It was a sunny day in Metrocity. Astro, was on his way to school. He waves Zoron goodbye as he walked out of his house and shut the door. On his way, there was a strange tall man, wearing a reddish-brown top hat.

"Why hello! you must be the famous Astro!how do you do!" the strange man took Astro's hand and shook it hard.

"hello sir, i'm kinda running late for school, so I have to run. nice meeting you!" he said politely before he ran off to school. After school Astro felt a little dizzy as he walked back to Dr. O-shay's house. He knew something was up when his eye scanners started to make static sounds and fizz black and white. Just as Astro was about to grab the doorknob, he fell to the ground and turned offline.

when Astro came to, he was in a strange place. he looked around and he saw a radio playing, a coffee mug, a clip bored, and a dirty looking toilet. he got up from the bed he was laying on and walked around the containment unit. after about two minuets, he herd an electronic sounding voice of a women. she said "Hello. and welcome to the Apiture Science testing aria. We are sorry we had to capture you. But I assure you that you will have the end of the testing sequences. you will get a party. along with a cake."