Kurt woke to find Adam sitting in one of the chairs. His dad was gone.

He blinked slowly.


"That's me," said Adam.

"I forgot they moved me this morning," said Kurt.

"Yes, your dad said your condition had stabilized and you no longer needed to be in the ICU. He's downstairs getting something to eat."

Kurt looked at the big wall clock. "Oh wow, I must have been asleep for a few hours." He stretched a little and then he looked at Adam.

"Could you bring me my water please?"

Adam stood up and walked over to pick up the cup, holding it for Kurt so he could sip from the straw.

"Thank you," said Kurt, gratefully, settling back on the pillow. "Adam, I want to apologize to you."

"You have nothing to apologize for."

"I know you visited last night but it's all kind of a blur. I do remember I asked about you the minute I woke up. I demanded that my dad find you, despite the fact that I apparently broke up with you a few weeks ago."

"You didn't know," said Adam.

Kurt's expression grew thoughtful. "When I woke up, all I wanted was you. But it turns out I had no right to want you." Kurt's voice was starting to shake.

Adam was silent, his concerned, sad eyes fixed on Kurt.

"The last thing I remember was is you asking me to help you find our movie. I have absolutely no memory of getting back together with Blaine. And they're telling me I got engaged to him? It's such a mess." Kurt started breathing faster. He closed his eyes tight. "My head really hurts."

"Hey, shh." Adam walked over and waited until Kurt was looking at him again. He offered his hand to Kurt, and when Kurt took it, Adam began to gently stroke his hand with his large thumb. "It's okay."

Kurt began to breathe a little slower.

"I got you a birthday present," said Adam.

"You did?"

Adam went back over to the chair and picked up the small teddy bear. "I found him in the hospital gift shop."

Kurt looked at him with a mixture of sadness and gratitude. He reached out one hand until Adam brought the bear over and gently gave it to him. Kurt started to stroke the bear's fur.

"Thank you. I'm naming him Adam and you can't stop me."

Adam smiled sadly. "I am so sorry you're going through this, love."

"Love," said Kurt bitterly. "How can you call me that?"

"I don't know. I don't know what do here, Kurt. I mean we broke up, but avoiding you doesn't seem right anymore with this strange situation you're in."

"Well thank you for being honest."

"You're welcome. You seem a lot more lucid today."

"I must have been so high when I saw you."

"Ah. That explains."


"Why you really wanted me around."

"I still do."

Adam didn't know what to say to that.

"Can I be honest too?" asked Kurt.

"Of course you can."

"I have no idea if I'm ever going to get those three lost months back. But all I know is that I miss you and I want to be with you. I'm sure I have no right to ask you that, but that is honestly all I want."

Adam looked very uncomfortable. "Kurt. I don't want to upset you. Should we talk about this now?"

"Yes. I need to. I've lost three months of my life and I don't want to lose another minute. Or another minute with you, Adam."

"What about Blaine?" Adam asked softly.

"I don't know and I don't care. And I'm not sure why but my dad looks really angry when his name is brought up. Some things are really confusing to me. But how I feel about you is not one of them."

Adam took a deep breath. "I don't know, Kurt. I love you so much, but how do I know you won't change your mind again? You could remember tomorrow how much you love Blaine. I honestly don't know if I can put myself through that again."

"You love me?" asked Kurt in a quiet, sad little voice that broke Adam's heart.

"I'm so sorry Kurt."

Kurt closed his eyes, his face contorted with sadness, a few tears slipping down his cheeks. "So you're breaking up with me," he whispered.

"I'm so sorry," Adam repeated.

Kurt felt hot wet tears roll down his face. One salty drop slipped into the corner of his mouth.

"Here, let me," murmured Adam, taking a tissue from a box on the nightstand and gently wiping Kurt's face. Kurt closed his eyes again at the onslaught of emotion.

They sat together quietly until Kurt felt ready to move on with the conversation.

"I guess you're not really breaking up with me," said Kurt. "Because I already broke up with you? Is that right?"

"That's right," said Adam. "But I hate upsetting you like this, Kurt. This isn't right. You were in a coma yesterday, for God's sake."

"It's okay, I appreciate you being honest. I'm really hungry to know the truth. I feel like I'm losing my mind if people won't tell me the truth."

"But let's talk about something else. Did I miss graduation?" asked Kurt.

"No. Classes are over, but graduation is in ten days."

"I want to to come," said Kurt.

"I hope you'll come if you feel up to it, Kurt."

"Thank you for my bear."

"You're welcome."

Adam's phone buzzed. "Oh I forgot. I met someone in the lobby who knows you. Sebastian?"

"Oh, great," said Kurt sarcastically.

Adams brows knit together at Kurt's reaction. "Friend or foe?" he asked.

"Both. Neither." said Kurt. "Oh, why not. Tell him to come on in. Just don't leave me alone with him, okay?"

"You can tell him no if you want to, Kurt."

"No, it's okay. He can come in."

Adam texted Sebastian the room number.

"Sebastian is a character. He tried to take Blaine away from me in high school. He claims the love of his life his life was a twenty minute relationship in a gay bar."

Adam considered all of this for a moment. "He hit on me in the gift shop."

"Figures," said Kurt. "You're hot."

Adam turned a little red and changed the subject.

A little while later, the tall guy Adam had met in the gift shop was standing in the doorway, holding a small bouquet of white, red and yellow flowers. Adam scowled just a little.


"Come in," said Kurt.

Sebastian hesitated, his mouth dropping open in surprise, his eyes softening with concern at the sight of Kurt bruised and cut up, hooked up to an IV, looking exhausted, with signs that he had recently been crying.

Sebastian gave a quick smile to Adam, and turned his attention back to Kurt.

"Meerkat," said Kurt.

Sebastian's mouth formed into a playful smirk. He raised one eyebrow, as if to say oh really?

"Virgin," replied Sebastian.




Kurt and Sebastian remembered their audience, and looked over at Adam, who looked appalled. They both burst out laughing at him, and Kurt winced in pain.

"I'm so sorry," said Sebastian. "Are you in a lot of pain?" he asked gently.

Adam ached with jealousy.

"I needed a laugh," said Kurt.

"You look really bad ass with those scars. It's hot," said Sebastian.

"You should see the other guys," said Kurt.


Kurt smiled. "I'm just kidding. I don't know if I put up a good fight before I passed out. I wish I could remember. It's good to see you Sebastian."

"You too Hummel. I haven't seen you since the engagement."

"Don't remind me."

Sebastian cocked his head to the side. "What do you mean?"

"I mean everyone keeps telling me I got engaged, but I don't remember it, and I don't want Blaine anywhere near me."

"I had no idea. You lost your memory?"

"Yeah, about three months of it."

"God, that's gotta suck."

"You have no idea," said Kurt, glancing over at Adam.

Sebastian smiled awkwardly. "I got you some flowers," he said.

"Hey, thanks," said Kurt. "Who told you it's my birthday?"

Sebastian laughed, assuming Kurt was joking. "Wait, are you serious?"

"Happy birthday to me," said Kurt drily.

"Of all the shitty luck. I guess you don't want to go out clubbing tonight, then."

"You're hilarious," said Kurt.

"I try," said Sebastian. "Maybe Adam wants to come with me." He smiled sweetly at Adam, who had been sitting quietly the whole time Kurt was talking to Sebastian. Watching. Appraising.

"So sorry," said Adam politely. "Other plans."

"So what's new with" Kurt yawned. "you, Sebastian?'

"Do you need to sleep?" asked Sebastian. "Because I can go."

"No. I was in a coma for four days. All I do is sleep."

"If you're sure. I'm here for college visits."

"Oh shit," said Kurt, looking at Adam. "Did I miss my finals?"

"I don't know, Kurt. But I doubt it, because if you've been here for four or five days, that still leaves about a week after finals ended."

"Oh, thank God." Kurt relaxed back against the pillows. He looked at Sebastian. "Go on."

"My aunt just had a baby, so I have a brand new cousin. They're down on the second floor."

"That's nice," sighed Kurt in a sleepy voice.

Kurt's eyelids were starting to droop when a knock sounded on the door and two uniformed police officers stepped into the room.

"Kurt Hummel?" one of them asked. He was very tall, the tallest man Kurt had ever seen. He towered over Sebastian, muscular, with a handsome face with a possibly Mediterranean complexion, a prominent nose, and dark hair and eyes that were almost black.

"That's me," said Kurt.

"I'm Officer Armento, and this is Officer Ortiz. We'd like to ask you a few questions about the night you were hurt."

"Excuse me, sir," said Sebastian smoothly. "Kurt, I'm going to run. Take care of yourself, okay?"

"You too, Sebastian," said Kurt.

With a quick wave, and a raise of his eyebrows to Kurt while glancing obviously at the hot cop behind the guy's back, Sebastian was gone.

Kurt held back a laugh.

"You can ask me whatever you want, but I don't remember anything," Kurt said to the officers. "Can my friend stay?"

"Yeah, this won't take long," said the second officer, a shorter, slimmer, equally handsome man with dark brown skin and warm brown eyes. He was the older of the pair, with a few silver streaks in his dark brown hair, and in his carefully groomed moustache.

Kurt was not having fantasies about these two good-looking guys. That would be inappropriate. But if he was happy for a moment, on the worst birthday he'd ever had, was that so bad?

"What do you remember about the night you were injured?" asked Officer Ortiz.

"Not a thing. My dad said I hit my head."

Officer Armento took a photo out and handed it to his partner, who was closer to Kurt's bed. Officer Ortiz handed the picture to Kurt. "Can you identity this photo?"

It was a scene Kurt had no memory of. But there he was, standing near a brick wall inside what looked like a public bathroom. Blaine was next to him, his face twisted into an angry sneer. He looked like he was yelling at Kurt. A cute blond guy about Blaine's height was standing nearby, wearing only a pair of jeans and a horrified look on his face.

Kurt shuddered.

"That's me. And that's Blaine Anderson. My ex-boyfriend. The guy with the hair gel. I mean people tell me we're back together, but I can't remember that part."

"And the other boy?"

"No idea."

The two officers shared a look.

"Kurt, we're investigating a complaint against Blaine the night you were hurt," said Ortiz.


"There are witnesses at the club who saw him having a physical altercation with you that night."

Kurt's blood ran cold. "Are you saying he did this to me?" Kurt looked over at Adam for some emotional support. Adam looked as stunned as he felt.

"We're trying to piece this all together. There were also two attackers outside who were caught on camera. They are known to us. They've been found in the vicinity of that gay club before, causing trouble."

"Attackers?" Kurt was starting to feel sick.

"Do you know where we can reach Blaine?"

Kurt thought. "My dad might. Can I call him?"


"Adam, can I use your phone?" asked Kurt.

"Of course," said Adam, getting his phone out. "Here's your dad's number." He got his phone ready, and stood up and walked over to hand it to Kurt.

Officer Ortiz stepped out of his way.


"Do you know where Blaine is staying in the city?"

"No Dad, I don't want to talk to him. The police do."

"Can you just tell me where he is?"

"Somebody write this down," said Kurt to the men in the room with him.

"Delta. Eight O'Clock."

"Right. I'll call you right back. Thanks. Bye."

"He went to the airport. He has a flight out of JFK to Columbus, Ohio tonight. It's on Delta."

"We'd better go," said Officer Ortiz to his partner. "Thank you Kurt. You've been very helpful. We'll be in touch. Here's my card if you remember anything else." He placed his business card on the table near Kurt's bed, and the two officers rushed out of the room.

Exhausted and shocked, Kurt closed his eyes as he leaned back on the pillows.

"Kurt?" Adam asked.

"I can't believe this," said Kurt.

Adam's alarm rang on his phone. He picked it up and swore. "Sod it."

"What is it?"

"Nothing. I just have a... meeting to get too. But if you need me, I'll stay."

"My dad is on his way back from dinner. I won't be alone."

"If you're sure. I hate to leave you when you've just had such upsetting news. And it's your birthday," Adam said with a sad look on his face.

"I'll be okay," Kurt insisted. "You go. Shoo."

"Please, call me if you need to talk. I'm free after midnight tonight if you can't sleep. You can call me any time."

Adam waited until Burt came back to leave.

"So, how's the birthday boy?" asked Burt, as he settled into one of the chairs.

"We need to talk, Dad."

In the employee lounge at the hospital, Jennifer, the nurse who was working with Kurt, was unpacking her sandwich. A gossip show came on the big screen TV on the wall.

Was the attack at The Nines nightclub really a gay bashing, or just a lover's quarrel? asked the slim, perfect, blonde reporter.

We have obtained exclusive video from security cameras showing the victim being struck by his boyfriend, moments before his alleged attack in the alley by two known gay bashers.

This story just gets more and more complicated, sneered her handsome co-anchor.

"Holy shit," mumbled Jen, her mouth full of egg salad.