Scerek prompt, PART 3! Of the Scerek series. I'm now setting this as a slight AU, and a couple years later. Because its been asked I do mpreg for them, x.x; haha so I feel awkward if he's too young. (Also I have no idea how mpreg is even a thing or why people like it. Sorry. But I do what's asked so here we go!)

Sweat beaded down the side of his face and Scott brushed it off- they'd all gathered in Derek's loft to talk about the latest threat in Beacon Hills. Pack meetings were rare enough considering getting everyone in the same place was a chore and even then you always found someone couldn't make it. In this case they had managed to bring Cora, Isaac, Stiles and Derek- everyone else had other commitments. It was actually a lot easier for him that way because right now he was finding it very hard to focus and the heat was seriously getting to him.

Why was it so hot anyway? Was the heat on max?

"Scott- bro, you okay?" His head snaps up to stare at his best friend who right now resembles a very shaky and blurry version of Stiles which was not what he expected.

"Y-yeah… No…I dunno I feel kinda weird." Scott rubbed at his forehead and closed his eyes trying to fight off the feeling of burning up from the inside out.

"You don't look so good." Derek was there at his side already and Scott leaned into his side, the older wolfs hands supporting his body as he swayed on his feet.

"He looks awful- we should take him to Deaton." Cora said crossing her arms over her chest and giving Scott that analytical look she was so good at.

"No no, it's fine, I'm alright I… just a glass of water. It's so hot in here. Why is it so hot?" He turned his face to Derek as he asked the question, almost accusing him of being involved somehow.

"Scott… it's November." Derek lifted a hand and placed it on his forehead only to pull back. "You're burning up a nasty fever c'mon we need to get you checked."

"No I-" Scott didn't get to finish his feeble attempt at denial as he promptly slumped like a sack of potatoes, and passed out in Derek's arms.

Derek caught him and cradled the passed out Alpha closely and protectively as Stiles and Isaac gathered around in surprise. The taller of the two bent down low to Derek's level and checked Scott over but there was no sign that he was injured only red-hot and spiking fast. "I think Cora is right, we should take him to see Deaton right away."

Stiles helped Derek grab Scott's body and they hauled him out of the loft and down to the parking lot where he kept his car. Derek obviously did not want to leave his boyfriends side at all but he knew that he couldn't do anymore than the others. He watched from the front seat as they tried to get Scott into position, Isaac on one end and Stiles on the other. "Isaac see if you can help him, while I drive."

"Alright," Isaac looked rather concerned himself as he hated to see his Alpha in pain. The young fair haired man reached out and took some of Scott's pain as Derek drove into the traffic and as fast as he dared towards the animal clinic.

When they arrived Deaton was already waiting for them outside having been called by Stiles, and helped them rush the werewolf onto the table used for working on patients. "What are his symptoms?" He asked, pulling an eyelid and flashing a light into his eye to test its reaction.

"Fever and agitation, we couldn't see much else from that." Derek responded staring intently at Scott.

"Was there any hallucinations? Vomiting?" Deaton asked.

"Uh no he just said he was really hot and then fainted." Stiles said, pacing and fidgeting in the background risking the odd glances between Derek and his best friend. He knew they'd been seeing each other for a while, but he had always been a bit skeptical that Derek was really in it for the long haul. Seeing his pale face and refusal to look away from Scott was making him think twice about that assumption.

"Well I need to run a couple of tests but I'm pretty sure this is Wolfsbane."

"Wolfsbane doesn't cause these kinds of reactions so fast!" Derek said clenching his hands into fists.

"Its an accelerated form, probably enhanced through scientific means." Deaton ran a finger under Scotts lip and lifted it, looking at his gums which had swollen and were a nasty angry red. "I need to get my tools."

He left the room and everyone looked around at one another. Just as they were feeling anxious about these turn of events Scott began to convulse violently on the table and Derek held him down best he could, Stiles called out for Deaton who returned quickly. He set to work as the others were doing their best to help out and after about an hour he deemed the Alpha safe and healing.

Scott opened his eyes slowly, the light from the ceiling sharp against the aching and grainy lids. He lifted an arm to rub at them realizing how slow and sluggish he felt just by doing that one action. Then he felt a warm and supportive hand against his chest and he peered blearily into the green eyes of Derek Hale who looked so relieved to see him awake.

"What happened?" He asked, his voice strained and sounding like a smokers growl.

"You got poisoned, and passed out." Derek said running his fingers over his bare chest. "We bought you to the animal clinic…" His voice was tight and nervous and he looked like hell.

"Hey, I'm alright." Scott rubbed a weak hand over Derek's arm who nodded, but his head fell against his chest and he leaned forward pressing his forehead on to Scott's belly, trying to cover up a small sob.

"I thought you were going to die right there in front of me. Scott, I was terrified." He tried to get a hold of his emotions, which were just fraught with so much thankfulness that his Alpha wasn't gone.

Scott tried to sit up but he didn't have the upper body strength required, but he wanted to comfort his love. "Derek."

The Hale sat up and helped Scott do the same, as he leaned against his shoulder weakly but he smiled gently, running a hand through his hair and down the side of his face, nails scratching tenderly against the stubble he found there. "I love you."

Derek whimpered and kissed Scott gently and slowly breathing him in. "I love you. I'm sorry I couldn't protect you, I should have."

"It's not your job to make sure I'm safe all the time, I know you like to think yourself superman but you're not, sorry." He chuckled and rubbed his thumb absentmindedly over Derek's skin, "where is everyone else?"

"Stiles is asleep out in the waiting room, the other two went home. I told them I'd call soon as you woke up."

"You should call them, then. Send Stiles in please I think we need to find out who did this, and stop them before they hurt anyone else." It amazed Derek greatly that his first concern was that others were in danger and not for his own wellbeing and he nodded his head, kissing Scott's temple before leaving the room. They had some things to organize now, and he would always follow orders.

A week later found the two in bed cuddled up and doing nothing but enjoying the sounds of each others breathing, they had managed to stop the person who was distributing altered wolfsbane and brought them in. The Sheriff had found reason to arrest them based on the notion of poisoning children and he had been locked up, for now. It was a good thing that they had Stiles' dad on their side and it wasn't the first or last time Scott would send a thank you in his head to whatever was out there for such a good role model and father to his best friend.

"You think it will ever get easier?" Scott asked.

"What?" Derek said lazily.

"You know, enemies and people being targeted, things like that." He ran a hand down Derek's bare back sending shivers through him.

"I don't think it does no, but… these moments we share make them bearable." Derek snuggled up a little closer and turned his head upward to look at Scott. "Why'd you ask?"

Scott sighed. "Well- when I was having my checkup with Deaton he um, he said something that made me think about life and how things have been for us. I know we're living together now, and I should be heading to college soon."

"Where is all this going?" Derek asked.

"Deaton said that I'm showing signs of… being pregnant." He said the last part very quietly. "Please don't freak out."

Derek sat up in surprise and stared down at Scott with something mixed between love and fear. "You're sure?"

"Yeah, I didn't know it was even possible but apparently it is." He paled at the idea of doing this as he knew what women went through when they had kids, and he was still rather young, but the look on Derek's face said that he could make it work.

Derek leaned in and kissed Scott passionately and cupped his face with his hand, tipping his head back and letting his tongue slip between his lovers lips both of them parted breathing heavily and aroused. "I want this, but if its not what you want Scott I'll understand."

Scott tilted his head to the side, "I want to be with you, and if that means having a family then that's what I want too." He then laughed, "Stiles is going to freak the fuck out."

Derek joined him in laughing, "Yeah, he is."