Code Geass: The Past, Present and Future

Chapter 1: Prologue to Rebirth

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"Sometimes life gives you a second chance, or even two! Not always, but sometimes. It's what you do with those second chances that counts." - Dave Wilson

The year is 2018 a.t.b of the Britannian Imperial Calendar. The Britannian Empire has seized control of the entire world under the leadership of 99th Emperor Lelouch Vi Britannia, who was currently looking down at the crowds from his convoy with disinterest.

He looked up from his throne, eyes scanning the landscape. Today was a perfect day to die… At least he thought so… The sun was shining, the sky a clear blue and white with the Sendai Mushikui and Aobato birds chirping in the distance, although it was hard to hear them over the hum of Knightmare engines. He cracked a small smile. This was the perfect setting for the start of worldwide peace and a new world order. Of course, it didn't feel like that to those who were currently in attendance and actively participating. To the world this was supposed to be an execution, not of him but of his remaining enemies, including what was left of the Black Knights. He silently chuckled at the irony. After all, who would expect someone so close to victory and who held absolute control to be planning his own execution?

He sighed, this couldn't have possibly have turned out worse for him, could it? He remembered that when it all began, all Lelouch had to motivate him was the promise of creating a peaceful world for his younger sister Nunnally to live in. Nunnally, for the first year of his revolution, had been the only person that Lelouch truly loved in his life and in return she herself gave him all the love and kindness she had. And now here he was, executing her for high treason against the Britannian Empire.

He glanced down at Nunnally, keeping the cold and uncaring facade barely contained as she looked away from him in disgust. He knew how she must see him now, she must despise him with a hatred only reserved for the people who, in the past, had dared make fun or try to hurt her 'onii-san'. He looked over to Kallen, his facade cracking even more as he saw her staring at him with hatred, sadness, and betrayal in her eyes.

He had hurt her greatly, he knew that. It was one of the things he regretted most. He knew his feelings towards her, and knew that she reciprocated them in spades. However, he had wanted to wait. Wait until Britannia had been overthrown, Japan freed and his father killed, then he would have proposed to her. It was the most costly mistake that he had ever made in his 18 years alive. He waited to long, as when Nunnally supposedly died it was far to late. He donned the mask of tyrant, a maniacal madman who controlled the world with an iron fist and united it against him, breaking the hearts of both his sister and Kallen in one fell swoop. All he could hope for was that when he was finally freed from the burdens of this life, they would both understand the truth behind his actions. The love he had for them, the risks that he took for them, the fact that all of this had been done in order to create a world where they could both be happy.

Lelouch snapped out of his somber train of thought when his victory procession suddenly came to a stop, the chirping of the birds finally able to be heard. 'Showtime.' Lelouch thought with a small but sad smile on his lips.

"What is that?" Cried Knight of Orange Jeremiah Gottwald.

A lone figure blocked the path of the procession. Immediately the crowd let out a surprised gasp as they recognized the figure clad in black and gold, a familiar helmet on his head. They knew him as Zero, self-proclaimed knight of justice and miracle maker, but Lelouch knew the truth. Under that mask lay a broken but determined childhood friend and former enemy Suzaku Kururugi. To bring peace and atone for his past sins Suzaku, donning the mask of Zero, would give the world one final miracle, pulling off one final impossible victory by killing him and bringing his reign to an end. Once he was dead the world would know peace, coming together in cooperation in order to prevent another man like him from taking power and destroying the world.

The knightmares guarding the convoy opened fire. Had the target of their fire been any ordinary man he would've been torn to shreds. However, Suzaku was no ordinary man. The geass placed upon his mind forced him to survive, no matter the odds or circumstances. Suzaku dodged, his geass forcing his body to evade each shot with superhuman speed.

"Cease fire! I'll take care of this interloper!" Ordered the Knight of Orange as a hidden blade shot out of his sleeve.

Jeremiah charged forward, swinging his blade in an arc towards Suzaku. However, Suzaku's geass drove him on once again and leapt over Jeremiah at the last moment. He continued forward, pushing himself off Jeremiah's back with his foot for momentum and launching himself in the air towards Lelouch's transport.

Suddenly, a gunshot rang out, notifying Lelouch that there was sometime seriously wrong. He knew it wasn't from a Knightmare, it didn't have the same booming effect that a Knightmare's rifle did. It had to have been from a handgun or some other type of handheld weapon. He knew it wasn't for him, otherwise he would already be dead. That left the question on who the bullet was for. He took a quick glance around hoping to catch a glimpse at what the bullet struck, and what he saw made his heart stop and blood go cold.

It was Kallen. The bullet had struck her in the heart and blood was pouring out of the wound, staining her white jumpsuit red and her face began to turn white. 'KALLEN! NO!' Lelouch thought distressed, he knew she was going to die, there was no coming back from a wound like that, 'THIS WASN'T SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN! I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE THE ONLY ONE WHO DIED TODAY!' He looked around for the perpetrator, absolutely furious, 'WHO DID THIS!?'

He looked around for the perpetrator his blood boiling, and when he found them he saw… pink?

Lelouch's face turned white as he stared. There, standing by the railing wearing a soldier's uniform stood his younger half-sister Euphemia li Britannia, the helmet laying on the ground beside her.

'Oh son of a... ' Lelouch thought, his mind racing, 'How did she get out? WHO LET HER OUT!?'

He was interrupted by a mass of Black and yellow appearing in front of him and he remembered the original plan, he needed to die to bring about world peace. He needed to put aside his feelings, no matter how strong they are, let the Zero Requiem play out to completion, and warn Jeremiah that Euphemia was loose. Luckily for him Suzaku didn't stop his advance, not realizing that anything was wrong and anyone was hurt.

"Impudent Fool!" He shouted as he pulled out his hidden handgun, only for it to be slashed out of his hand by the ornate blade drawn by Suzaku. As the blade drew closer to his chest, he cried out Jeremiah's name, which the world would look at as the final attempt of a tyrant to save his life. But for Lelouch, him shouting Jeremiah's name would serve as his last act of kindness for humanity, making sure that today was a celebration instead of a memorial.

He could feel the Knight of Oranges eyes snap onto him as the sword pierced his chest, Lelouch letting out a groan and falling forward onto Suzaku. He looked at Jeremiah and weakly motioned for the Knight of Orange to look at his hands, where he quickly signed out the words: 'THREATCON DELTA PINK!'He saw Jeremiah's eyes widen, obviously surprised by this information. He then pointed in the direction that Euphemia was standing, watching the Knight of Orange's bring his gaze to where he was pointing, stiffen when he saw Euphemia, and quickly begin talking in the communication device that he always kept on him in order to quickly organize for the recapture of the pink-haired princess.

He smiled, turning his attention back towards Suzaku as he placed a blood soaked hand on the mask, "Suzaku," He said, his voice soft, "This is my final punishment… atonement for my sins… but it is also a punishment for you… You will live on, never knowing happiness as you will always serve the world as a knight for justice and truth. You will no longer live your life as Suzaku Kururugi, but instead as Zero for the rest of your days…."

"This geass, I solemnly accept." Suzaku replied as he removed the sword from Lelouch, causing him to stumble forward, unable to hold himself up any longer.

"Please… tell Ms. Kōzuki I'm sorry…" Lelouch said, unsure about whether or not his best friend heard him as he tumbled down the ramp, sliding to a stop next to his little sister. His eyes began to gloss over, the last amount of his lifeblood seeping out of the wound in his chest.

"Brother?" He heard Nunnally say, listening to the sound of her chains getting closer. He wanted to smile, but he found he was unable to. He felt the touch of her hand upon his, immediately feeling memories about the Zero Requiem being copied from his mind and given to Nunnally.

'Ah… it's God's cruel and final joke on me…' He thought, hearing the echoes of Nunnally's final declaration of love for him. He channeled the remainder of his strength to speak one final declaration to the world and those he loved.

"Yes... I... destroy... worlds… create… worlds…."

At that, he closed his eyes, his final thoughts drifting to Kallen, who had died just minutes before, being so painfully close to witnessing world peace, killed due to an error in detaining Euphemia. He could only hope that Jeremiah would be able to find out who it was and hand out a severe punishment.

'I'm sorry Kallen…' Lelouch thought somberly as his mind began to go blank, 'I'll… be joining… you… soon….'

With that, the world lost two great heroes. One that they would forever hate, not knowing the truth behind his actions. The other they would forever remember as a hero, someone who fought against injustice and tyranny who was taken away before their time.

World of C

Lelouch awoke in a white void, his head throbbing and his body aching.. He was both confused and worried.

"What in the…?" Lelouch mumbled, his voice echoing across the plain as he struggled to get back on his feet, failing a flopping back down onto the ground. "God damn it… Is this some sort of cruel joke? Atonement for all my sins?"

"Absolutely not 'Demon Emperor'" A voice suddenly said, their voice echoing throughout the void. "This is fact the complete opposite of what you just described. A reward instead of punishment."

"What in the world are you talking about!?" Lelouch shouted, only to grab his head with his hand as the throbbing pain came back with a vengeance. He spoke softer for his next two questions. "Where am I? Who are you?"
"You are in the World of C Lelouch vi Britannia, however you are neither in heaven nor hell. You are essentially in our Judgement Hall, or as your world calls it: 'Limbo'. As for who I am…"

A bright light shone behind him, being absolutely blinding. As soon as the light subsided Lelouch quickly whirled around to see a young woman who couldn't be any older than 20 years of age. She had long, bright red hair that fell all the way to her hips. Her eyes were a sky blue and she had the facial details of C.C.. She had a coy smile on her face as she spoke.

"I am Mirallen, a messenger of God appointed as your guardian angel."

"Why am I here?" Lelouch asked in a whisper, his head spinning at this revelation. "I thought for sure that I would have been selected to be joining the damned and forgotten in the deepest darkest pit of hell as soon as my life ended."

"Oh trust me Lelouch, the others wanted nothing more than to see you there rotting for the rest of eternity. However, God owed you a debt, one that is unable to be repaid with a simple forgiveness of your sins. It seems that genocide is a bit too much even for God to forgive. So we decided on another way that you can repay your debt. Here, get up an I'll show you what I mean." She said with a smile as she extended a hand to Lelouch, who gladly took it, being pulled up onto his own two feet by the red-headed angel. As soon as he was on his own two feet he almost fell over again as a fresh bout of pain ripped through his skull.

"Oh sorry, I forgot that you literally just woke up after dying from blood loss. Here, let me fix that for you." She booped his forehead with one of her fingers and just like that, the headache was gone.

"How in the…" Lelouch began to ask, only to be stopped by Mirallen wagging her finger at him

"Ah ha haaaa… An angel never reveals her secrets…" Mirallen said with a cheeky grin and a singsong voice, causing Lelouch to groan in annoyance, her actions reminding him of Milly's bubbly attitude. Mirallen took a deep breath, the smile now replaced by a look of seriousness. "Now that we have the pleasantries out of the way. I believe it's now time to get down to business…"

She extended her hand and made a sweeping motion across the abyss, causing the white to change into a dark and dim color scheme, the floor to become littered with rubble and corpses, their blood soaking the dirt floor by which they lay upon. It was like a scene from a horror film. However, that is not what caused his skin to go cold, a paralyzing fear taking hold of him.

"KALLEN!" He screamed, reaching for her but being unable to grab hold. She stood against a wall, a look of terror on her face as she looked down at the light green haired girl lying on the floor in a pool of blood. Clovis's Royal Guard stood opposite her, looks of grim satisfaction as they prepared to fire another volley and execute the red-head. "Mirallen, what is this place? Why are you showing me this!?"

"I thought you of all people would have recognized this scene Lelouch, considering that you have lived it before. This Lelouch, is the Shinjuku Ghetto on August 7th, 2017 a.t.b., the day you obtained your geass and your revolution was born."

Clovis's guard opened fire, filling Kallen with bullets. Her body fell to the ground with a sickening splat, the life draining from her eyes as a pool of blood formed under her.

"No… Kallen…" Lelouch said, falling to his knees as tears began to well up in his eyes, looking at Mirallen with a look of betrayal and hurt. "Why would you show me that?!"

Mirallen gave him a sympathetic look, "This is only one outcome Lelouch, being preventable only if God's offer is accepted. Otherwise is it completely unavoidable and cannot be stopped."

"What do you mean?"

"What I mean is this. Before you died you wished you had done things differently, changed the mistakes you made and went down a different path with your rebellion. God heard you and listened. We offer you this as repayment of our debt to you instead of sending you to eternal damnation with an unpaid debt."

"That doesn't explain why Kallen is there!" Lelouch screamed, tears streaming down his face as he tried to tear his eyes from Kallens bullet filled corpse.

Mirallen squeezed his shoulder reassuringly. "Sadly my hand was forced with that one Lelouch. God wanted to give her a second chance as well and he would have sent her back personally if I refused to do it."

"What about her guardian angel, didn't she have one?" Lelouch asked, his tears slowing down as he looked up at Mirallen, a look of curiosity and anger on his face.

"Of course she does Lelouch, and her angel was adamant that this was a terrible decision, saying that she has suffered enough in her 18 years of life. Sadly, God has the final say in these matters and overruled her objections."

"Why did you decide that you should be the one who sent her back?" Lelouch asked pointedly, a frown upon his face as he wiped away the tears from his face.

"That one is both simple and complicated at the same time." Mirallen said, turning to look out into the void. "You see Lelouch, there were certain 'conditions' that needed to be agreed upon before sending her back and I knew damn well that God wouldn't have explained them properly."

Lelouch gulped, not liking where this was going, "What exactly are these 'conditions'?"

"Well… Simply put, she wasn't supposed to die Lelouch. In order for her to go back in time, she would need to forfeit everything and anything that she would have known regarding her past life. Essentially the woman you saw was neither Kallen Stadtfeld the noble or Kallen Kōzuki the famous resistance fight, she is Kallen Akaibara, a teenager without a name, home, or family to call her own."

"Wait… so what your telling me is that she doesn't remember anything of her past life!?" Lelouch asked, anger and dread in his voice.

"That is mostly correct Lelouch. She does not remember anything about her past life in regards to her family, friends, and personal information. Everything has been replaced with new memories, some of them less pleasant than others. She doesn't remember her time in the Shinjuku Resistance Cell and the Black Knights, although she still retains knowledge on how to fight and pilot a Knightmare, although it will feel unfamiliar to her at first. One of things she will remember the most vividly out of all the new memories will be you and Nunnally, more specifically how she met you a year ago in the the Saitama ghetto and how she fell in love with you."

"How could you let this happen!? HOW COULD YOU DO THIS?!" Lelouch screamed, grabbing Mirallen by the shirt and pulling her to face him, a look of pure fury on his face. She gave him an apologetic look.

"Listen Lelouch, I'm sorry. She had the choice and was made aware of the consequences of choosing yes and yet she still did, because she knew in the end she would still love you. That was enough for her to decide to give up everything she has ever known in order to be with you." She gently removed Lelouch's hand from her coat, a look of seriousness on her face, "So I now ask you this: What will you chose? Will you go back in time and accept God's offer of redemption and both right your wrongs and in process save Kallen? Or will you allow the what I have showed you..." She said as she motioned to the image of a Kallen dead on the dirt floor of a run down warehouse in the Shinjuku ghetto, covered in blood and filled with bullets, "...come to fruition?... The choice is yours and yours alone Lelouch."

Lelouch didn't even need to think about what he would do, immediately responding with confidence, "Mirallen, I accept God's offer! Send me back! I will fix my mistakes and save Kallen!"

At this Mirallen smiled, clapping her hands together in joy. "Fantastic! I'm so glad you decided to go back! God has a favor to ask of you: Try to make things interesting for us. It's been awfully boring watching the same old timeline over and over again… Well, I think it's time to send you off! Goodbye Lelouch! I'll be seeing you soon!"

With that she clapped her hands three times and a hole opened up underneath him sucking him into a void of darkness...

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