Title: Ginny's Children's Strange Journey

Rating: T

Summary: Ginny Snape's daughter, Rose, has a dream that tells her that Gaia is about to strike again. To prevent this from happening Ginny sends her, and her brother, back to her very own first year and joins up with Harry, Hermione, and her own mother to keep not only Gaia from rising early but also Kronos and Voldemort as well. A Harry Potter/Percy Jackson crossover.

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Chapter 1

Rose's POV

I woke with a start, sweat going down my face. I had a demigod dream that Gaia, who had been defeated years ago, was waking up and she intended to keep Kronos from being defeated….again. I didn't dare try and wake my parents up until morning, as I really didn't want to see what they were doing. The next morning my mother was busy making breakfast when I finally told her what I had seen.

"Are you sure?" she asked, fear in her voice.

"Yes, mum, I'm sure," I told her.

She looked over at my father, who looked scared. I knew that my mum had told him all about the gods, monsters, that apart of her world. The idea that Gaia was trying to come back so that Kronos couldn't be defeated was going to plunge everyone into a living nightmare.

"The only way that Kronos can't be defeated is if he's told before he's defeated," Ginny told her.

"You mean like going back in time," I said, "But I thought that's impossible."

"Nothing is impossible, Rose," my father told me. "Miss Granger used a Time Turner to get to all her classes."

"Which was a bad idea," Ginny told him.

"That I'll agree with," my father said.

"What are we going to do?" I asked them.

"First of all, you're not going to panic," she said, "I'll be back."

And she was gone.

"Where is she going?" I asked dad.

"I don't think that you want to know," dad said and then she was back ten minutes later.

"Rose, Hugo, pack your bags," mum ordered and I stared at her. "NOW!"

Both my brother and I hurried upstairs to get packed. Thirty minutes later all our things were in the hall. My mother did a charm to hold all our things together and then handed me something that looked very familiar.

"What does it do?" Hugo asked her.

"It will send you both back to my first year," she told him, "Both of you must warn Dumbledore that Kronos will be coming back and he may join up with Tom Riddle. I must warn you that my younger self is stupid so find the diary and get rid of it."

"I understand, mum," I said.

"Then good luck," she told us and then we were gone, blasted in a world of green and blue light.

When we appeared again we were in a corridor. I pulled my wand out, changing it into a sword. Hugo followed suit. No telling what was waiting on us in the past. Normally people like us, legacies, didn't have to worry about monsters. But, since our mother had slept with not only Zeus but Poseidon, we had to worry. I'm the daughter of Zeus and Hugo is the son of Poseidon.

"Where do you think the Headmaster is at," Hugo wondered.

"I have no clue what day it is," I said to him, "So he could be anywhere."

"Well let's go and look for him," Hugo suggested and we went in the direction of the Headmaster's office, hoping to find him and deliver the warning.

It took twenty minutes to finally figure out the password to get into the Headmaster's office. When we entered the office we found that the Headmaster wasn't there. A calendar told us that this was the first day of term, which meant that he was down in dad's office talking to Harry and Ron. Yeah, the smart duo.

"We have to wait until dinner is over," I told him.

"Maybe we should go down and tell him that we want to see him," Hugo suggested.

"Not a good idea," I said, "We'll wait here."

Hugo nodded and we took our seats.

An hour later the door opened and I turned my body to see the Headmaster walking in. Thankfully he was alone. He looked at us in shock, which I understand as I'm sure that he wasn't expecting anyone to be in his office.

"Yes," he said.

"My name is Rose Snape and this is my brother, Hugo," I said, "I'm afraid that we have a problem."


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