Hello everyone! This is a sequel to my latest fanfic, Misadventures of Fanty and Pitch Black. As you can see, we are now introducing our next victim-er, I mean-guest. He's come a long way to share his side of the story, so we made sure our stories coordinate in our tale for you. This is my first crossover, and my first time writing a fanfiction about Marvel that is actually going online so please be gentle. I'm frah-geelay.

Loki: Don't you mean fragile?

It's a Christmas Story reference, you won't get it. Hopefully some of them got it. Anyway! Here we go, so please enjoy! And I highly encourage reviews, too, thank ya very much. :) Enjoy!

"All Father, he has arrived." A sturdy and well sculpted soldier informed the king of Asgard, not even flinching as Odin turned to look at him with a deadpan expression. Even with one eye, the king knew how to put people in their place...except for his rebellious, adopted son.

"Send him in." Odin waved his hands, and before the guard could turn around, the golden doors were whisked open.

Sandwiched between two grumpy soldiers strode a confident prince, looking not one bit ashamed for the dastardly trick he's done to both his brother and father, again. The placid smirk on his lips told everyone exactly how he was feeling, sly and superior. His crystal blue eyes stared straight at the man he once called his father, not one bit of remorse filling his gut like his father wished.

Thankful the guards chained his neck and wrists and legs once more, the All Father stood to his feet, and with a bang of his staff, Gungnir, the entire hall fell silent. Not even the steady breath of the guards could be heard, for Odin had that kind of awe-ful power.

"Loki Laufeyson, you are brought here to face me for the ignorant trick you befell on Thor Odinson and the All Father. Such a crime would immediately set you in prison, but your crimes before would have cost you your life." Odin spoke strongly, clear that he wasn't taking any crap from this silver tongued trickster.

"Then kill me, if you so wish. It is what you have always wanted, is it not?" Loki said calmly, but Odin could just hear the dripping tease in his cold voice.

"I have a much far worse punishment, and not even a boy like you could even face with your foolish actions. It is justly so!" Odin could just feel his pulse angrily quicken, and his mind urged him to just send him out immediately. Though angry on the surface and mind, his heart hurt. This was his son. Adopted, but his son. All he could think was, why? Has he failed so much as both king and father, he could not see a thing like this happen?

"All I did was get you out of my way! You promised me ever since I was an infant that I was born to be a king, and you end up giving the title to the thick headed, hammer swinging meatsack!" Loki spat angrily.

"Knocking the All Father unconscious and throwing him in your previous cell could be punishable by death! That does not make you a king any less! You should thank me for letting you live, you spoiled, ungrateful child!"

"Oh, then do tell me my punishment, All Father. I am dying to hear it."

Odin could not help but smirk, and Loki felt his stomach drop for a second. Only would Odin smirk when he has outsmarted someone else, and Loki knew that. Odin strode down the stairs from the wide, golden throne, making his way to his former son.

"My messengers have been keeping a girl on Midgard on close observance, for this girl along with her friends have been able to make a frightful monster called the Boogeyman to gain a sense of humanity he once had. I am sending you to them. Think of it as...counseling?"

"You cannot send me away to some meager, petty fools of Midgard!" Loki shouted, the chains around his wrists jangling furiously.

"Watch me." Odin threatened him, raising Gungnir in the air slowly.

This was it, he was sending his son out of the realm he was so comfortable with to another that Loki brought harm and danger to. For the first time since his childhood, Loki was removed of all weaponry and harmful magic that ran through his veins. He was stripped of most of his power, and Loki screamed angrily as the staff Odin held tightly wrapped him in a powerful energy field of blue, dematerializing him into another dimension as well as weakening his being. The guards stood back, watching with stony expressions they were so used to wearing upon their faces, but they could just see a glimpse of remorse crossing Odin's face for a millisecond as Loki let out a shriek of pain, and with that…

Loki was gone.

Odin turned away from the burned spot on the floor, staring at the ground in bitterness.

"My lord?" One of the guards spoke softly.

"All is well. And yet," Odin resumed his sitting on his lonely throne, "I feel as if I have punished those mortals for doing nothing…"

Loki landed to the ground, face planting the gravelly pavement. He groaned, his stomach in white-hot pain at the sudden impact with the hard ground. No cars passed by, and the only sound of the night was the distant dog barking and the hum of mosquitoes in the air. The air was humid, and Loki quickly adjusted his body temperature to cool down. He shakily got up, and checked out his surroundings, which were nothing but streets, empty parked cars and shops, and an apartment building right in front of him, that looked like a manor.

The prince of Asgard looked up, and saw with mild amusement that only one light was on, in a large window that was surrounded by a balcony, containing a single tea table and two chairs. He squinted a bit to see who was the shadow behind the door, and saw a girl just like Odin said, and she was happily talking to someone else behind the simple curtain on the other half of the window.

Loki grinned evilly.

"This will be fun."

*bows repetitively* Sorry, sorry, I know it's serious. The humor will slowly increase, I swear.

Loki: More like torture...

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