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Chapter 1: The Meeting.

Eric stood outside a building in the back waters of Louisiana. He was waiting for his maker to arrive. Godric had called him and told him he needed to meet him at once. He didn't say what it was about. So they agreed to a place to meet and Eric took to the sky at once. Him and his maker both could fly. He turned and looked behind him at where his maker had just landed.

" Father." Eric said and got down on one knee.

" Son, please rise." Godric spoke.

When Eric was standing, Godric stood back and looked at him. He was very arrogant. And not in a good way. He knew what he was fixing to ask of him, he would be pissed. Oh well, He'll get over thought.

" I have been contacting by Prince Brigant. He has called to ask a favor. It's not just to me. But to the world. I know you wont see it this way. But I assure you, the fates have a hand in this." Godric said.

Eric stood just looking at Godric. He knew he wouldn't going to like it if his maker was done warning him. But if Godric ordered it, he could not or would not refuse.

" Father?" Eric said.

" We are being entrusted to take care of a future Goddess son. She is to be protected at all cost. And I do mean all cost. She's not but 12 years of age. She is very innocent. She knows there are people trying to hurt her. But she has no concept of just how bad it can be. She is a telepath. And she also has fairy powers and a couple of demon powers the way I understand it. But before she realizes it, she will be able to do everything. Control the weather, glamour just like a vampire. Everything. She will lead all species into peace. And for this she will be protected at any cost. She has a destiny to fulfill. And we must see that she is kept protected. I want you to tell your queen, you must come with me because I'm ill with silver poisoning. This way you will have time with the girl. You need to get to know her. You will be charged with protecting her from time to time. Do you understand?" Godric Said.

" Yes Father." Eric replied.

" Alright. Now that is took care of , I need you to go back to Fangtasia and explain to Pamela that you need to leave to help me. You are not to tell her the truth. This I command as your maker. Go, Go and tell your queen and Pamela. I expect you tomorrow night." Godric said.

Eric was shocked. Godric hadn't commanded him to do anything in 500 years. Either Godric was scared or all their asses was on the line. He assumed that both was the case. He bowed to Godric.

" Yes, Father." Eric replied.

And with that, he took off to Fangtasia. He was reeling from what his maker had told him. He understood the girl was going to do great things. But whty would anybody want to hurt a 12 year old girl? How dangerous and powerful could she really be? He landed outside his club. It hadn't took him as long as he thought it would. He was so lost in thought. He entered the back, he could feel Pam feeding. And he could also tell that the fucking was about to start. But interrupted her. He just walked right into Pam's office. She was in a chair with a blond in front of her on her desk. Pam was going down on her. She looked up when she could feel his annoyance through their bond.

" Pam, I need to talk to you immediately." Eric said in a stern voice.

Pam patted the girl on the thigh and she got up.

" Excuse me while I take care of business. Go and get yourself a drink. I'll be out shortly." Pam said to the girl.

The girl got dressed. She was confused. She was always told the Eric and Pam come as a pair when it come to feeding and fucking. She was ready for to. But Eric didn't even give her a second glance. As she walked by Eric, he could smell her arousal coming from her. She did smell quite good. So he told her to wait outside the door for him. Pam just shook her head. Eric preferred blondes to any thing else.

" OK Eric. You come in here and steal my meal and fuck for the night. What the hell?" Pam shouted angrily.

" I am your maker. I'm afraid you are forgetting your place my child." Eric said in a stern voice.

Pam just looked down. She didn't like to disappoint Eric. And that's what she felt through the bond.

"Master" Pam whispered.

" Do not start that shit again. I'm here to tell you, I've got to go away for some time. Godric needs me immediately. I have to call the queen also. I really don't know how long I will be gone. You have to run things in my absences. If you need me, call me. You know how to get in touch." Eric said.

With that , he got up to make his way out the door. He was ready to feed. He needed to release some of the confusion and anger. But he had a call to make first.

"yes?" Spoke someone at the queens palace.

" Northman here. I need to speak to the queen at once." Eric said.

" Please hold Sheriff Northman." Said the speaker.

" Andre here."

" Andre, I asked to speak with my queen." Eric said.

Eric was getting even more pissed.

" I'm the Queens second. You can speak freely to me Northman." Andre replied.

" Whatever. I'm calling to let you know I will be out of my area. I have to go to Godric. He has silver poisoning. And he needs my blood to heal him. And as you know this can take weeks. Pam will be the area Sheriff in my absence. Everything else is already took care of." Eric said.

" Hold. I need to tell Sophie." Andre said.

" Alright Northman. Your Queen has approved of this. If you need anything else, just call." Andre said.

And with that, Andre hung up. He had No manners. Eric thought he would enjoy teaching him some though. He went to tell Pam everything was took care of and tell her he would leave at first dark tomorrow night. As he was coming back down the hall, he grabbed the blonde from earlier. He took her to the office and fed and found his release for the night. Why in the world was all these women the same? They didn't have a elegant manner about them. They just thru themselves at anyone that would have them. Now he was getting pissed again. He grabbed his jacket and climbed in his vette. He made it to his house in about 10 minutes. He went in and packed for his trip. He was ready in 15 minutes time. He went and laid across his bed. He was inpatient. He wanted this over with. What in the world was Godric expecting him to do? He went to rest still confused.

Godric rose for the evening. He could feel the agitation from his child last night. This would be good for Eric. He needed to think of someone other than himself. He went and took a shower and got dressed for the evening. He made it to the living room before the door bell rung. He knew who it was. It was Naill bringing his kin. He opened the door and let them in. The little girl run up and hugged him. He loved that she done that.

" Hello little one, how have you been?" Godric asked.

" I'm good. How are you old man?" The girl said.

" I'm doing good also. Have you been causing you grandfather any problems?" Godric asked.

" I might have set someone on fire for thinking bad things about my body. But it was his fault. He should not be thinking ugly things about my body. And besides he's a pain." She said.

" Are you ready to meet my son? He should be here tonight. His name is Eric as I said before. Can he call you Sookie or Susie? Godric asked.

" I'm not sure. I will tell you when I meet him. Is that ok?" Sookie asked.

" Sounds good to me little one." Godric answered.

" Hello Naill. All is well?" Godric asked.

" Yes, everything is as it should be. Northman gets here tonight. This will start the new beginning. Most will be joyous. But it will be a long road for us all, I'm afraid." Naill said'

" Yes, Nothing that is good, comes easy does it?" Godric asked.

" I'm afraid not." Naill said.

" Princess, please be good. And try and not to get in trouble. I'll send your tutors to you in the evenings so everyone will know your pace. And try and be good to Eric. One day you will thank me for that advise." Naill said.

Naill hugged and kissed Sookie on the cheek.

With that he disappeared. Godric sit and watched Sookie's reaction. She had been told she would be staying with Godric for awhile. But she just didn't get the meaning of it. She thought it of a vacations of sorts.

" Little one, Come let's get you some supper." Godric said.

" That's ok old man, grandfather fed me before we came." Sookie said.

She was giggling about calling him a old man. Godric just shook his head. She was so had so much mischief in her . He couldn't wait till she got ahold of Eric. This was going to be interesting.

" Godric, Someone is here. It's a vampire. I think he might be ill also. I'm getting better at reading y'all's moods." Sookie said.

" Yes, that will be Eric. Try and be good. You don't want to act up to bad and him meet the sun tomorrow do you?" Godric asked.

" Naaa. I'll wait a day or two." Sookie said.

But Godric knew she meant it. She would have to much fun with Eric. Especially since he was so easy to rile up. Godric wondered if he would have a house left when the week was over.

There was a knock on the door. Godric went and opened it.

" Welcome my child." Godric greeted.

" Hello, Father. All is well?" Eric asked.

Eric was nervous about meeting and being around this child. But his father required this of him. He would do it.

"Yes My Son, All is well. The child is here. We we're just talking. Come, meet her." Godric said.

With that the two made their way to the library where Sookie had run off to. She loved her books. She had already pulled a book down about Vikings. How did she do that? Godric wondered.

Eric seen her. He stilled. He had seen her before. But she was much older in his dreams. How could this be? This had to be some kind of witchcraft. The child could not even been born when he had his took off to the other room. He could hear Godric tell her he would be right back. Godric entered the living room.

" Son, what is the matter with you? You have not even met her and you are acting childish. Explain." Godric said.

" I don't know what to say. I've seen her before in my dreams. But she is much older in the dreams. And she and I are lovers. I can not think that way toward a child. I would poke my own eyes out first. What the hell is going on? Is this some kind of witch craft. She could not even been born when I started having these dreams about her." Eric was beside himself.

Godric walked over to Eric and told him to sit. He had to explain something to him.

" Son I need to tell you this. But you can not let on you know anything about it. She does not need to know till she is old enough to decide her on her own.

She will be yours. It will be years from now. But it is your destiny and it is hers. I can not tell you how it happens or a date it happens. But she will be yours and you will be hers." Godric said.

" What the fuck Godric?! You knew this didn't you? You knew about all of this the whole time?" Eric shouted.

" I knew you were destined for greatness Eric. You are more than you think. You are a good soul and you need to realize this. Just go with it. For the time being, I will not use a makers command yet. But you need to try this. And I know you are not sexually attracted to her. But you will be. She will not be young forever." Godric said.

" Let's get this over with. And see where it goes." Eric said.

They made their way to the library. Sookie was where they had left her. She looked up and seen Eric. She was in shock.

" It's you. I've been dreaming of you since I was little." Sookie shouted.

Sookie stood up and backed into a book shelf. She didn't know what to think. What was going on? Is this the reason her grandfather left her here?

" Sookie, please calm little one. You need to breathe. In and then out." Godric said.

Godric was trying to get her to calm down. She was going to pass out at this rate. And that wouldn't good. So he slowly rubbed her arms while looking her in the eyes. He just kept saying," In and out. In and out." Finally she calmed down. He led her to sit in a chair. And got her a glass of water.

" Drink Little One. You worried me for a moment." Godric said.

Sookie just nodded her head. She was staring at Eric again. How could he be real? And then it clicked. It was her fate and she knew it in that moment.

" You are my fated?" Sookie asked Eric.

" I believe so. But you are to young. I can not be with you." Eric said.

" I understand. But we will eventually be together. Or that is what their counting on?" Sookie said.

" I think that is the jest of it. But you have to know, I knew nothing of this till I seen you. I recognized you from my dreams also. But, I am sorry. I don't think I can do this." Eric said.

With that, he turned and walked out of the room. He went to the back yard. He paced back and forth. What in the hell was these people thinking? They had gone mad. They had to be. Sookie come out the back door.

" Mr. Northman, I'm sorry for my reaction. But let me introduce myself. I am Sookie Brigant. Princess of the Sky- Fay." Sookie said.

She stuck her hand out. And waited on Eric to accept it. Eric took it in his large hand.

" Pleasure. I'm Eric Northman. But I'm sure you knew that already." Eric said.

" I did. Godric told me who you were. Let's try and forget about these dreams, fate and whatever else. I'm not old enough. And I don't have daddy issues. So let's try and be friends. Sound ok?" Sookie said.

Eric had to think about this. This was a child standing in front of him. What was he to do? He did the only thing he could. He extended his hand and shook Sookie's.

" Sounds good. And let's just take this a day at a time. I don't know your expectations of me. If you have any. But you are a child." Eric said.

" Look Buddy, I have no expetations of you what so ever. And I have done told you I HAVE NO DADDY ISSUES! Don't be a idiot. If and when I want a relationship it will not be with someone that is a walking mummy. We clear" Sookie shouted.

Eric stood stock still. Who in the hell did she think she was talking to? He was not a man or a damn mummy as she put it. He roared and Godric was by his side in a instant.

" Son, You need to calm yourself. What hasd happened.?" Godric asked

" He thinks I'm pining for him because we have had dreams of each other. He thinks I'm going to molest his old ass. I've told him repeatedly that I don't have daddy issues." Sookie said.

Sookie was standing with her arms crossed. Godric was trying to keep from laughing out loud at his child. Eric was cocky enough he thought all women wanted him. He was in for a surprise with this one.

"Is this true?" Godric asked Eric.

" No, Well maybe. I just wanted to let her know she was a child and I had no desire to be a child molester." Eric said.

Godric broke out laughing at this. He couldn't stop himself. Eric and Sookie looked at him like he had two heads. He was standing between the worlds two most stubborn people. He was afraid he was going to enjoy this way to much.

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