Star Trek & Star Wars : A Fan Crossover by Frapper Mac

Chapter 1

Captain's Log: Stardate 46138.4 : We have departed Starbase 55 and long-range scans have come across some strange energy readings. The Enterprise has altered course to investigate.

Captain Picard enters the bridge from the Turbolift, and heads to Science Station 1 behind Tactical. Data is seated there already, with Riker looking overhead at the readings. Worf is at tactical.

"Report Number One." said Picard

"Data is having a hard time identifying the type of energy, let alone the source." said Riker

"It is nothing I have ever seen before. Even cross referencing any and all instances reported by Starfleet, of unknown energy, solved and otherwise, yields no results that do not come close to this." said Data

"Are there any inhabited systems or ships anywhere in the area?" asks Picard

"Negative, Captain." says Data.

"Helm, Increase speed to Warp 4. Then all stop when we approach the sector." says Picard

"Aye, sir" says the assigned helmsman.

So the Enterprise-D moves in to investigate the strange readings. Just then a short moment later, the tactical station beeps. "Sir, I am detecting some debris on at the source of the energy readings." says Worf

"We are entering visual range Captain." says Data.

"On screen." orders Picard.

It shows a debris field, littered with a lot of scattered metal, along also with the bulk of a X-Wing Starfighter adrift, but intact. The helm has answered the all stop request.

"What kind of ship or craft is that?" asks Picard

"Unknown, sir. It does not match anything close to any sort of ship on record." says Data.

"Well, just looking at it, it resembles an ancient Earth aircraft or something." says Riker.

"It does seem to share some characteristics as far as a purely visual comparison, however the metals I am able to identify do indicate this is craft is meant to work in space." says Data

"Sir, I am detecting some new energy readings. Coming from the debris. Faint. 2 sources. One appears to be inside that main ship and another is attached, or possibly fused into it." says Worf.

"Lifesigns?" asks Picard

"Negative, Captain." says Data. "I will send a report to the transporter room to see about beaming debris to investigate."

"Very well, proceed." says Picard.

"It is possible, that the energy readings we picked up before, were unknown weapons fire." says Worf.

"It is possible, Mr. Worf. However, we do seem to have a mystery here, and if this was caused by a new weapon, it's in our best interest to investigate, and find out who and what did this. Continue scans, and go to yellow alert. Report any findings on the tactical side to me immediately so I can report to Starfleet Command." says Picard

"Aye, sir." says Worf.

"Bridge to Engineering" says Picard.

"La Forge here." says Geordi

"Have you been keeping apprised?" says Picard.

"Yes, Captain. I can't make heads or tails of any of it either. Just this energy reading, and a small ship. Some of the materials are comprised of unknown elements and alloys. " says Geordi

"Do you detect any radiation or anything dangerous from that ship, that would prevents us from beaming it aboard?" says Picard.

"Negative." says Geordi

"Bridge to transporter room." says Picard

"O'Brian here." says O'Brian.

"Are you aware of the situation?" asks Picard.

"Yes, sir. Commander Data sent me coördinates and a report. Shall I beam up some of the debris?" asks O'Brian.

"Yes, and also beam up the remains of that ship. Send it all to Cargo Bay 4. Just in case, we can open the doors and it will blow out into space." says Picard.

"Aye, sir." says O'Brian.

"Mr. La Forge, report to Cargo Bay 4 and assist with the analysis." says Picard.

"On my way sir." says La Forge.

"Mr. Data, would you go help Mr. La Forge, and find some answers?" says Picard

"Aye, Captain." says Data, as he gets up from the Science station and makes his way into the Turbolift.

"Cargo Bay 4" says Data.

A short moment later, the door opens, and Data exits and proceeds down the hallway, to a doorway. He enters, and it's Cargo Bay 4. Several engineering and science officers are scanning various debris with their Tricorders, while Geordi is looking at the damaged X-Wing on the side. Barclay is on top of the X-Wing scanning also with his Tricorder. Just then, something catches Geordi's attention.

"Data! Look at this!"

Data rushes over next to the X-Wing, and Geordi points his Tricorder at the cockpit area. Data looks also, and his eyes widen up, and showing a surprised expression, just the same as Geordi. Inside the cockpit of the X-Wing is C3PO, not moving, and the lights on his eyes blinking off and on, indicating a power issue. At that moment, the stunned look of surprise, is interrupted by a loud and fast series of beeping noises. This startles Barclay, to jump off the X-Wing frightened.

"Are you ok, Reg?" asks Geordi

"I...uh...Yes, sir, I...I...I...I...I am OK. Whatever made the beeping noise, it appears to be one of the faint energy readings, and is coming from...up...up...on top of this craft. That rounded protrusion." says Barclay.

They look up and see it turning from side to side and beeping, unknown to them that this is R2-D2.