Once upon a time in Equestria lived six of the most famous ponies that represent the magic of friendship.

Fluttershy- a shy and innocent pony who represents the element of kindness. She's kind and caring to animals and all of her friends alike.

Pinkie Pie- a loud party planner who represents the element of laughter. She loves to smile wherever she goes and loves to eat sweets everyday.

Applejack- a cowgirl who represents the element of honesty. She and her family owns a apple farm and sells them for stuff she needs.

Rarity- a glamorous pony who represents the element of generosity. She loves fashion and even owns a boutique so she can make the most dresses for her and her friends.

Rainbow Dash- a tomboyish pony who represents the element of loyalty. She loves to do sports and dreams of becoming one of the Wonderbolts.

And last, but certainly not least.

Twilight Sparkle- one of the princesses of Equestria and represents the element of magic. She loves studying and hanging out with her friends. That's the most important part of all.

These six girls have been making peace and defeating all of evil in Equestria. Since there is no evil around and nothing to do, the girls have been getting very bored and see nothing new. Everyday is just the same and do stuff very predictable.

Princess Celestia sees this and gave herself an idea. She opened her closet and pulls out a mysterious item she had for many years.


One day, at Twilight's castle, the girls are sitting on their thrones in boredom. Ever since the castle had been created, they all moved in to help Twilight with her duties and so many things. They liked the castle and all, but there's nothing to do. Spike was bored too.

"So, girls. Anything special you want to do today besides sitting around and doing nothing?" Twilight asked. "Well, what about your princess duties? You like doing them for the other princesses." said Rainbow Dash. "I know. It's just that since Ponyville is so peaceful around, they don't need me around." said Twilight.

"Oh! Oh! I know what we can do! We'll throw a party!" Pinkie Pie yelled in excitement. "No, I want to do something else than an ordinary party." said Twilight. Pinkie thought of an unpredictable party just for Twilight and asked, "How about a tea party?" Twilight shook her head no on that. "How about a princess party where all of us dress up as princesses?" Pinkie asked. "No. No. No. I don't a party right now, Pinkie." said Twilight.

"Come on, Twilight. We gotta do something around here. I know we do a lot of picnics, parties, adventures, impressing Princess Celestia, and all of that. Perhaps we should try something new. Something no pony has ever done before. But what?" said Applejack. "Applejack's right. And I know just the thing. Make a very large beautiful sparkling dress!" Rarity suggested. But, her friends didn't approve. Rarity groaned in annoyance.

"I know what we can do!" Rainbow Dash shouted as she flies up in the air and makes zooming here and there, causing her friends to have bad mane days. "Rainbow Dash! Stop! It's not helping!" Twilight yelled. Rainbow Dash immediately stopped her tracks. "Sorry."

"I know that all of you are bored. I am too. It's just that, there's nothing special going on in Equestria right now." said Twilight.

"Then, maybe I can help you with that." said a familiar voice coming from a huge light. That light was Princess Celestia. And it looks like she's holding a present. "Princess Celestia!" The girls shouted out as they ran toward her. "Hello, girls. I've heard you've been having a lot of boredom lately." she said.

"Oh, it was horrible. All we do is the same things we always do, which is getting boring really fast." said Rarity. "Well, that's why I'm giving you six this." said Celestia as she gently sets down her present in front of the girls. "Ooh, a present! Princess, you shouldn't have. But, what is it?" Pinkie asked in curiosity.

Spike went to it and said, "I'll open it for you all." And tears it up to bits. When he opens up the lid of the box, he picked up a very large book with an unfamiliar title. "A book? You gave us a book?!" Spike asked in disappointment.

"It's not just any book, Spike. It's called The Book of Disney. True, you can read it, but you go inside the book and the characters will be right in front of you. This used to be mine, but now I'm giving to you so you can discover new things and learn from the characters. That way, you won't get bored at all. Don't worry about the people, girls. My sister and I will handle that." Princess Celestia explained.

"Book of Disney?" Rainbow Dash asked in curiosity. "That sounds like fun. What stories are we going to read?" asked Pinkie.

"Oh, any kind of story. You're going to encounter princesses, heroes, villains, wizards, kingdoms, and a lot of magic spells." Princess Celestia explained. "That sounds wonderful, Celestia. We'll start our adventures as soon as possible." said Twilight as she was about to open the book, but was stopped by Celestia. "Now, hold on Twilight. You're getting a little anxious on this. The book won't open till I raise the sun in the morning." she said.

The girls groaned in grief as they have to wait till tomorrow. "That's a shame. We've been waiting for something new all day." said Fluttershy. "I know, but tonight, you'll need some rest before your big event." said Celestia.

"Okay, fine. We'll wait. After all, it's just one night." said Rainbow Dash. "Good. Oh, one more thing. For all of you to write your lesson of your adventures." said Celestia as she gave the girls a journal right next to the Book of Disney.

"Thank you, Celestia. I'm sure we will learn everything." Twilight promised. "I knew you would, Twilight. Now, I'll see you all later. Farewell." said Celestia as she leaves with her magic.

The girls were so shocked and amazed by the book like they wanted wanted this for a really long time. "The Book of Disney. I can't wait to enter this tomorrow. Who knows where it could take us. Probably some far away kingdom with a fair princess longing for a Prince to come." said Twilight. "I would love to see a beautiful princess in this book." said Rarity. "Me too. I'll bet she loves animals like I do. Very kind and gentle and speaks in a soft voice." said Fluttershy.

"Now, girls. Let's not get our anxiousness get us all over the walls. You heard what Princess Celestia said. We have to what till morning." said Twilight.

She uses he magic to lift the book and the journal in front of their thrones.

"And waiting do we go."