Chapter 1: The Night After

"Uh… Hah… Ngh…" Ishi moans as the stranger's member thrusts into his asshole.

"Feel good?" the stranger whispers breathlessly as he thrusts faster.

As he heard the stranger's voice, he thought back and tried to remember how he got to this position.

After Ijuuin ran off to talk to Yuu, he didn't feel like going home so he went to a bar instead. He drank his cares away and was approached by this stranger.

'What was his name again?' Ishi wondered.

He offered to go to a nearby hotel and Ishi just took it, thinking it might help ease the pain.

This isn't his first time doing this. He occasionally goes to bars and picks up strangers but never gives his real name or contact. He didn't want any attachment.

"Ah…" Ishi continues to moan as the stranger thrusts deeper.

"I-I'm coming… Ah!" the stranger moaned and Ishi followed after.

The stranger landed on Ishi, panting after his release.

"You're heavy," Ishi commented coldly.

"You're cold," the stranger retorted with a smirk, but got off Ishi and rolled to the side, lying on the bed.

Ishi got up and collected his clothes. "I'm gonna take a shower."

"Hey! Just like that? No cuddling?" the stranger said.

"I don't cuddle," Ishi answered emotionlessly, not looking at the stranger as he closed the door to the bathroom.

Ishi let the cold water run on his body as he kept remembering Ijuuin's words.

'"Shizuku-kun... I'm really sorry, but I could only see you as a friend or a little brother..."'

He let his tears go as the water washes it away from his face.

'" And I don't think you really love me in a romantic kind of way..."'

"You're wrong…" Ishi murmured, cupping his face with his hands.

The warmth of another man vanished too quickly, not leaving any trace.

'It doesn't mean anything if it's not him…' Ishi thought.

He hugged his body trying to comfort himself, while letting the cold water touch his skin and wash away any trace of that stranger.

Ishi got out of the shower and saw the man waiting for him on the bed.

"Your turn," Ishi announce.

The stranger picked up his clothes and went to the bathroom, but before closing the door Ishi said: "I'm leaving. My share for the room is on the coffee table."

"Hey, wait! I didn't get your name!" the stranger called out as Ishi walked to the door of the room.

"You don't need it. This is just for one night. I have nothing to do with you anymore," Ishi said closing the door behind him, leaving the man hurt and naked.

'I don't feel like going home…' Ishi thought.

'I guess I could just go to him,' he decided as he walked towards the station.