It was a dark day in the city. The pokeheros where nowhere to be found. Criminals where causing havoc. Where could our heroes be at this time of need…?

Somewhere in Russia

"Guys we need to get outa here now" a dark figure said as an explosion rocked the earth. "What was that" ask a blue vixen. Suddenly out of now where a tall yellow fox sped past them at an unbelievably speed. "Diamond storm" the mystery fox yelled as diamonds rained down on the two heroes. "Get down" yelled the dark figure, "We got to get back to the base". "You go I'll deal with the fox". "Ok Lucario be careful". "I will Darkrai just go". Then the dark figure teleported off. "Get down here and fight like a man" then a feminine voice said "who you calling a man bitch"? "What kind of pokemon are you"? "I am a digimon not a weak pokemon like you". "How dare you, you dumb bitch. Let's fight". The two vixens got in there fighting stances, ready to fight. "Renamon we aren't here to fight the locals we have a mission" a red dinosaur came walking behind the yellow fox. The dinosaur had a squeaky voice like a kid's but a little more mature. "Gulimon stay out of this". 'No, we need to look for the heroes of this world" Gulimon turns to Lucario "you seam powerful do you know the heroes"? "I'm one of them, name is Lucario second in command of the pokeheros". "I'm Gulimon and this is Renamon". "I am sorry I did not know you were one of the heroes". "That's ok you can make it up latter at the base".

At the base 9:00 pm Moscow Russia

Darkrai was sitting with his friend and fellow hero Mewtwo, a purple bipedal pokemon with amazing powers. "Darkrai, where is Lucario she's been gone for an hour". "She's on her way, I just got a call from her". Then Lucario and Renamon walked in followed by Gulimon. When Mewtwo saw the gold vixen he fell in love, he rushed over to her. "Lucario who is this beautiful fox here". Renamon blushed when he said this. "I'm Renamon are you one of the heroes"? "Yes, I am, will you marry me"? "Mewtwo stop trying to mate this girl and get over here and help with the attack plans"! Renamon looked toward the voice to see the dark figure from earlier. "Hi I'm Darkrai, I see you meet my second in command and my brother Mewtwo". Gulimon finally decided to speak up "you two are brothers"? "No, not really, but we might as well be". Lucario then sensed a dark aura outside. "THEY FOUND US"! An explosion rocked the base of heroes. They ran outside to a horrific sight.