Hello there Bronies and Whovians! Here's another story to add to the mix of the DW/MLP crossover. It's a collab with my friend, floweredangel22. Since we both love ponies (mainly Discord) and Doctor Who, we put this together. Funny thing is, it started out as a nonsense joke. Just goes to show you that even the simplest things can become stories. xD

Without further ado, enjoy!

"Darn this bloody rain storm!"

A stallion ran through the rain-soaked streets of Canterlot, hidden by a brown trench coat. His light brown fur was soaked, and his dark brown mane stuck to his face. On his flank, shining through the dark night was a golden hourglass. In his mouth, he carried a metallic screwdriver, determined not to let it go.

The stallion ran to an alleyway and headed towards a very out-of place object: a large, blue, police box. He dug through his coat pocket, mumbling curse words and getting increasingly frustrated when he failed to find what he was looking for.

"Come on come on..." He muttered, "TARDIS key...Where are you, you piece of rubbish?"

Finally, the stallion found a golden key in his pocket. However, he immediately dropped it on the sopping-wet concrete. He cursed again, trying to pick up the key, but it kept slipping from his hooves. After nearly three minutes, he got a grip on the key and used it to unlock the door of the blue box and step in.

"I hate being Doctor Whooves." The stallion growled, throwing his sopping-wet trench coat in the corner.

Inside was not something one would expect. It was a huge room, the floors were metallic and the walls appeared to be a dull gold. Sitting directly in the middle of the room was a large control panel, containing many different buttons and switches, enough to make one's head hurt.

Whooves sighed, finding a towel to dry himself off, "That's it, I'm through with being a pony! It was a new experience, but I want to go back to being a time lord! The ponies have the Elements of Harmony, so there's no need for me to stay any longer!"

The brown earth pony walked over to the control panel. He noticed a small, futuristic can, containing a human hand in a bubbling, purple liquid. He rolled his eyes with dissatisfaction.

Why haven't I gotten rid of that yet? Whooves thought to himself. He continued to dry himself off, the ominous shadow underneath the control panel going completely unnoticed...

Within the very heart of the TARDIS, a dark, evil-looking shadow dwelled, completely unaffected by the pure energy radiating from the machine. The shadow watched as the brown stallion dried the last bit of water off and went to get a new coat to stay warm. He was oblivious to the horrible thing that was to come upon him.

You're mine now...

Whooves made his way to the personal wardrobe of the TARDIS. Being drenched in rainwater had left him freezing-cold. He wanted something to wrap up in before he continued on his way. Whooves quietly opened the door to the large, wooden cabinet...

"GAAAAH!" Whooves screamed in terror, feeling ice-cold water being poured on his recently-dried body. He fell backwards, slipping on icecubes and banging his head against the control panel. He grabbed his head in pain, groaning with aggravation.

Whooves suddenly heard laughter; very mocking laughter, enjoying his misfortune. He stood up, discovering the owner of the laugh, sitting on one of the couches he had recently installed.

"I-if it isn't th-th-the Master's Equestrian t-t-twin b-brother," Whooves' teeth were chattering from the cold water, "B-being s-s-s-sadistic as always, I-I s-see."

The strange, severely mismatched creature seemed rather offended, "Excuse me, sadistic refers to one who takes pleasure in others' pain. I'm not taking pleasure in your pain; I'm taking pleasure in your misfortune. Get it right, Whooves. Gosh."

Whooves rolled his eyes. He grabbed another towel and started to dry himself off once again, "It just had to be me tonight, didn't it? You couldn't have chosen a different victim? Of course, torment the time lord who's been saving the universe for nearly a millennia. You can't leave ponies alone, can you, Discord?"

The creature called Discord only gave a delighted cackle, "I never will! I may be reformed, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to pull some pranks now and then."

"Well, do us both a favor and get out of my TARDIS." Whooves snarled, glaring at the multi-beast.

"Oooh... Somepony's a grouchy-grouch pants!" Teased Discord.

"GET OUT!" Whooves screamed.

Discord held up his hands defensively, "Alright, alright. I'll get out, for a price..."

Whooves sighed with annoyance, "What do you want?"

Discord immediately teleported to the other side of the TARDIS, "Hmm... Well there are quite a few interesting gadgets in here..."

"You can't take anything that helps the TARDIS to run." Whooves quickly added. He cleared his throat, "Why are you in Canterlot anyway?"

"Princess Trollestia and her screaming sister wanted to see me for something," Discord rambled on, pulling out a box from the TARDIS' wardrobe, "Oooh! What's in here?"

"Don't touch that!" Whooves yelled, snatching the box from Discord's grasp, "That's my bowtie collection!"

The draconequus raised a bushy eyebrow, "Er... Okay..." He then teleported to the opposite side of the TARDIS and snatched up Whooves' sonic screwdriver, "Can I have this?"

"No!" Whooves snatched the screwdriver from him, "I need that! Besides, who knows what mayhem you will cause with it?"

"Fine then," Discord shrugged, "I hope you don't mind a plus one then, because I'm coming with you until you give me something of worth!"

Whooves snarled, "I usually want a companion, but not one like you! You're incredibly annoying!"

"Then let me take something home for a souvenir." Discord's gaze shifted to something sitting underneath the control panel, "Is that... A human hand?"

Whooves gasped, "No wait!"

Discord picked up the container with the hand inside, "Oooh! Imagine showing this to Lyra! I bet she'll pay a million bits for this baby!"

"NO! PUT THAT DOWN NOW!" Whooves commanded, rushing over to the draconequus, determined to take the container from him. It was too late however, for the container started glowing, transferring a golden light to its holder.

"Oh please," Discord scoffed, "What's it gonna do? Blow up?" At that very moment, something slammed against Discord body, forcing him to drop the container and crash into the wall.

"Oh my god!" Whooves screamed. He rushed over to the draconequus who looked on the edge of unconsciousness, "Oh you bleeding idiot, are you alright?"

"Hurr?" Discord answered, before his eyes rolled into the back of his head and his tongue lolled out of his mouth.

"Argh..." Whooves groaned. He knew whatever had happened to Discord was something that could have been dangerous. He had to get him to the nearest hospital, and fast. The closest hospital he knew of was in Ponyville...

Whooves ran over to the control panel and began pulling various levers and pushing buttons. The engines of the TARDIS groaned to life, moving the machine to a new location. Whooves kept his eyes on the knocked-out Discord, who unfortunately hadn't woken up yet. There was a loud thunck, signaling that the TARDIS had landed. With no hesitation, Whooves rushed back over to Discord and attempted to push the draconequus on to his back in order to carry him. Since his body was so long and Whooves' was so short, he had issues carrying the chaos spirit on his back.

Having many issues with getting himself and Discord to the door, Whooves finally reached said door and managed to get it open and drag Discord through the door by gripping the scruff of his neck in his teeth. He let go of Discord and caught his breath.

This... Thing weighs a ton... Whooves sighed, How does he stay so skinny if all he eats is sweets?

Whooves saw the Ponyville hospital now sitting before him. Despite it being the late night hours, the place was still open, thank Celestia. With an annoyed sigh, Whooves grabbed Discord by the scruff of his neck and started to drag him towards the automatic sliding doors. With all of his strength, he dragged the chaos spirit through the doors and into the hospital's main lobby. One of the nurses, Nurse Redheart was manning the front desk. A look of surprise crossed her face when she saw the brown stallion drag the multi-beast into the lobby.

"Oh my Celestia!" Redheart exclaimed, "What happ..." She noticed Discord, and her mouth fell open in shock, "..."

"No time to explain!" Whooves shouted, "We need an examination, stat!"

Redheart called the two other nurses, Coldheart and Sweetheart to come to the front and bring the stretcher. Whooves helped them load Discord on to the stretcher and wheel him to the back. The whole time, Whooves was silently praying.

Please don't be what I think it is...

Luckily, there was an open room to put Discord in. After getting him off the stretcher and on to the hospital bed, the nurses ran some tests to make sure everything was in order.

Redheart stood at Discord's bedside, pulling out a stethoscope, "The doctor is out for the night, so I'll be examining him. What exactly happened?"

Whooves hesitated, not wanting to tell what he thought had happened, "I'm... Not exactly sure. He was meddling with some of my stuff when something threw him backwards against the wall and knocked him out."

Redheart put her stethoscope to the draconequus' scrawny chest. She moved it around, her eyes narrowing in confusion, "Hmm... How strange..."

Whooves' blood ran cold, "W-what?"

"Is it normal for his species to have multiple cardiovascular systems?"

Whooves gulped, "What do you mean?"

"I mean, he has two operating hearts." Redheart concluded.