"How the hell did we end up in Rosewood?" Shelby Trinity asked. Her and the rest of the gang were walking down the streets of Rosewood, totally pissed, trying to find their way back to the Shroud parked somewhere.

After buying coffee, they took a walk around the shop. 4 teenage girls were sitting at a table, having a hushed conversation. But Otto, being very swag, listened in on their conversation. He is going to get beat up one day.

"What should we do about Alison being A?" (pretty little liars characters now) Aria, the one with the dark hair asked.

"Send her to the Glasshouse," Otto said, perhaps too loudly. The 4 girls instantly shut up, turning towards him. He stood totally out in the open, scared to death. Then he realized they weren't armed.

"Yo," He said.

"Hello," the 4 girls said in unison, looking slightly shaken. All thoughts of Ezra immediately disappeared from Aria's head, as she was fully attracted to the albino standing in front of her.

"He's mine," Laura said, stepping in front of Otto as Aria approached. Aria backed away. Suddenly, a man walked in.

"New friends?" His name was Ezra, and he put his arm around Aria's shoulder. Aria suddenly wanted to cry, caught between 2 boys, that she thought were both equally attractive.

Toby and Caleb walked in, and didn't see the girlfriends, and started making out. Hanna and Spencer screeched, and began making out, to get the guys jealous. Aria felt awkward, so she pulled Ezra close, and they began making out. The H.I.V.E people, caught awkwardly in the makeout session, began to piece together a plan.

Once everyone stopped making out, they all looked at Otto. He put a hand into his pocket, and pulled out Mona's body.

"What should I do with it?" he asked. All of the girls went into shock, and Hanna died from shock, and heart failure. Caleb dropped to the ground, sobbing. Everyone else just pretended it didn't happen. Otto picked up Hanna's body.

"Great, now I've got 2 bodies to deal with," Otto said.

All of a sudden, Alison walks in, looking eviller than ever. Emily walked up, punched her in the face, and Alison fell to the ground, out cold. Emily simply walked back to the group, pretending nothing happened.

"Do you want the unconscious one dead?" Wing asked.

"Yes," Everyone in the entire coffee shop replied in unison. Next up, was the best demonstration of how to cut off many limbs from a human body in 10 seconds, with 2 killers, each with one weird blade that old professor made. Yea. Long story. Lets just say Wing and Raven are pretty freaking badass when it comes to cutting off limbs. Alison was bleeding out on the floor, as everyone else stood nearby, pretending nothing happened.

"We will be the most boss team for killing in the world, better than G.L.O.V.E," Shelby said.

The girls stood there, in shock, as the life faded from Alison's eyes. Aria suddenly died from shock and heart failure, as Ezra dropped the floor, sobbing. Suddenly, Paige walked in. She took one good look at the H.I.V.E and PLL people, then at that thing called Alison, and yelled, "THE BITCH IS DEAD!" She skipped out the door, a huge smile on her face.

Suddenly, a certain stealth dropship crashed into the coffee shop, instantly killing all of the PLL characters besides Emily, leaving her and the H.I.V.E characters standing there. It was silent, before Emily yelled, "YAY!"