaped gaps in them. Leading from the pommel is a keychain with a token the resembles the guard and handle.

The second was a smaller female, with a swimmer's build. Her body is covered by a similar ankle length tattered brown cloak with its hood up and shadowing her face. Held in her right hand is a weapon similar to the males. The handle is a pale lilac color and sports two protrusions on either side that curve upward. The guard is comprised of two pale violet spikes that curve downward. The neck if a black color. Connected to the en is the teeth which are pale violet and resemble the top half of the Nobody symbol, albeit with two of the spikes longer than the others. The keychains token is a rose colored shape that is similar to the handle, albeit squashed down.

"Yet these hearts, truly due allow their bearers to fly," The mysterious voice continued. "Flying through the skies and heavens above."

The two figures arrived towards where 2 uniquely designed longsword sized key weapons stay stabbed in the ground.

The male reached out and grabbed the one closest to him with his left hand. This one was simply designed, compared to the others. The shaft was smooth and cylindrical that tapers outward at both ends. It has a boxy guard, made up of two small light grey boxes and copper rod. The base of the guard connects to the grip, and both sport several indentations lining them. The grip itself is somewhat unique in that while most of them are cylindrical, this one is squared. The teeth are in the shape of an "E". The keychain is made of several simple chain links and its token is the master's mark. He slowly pulled it out and swung it down, now wielding 2 of the unique key shaped swords.

The female reach out and grabbed the remaining one. This one was rather angelic, unlike the shaft is formed from two pieces side by side and displays two hearts, with it's silver handle bears two angel wings as a guard. The teeth are fashioned in the shape of the kanji for "Light". The keychain is a star sewn together from thalassa shells. She as well pulled the silver and white weapon, shifting it into a reverse hold in her left hand.

"What could cause these things to happen," The mysterious voice said. "That they might gain their wings."

Walking towards them on another pale clear of weapons was a human being clad in a hooded black coat that hides it's gender, goes down to it's ankles, with the hood up and completely shadowing it's face.

Words flash around him being.

The Sky…Wings...Winged Hearts...Keyblade...Replica...Kingdom Hearts...Keyblade War...Three Apprentices

They both looked first looked at the being, before looking toward each other before suddenly a pair of wings sprouted from both their backs. From the male's back, 2 crimson feathered wings with black tips spread out in a 14 feet wingspan across. The females, 2 light brown feathered wings, with streaks of white and black and with a 13 feet wingspan. Both sets of wings tense, before flapping up, sending the two into the air. The spiraled higher and higher till the both vanished into the sky.

"Aerial Hearts," The voice finished. "Winged Heroes."

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