{Will be in Oliver's POV Unless said story will have no pairings then the ones in the game. It is a crossover featuring the vocaloid 'Oliver'.}

Episode one, chapter one- the outbreak

What was supposed to be a nice time at my friend Clementine's house had gone so beyond horribly. We were inside of her tree house to hide from whatever was outside. Clementine has her walkie talkie. I should introduce myself, huh? My name is Oliver. I'm an orphan. I'm also 9 years old. Other then that, nothing special about me. Oh. A bit about Clem. Her name is Clementine(obviously), she's a year younger then me, she's sweet and she never judges anyone harshly without reason. She was the first friend I had ever had. She's fun to hang out with. I was aloud here until her parents got back from their trip.

"I'm g-going to l-look outside to see if t-those things are around." I tell her.

"Don't go, Ollie. It's dangerous." Clementine says.

I smile reassuringly at her. She gave me that nickname a week after we became friends.

"I'll b-be just out the d-door, Clem. If a-anything happens, i'll c-come right b-back in." I tell her.

"Be careful Ollie." She tells me.

I nod and crawl out the door. I look over the edge and around to see if it's safe. I see something going for the house from the other side of the fence followed by some of those things. the figure climbs over the fence, falls to the ground and backs away from the fence as far as possible as they pound on the fence. I stay low to the small wooden decking. I hurry into the shelter. Clem looks at me worriedly. I put a finger to my lips. She nods. A voice, male by the sound of it, calls out. When Clemmy is about to go out, i hold out an arm and shake my head. I point at the walkie talkie. She presses the button and asks a simple question.

"Daddy?" She asks quietly

There was silence me and Clem exchange a look.

"Hello?" Someone responds.

We both smile. I take a turn and hold down the Button.

"You s-should really keep q-quiet." I tell him.

"Are you Okay? I'm not a monster." The man's voice asked.

That was obvious. I stifle a bit of rare laughter.

Clem answered this time. "We're alright."

"'We're'? How many are there you?"

"J-just two." I answer.

We don't mind taking turns on the walkie talkie. We always do that.

"What are your names?" the man asks.

"I'm clementine and the other boy is Oliver."

"H-hello. Now y-you tell u-us your n-name." I say with my usual stutter.

"My name's Lee. How old are you two?"

"I'm eight and Oliver is nine. how old are you?"

"I'm… 37"

"Before you ask, Clem's parents are away. They were on a trip." I say.

"Where are you hiding?"

Clem hands it to me. I press the button and both of us go to the door.

"We're in Clem's tree house. We can see you in the kitchen." I say.

He waves. the both of us return the gesture. My eye widens as i see one of them coming up behind him.

"Behind you!" I panic.

Clem retreats but i don't. I give her the Walkie talkie and climb onto the branch with the tire swing. I grab the rope and and carefully get to the ground. I find a hammer, pick it up and hurry to the glass door. Good, it's open. I run in beside him and hit it in the head, giving him time to free himself. it starts crawling towards me so i hit it again and again until it stops moving. I'm breathing heavily and the tears sting my eye before flowing freely down my cheek. I drop the hammer and fall to my knees.

Clementine's POV

I toss the ladder over the edge and hurry down it, running to my house as soon as i could. As soon as I reach the sliding door i see Ollie on his knees, looking beyond frightened, 'cause he's stiff, blood splattered on him and with a bloody hammer and the thing in front of him.

"Ollie!" I call.

He wipes his face and looks at me.

"I-i-i-I'm okay, Clem…" He says.

I hug him. He's like a brother to me. In fact, mom and dad were going to adopt him when they got back. He was so brave to do that for Lee.

"I-I've n-never k-killed a-anything b-before…" Ollie's stuttering is worse.

He must be really scared. He only stutters like that when he was scared. I know I was. I thought I was gonna lose Ollie. Lee knelt in front of us.

"You did a brave thing, Oliver. If it weren't for you, that… thing might've gotten me." Lee praises.

Ollie smiles. I smile too. I look at Lee. He seems nice. My smile is replaced with a frown.

"They come back sometimes."

"B-but t-they a-always g-get s-shot b-by o-others…"

"Have you two been all by yourselves through this?"

Both me and Ollie nod.

"I really want my parents to come home." I say.

Lee says nothing for a minute before looking away.

"That may be a little while." He says.

Ollie and I look at each other when Lee continues.

"But I'll look after you till then."

"Ollie too?" I ask.

It wouldn't be the same without Ollie around.

"Him too."

I brighten up. Me and Ollie smile at each other. We support each other when we need to. It'd be so much harder without Ollie. He always knows just how to keep everyone smiling.

"W-what should we do?" Ollie asks.

"Let's get movin' before it gets dark."

"O-okay. We m-might need this h-hammer too, right?" Ollie holds up the hammer he used to kill that thing.

"Yeah. Better then going out there with nothin'." Lee says.

Ollie nods and stands up, clutching the hammer tightly. I stand up and hold out my hand. Ollie wipes his off and grabs my hand. I grab Lee's hand with my free one. We walk out of the house. I let their hands go and turn around to close the sliding door. I take Ollie's hand again and the two of us lead Lee to the gate, never getting too far away.

Oliver's POV

We turn around to wait for Lee. I pat my head, checking for my hat as we wait. I sigh when i felt the fabric touch my palm. When he limps closer, Me and Clem go strait up to the gate. On the other side, two men are trying to push a totaled car out of the way of their own car. Clem hesitates so Lee talks to her but i stay out of it. I wouldn't know what to say. When they're done, Clem pushes the gate open.

"Hey!" Lee calls.

The two almost whip around. I quickly cover Clem's ears knowing exactly what'll come next. She don't need to hear what kind of cusses they'll pull out.

"Holy shit!" the skinnier one curses.

"Don't eat us!" The lager says.

I remove my hands and slap my forehead. Over reactions are not good.

"We're not going to hurt you." Lee reasons.

They straiten back up.

"Phew. Thought that you and the little ones where going to give us the chomp." The skinny guy says.

"Do you know what the hell this is?" Lee asks.

"No idea. So you've seen them then?"

"You could say that." Lee replies.

"I'm Shawn, Shawn Greene."

"Lee. This is Clementine and-"

"O-Oliver. My n-name's Oliver." I say.

What? I like introducing my self. Not to hear myself talk. I do because i'm more comfortable. Although, I'm not as uncomfortable with it if Clem introduces me. The slightly larger man who has yet to say his name kneels in front of Clem, thought keeping his distance.

"I'm Chet." He says.

Clem scoots behind Lee a bit but smiles.

"We shouldn't be standing out in the open like this."

"D-don't worry. I-if they come i-I can buy u-us a bit of t-time." I say, holding out the hammer.

The two older shake their heads and Lee kneels in front of me, wincing.

"That's a brave thing to say, Oliver, but it's not always best to fight."

"But what if one of them gets too close? And tries to hurt someone?"

"Then is fine. But if there are too many, run."

I nod. Lee stands up with a bit of difficulty.

"Alright. You help us clear a path for our car and take you, your daughter and son out of here, and down to my family's farm. It should be safer then here." Shawn suggests.

That isn't a bad idea. I don't know if or how many of those things'll come if we stay here. And plus, we can't stay in that tree house for ever.

"I'm not their dad. I'm their babysitter." Lee says.

"That promised to take care of us until we find Clem's parents." I add for him.

"Our parents. You are my adopted brother." Clem corrects me.

I nod and smile at her. Shawn nods and relaxes only a bit. Can't blame him for not relaxing completely.

"Well, Alright. At least they aren't alone." Shawn says.

I can hear them. It's faint, but their definitely coming. I hand the makeshift weapon to Clem and run to the totaled car and start pushing. I could barely hear whispering. Lee and Shawn come to help only moments later. With the combined strength of the two adults, the car starts moving. I'm little to no help, but every bit is needed so we can get out of here alive. Clementine joins us as they get closer. When the car's out of the way, we all hurry to the red pickup truck. I climb into the bed whit Chet while Lee and Clem sit in the cab. Shawn starts the truck and takes off. I hold onto my hat so it doesn't blow off my head and onto the side, looking at them with a mix of fear and relief as we drive off.