Heh! You thought I was done for now?! HA YOU THOUGHT WRONG LADIES AND GENTLEMAN!

Sonic: You are so hyped up on sugar aren't you?

Me: What?! No~! I just had 20 cans of Orange Crush soda! There's no way that could happen!

Sonic: Then why is your eye twitching?


The Wind Phoenix Flame


Rainbow's POV

(Equestria Side)


Ugh… what time is it?


And why is it so freaking dark? Isn't it day time?


"OK WHAT IS THAT SOUND?!" I sat up in my bed and looked around for the source of the annoying vibrating sound. I look over to my nightstand and look at my phone. It said this:



"HOLY CELESTIA!" I jumped right out of bed and straight out the door. Sonic is finally coming home! Like he said he was! Today is Friday, August 29th, 2026. And today marks the day after Sonic's leave. Sonic, A.K.A. the Prince of Stars, is my husband and the father of our two children.

"Mom! Food is ready!" Speak of the devil. I started to walk my way downstairs and into the kitchen. I look over to the stove and see my daughter filling plates with food. Her name is Starlight Dash (Light for short). She was 15 years old with a snow-white coat, purple eyes and mane that looked like mine and Sonic's combined, and a cresent moon amulet around her neck. She was also an alicorn like me (Yes now the whole Mane 7 is alicorns since they ALL attempted to save the world. Don't bother me about it since it is MY story :T). Light is kind of shy at times, but she can show a bit of confidence scolding her little brother, Flare Star.

As mentioned, Flare is my other child. He is 14 years old and he has a silk black mane the looked like Sonic's that had a large sky blue bang, sky blue eyes, and wings with a touch a sky blue at the end. Flare was also an alicorn along with his sister. Flare is kind of laid-back and is really lazy. I guess that is from my side of the family...

Flare was sitting at the table playing on his PS VITA. I slowly walked in smelling the wonderful scent of pancakes, eggs, and hash browns. I would fix breakfast myself but there are two reasons i couldn't. One was because I overslept. And the other was because Light is probably by far the best cook of the house!

"Hey Sis. Don't you think mom looks awfully too gleeful?" I heard Flare whisper while we ate.

"Yeah i know. I've noticed. You think we should ask?" Light replied.

"You better. It's creeping me out!"

"OK OK. Hey mom? You seem a bit… overjoyed. What's the reason?" Light asked me.

"Well, you know about your father? The one I told you about?"

"The one who left us for his personal needs instead of staying with us?" Flare mumbled, but Light quickly elbowed him.

"Flare, you know he left for a perfectly good reason!" I snapped.

"Mom you keep saying that but sometimes I feel like you're hiding a perfectly major reason away from us!" Flare yelled. Then he soon realized what he had done and quickly covered his mouth. "URK! S-Sorry mom! I didn't want to show disrespect!"

"It is OK Flare. I know it is hard for you knowing that you have a father that is out there not here with us for 12 years and hasn't sent one letter at all. It's understandable to be mad."

"OK mom… So, what about our so called 'father'?"

"Well, he is finaly coming home!" Flare sat up in shock while Light nearly choked on her food.

"Woah! Woah! Woah! Are you sure? Is it in a week? A few days? Tomorrow!?" Light quickly and nervously asked.

"Today!" Flare nearly fainted and Light just sat there eyes shrank to the size of peas and frozen. "Well, you all should get ready for his arrival!"


My phone went off. I looked over to the device and read the number. "Twilight Sparkle". Huh. I wonder what she needs now? I picked up the phone and answered the call.

"Hey Twi! What's up?" I greeted her.

"Rainbow! We need your help as soon as possible! We are at Emerald Coast! Please come as fas-" The phone call ended.

"Guys get your stuff ready! We are going to Emerald Coast!" I announced.

"Don't we have to get ready for school?" Flare asked dumfounded.

"It's Saturday!" Light and I dryly corrected him.

"Ohohoh! Sorry! Lost track of the days! We can go now!" With thoe words being said, we got our stuff ready and dashed out the door at the speed of sound.

(Mobian Side)

I directed my attention to a large squid creature attacking the others at the beach. Applejack with trying to wrap the tentacles, Raity was trying to evade the squids attacks, Pinke was just being Pinke, Fluttershy was trying to reason with it, Tails was flying around it trying to distract it, Shadow was trying to attack it with Chaos Techniques, Knuckles was punching it, Amy Rose, the girl who is still furious with me for marrying Sonic, was hammering it with her Piko Hammer, Cream the Rabbit was hiding in some bushes, and Twilight was trapped by a tentacle wrapped around her.


"A mutated squid by Eggman! Remember he did release that unstable waste into the ocean as well!" Tails answered while evading yet another attack.

"Well I'm not going to let some squid hurt my friends!" Flare started to charge his fire powers, Light made an ice lance, and I got into my battle stance.

"CHARGE!" The three of us charged at the beast in the blink of an eye. For a split second I felt a hard force of wind. That made everyone freeze in place.

"What was that?" Rarity asked.

"I don't know!" Fluttershy shivered.

"HEY UGLY! HOW ABOUT YOU PICK ON SOMEONE YOUR OWN SIZE!" An unknown voice yelled. However, that voice seemed so familiar. No way! It can't be!

"S-Sonic?!" Sonic walked out of the shadows of an alley to reveal himself. He looked really battered and bruised as if he was in an all out brawl.

"The one and only!" He answered with a toothy smirk. I can't believe my eyes! Sonic is back! "Now to take care of this creep!"

Sonic has used his wings, which I have noticed that had a bit a black feathers at the tips of them, to fly straight into the sky and charge a spin dash. The squid was ready for the attack, but was knocked back by the force of the attack itself. Sonic then glowed a bright blue aura and teleported out of sight. Sonic then reappeared behind the monster and kicked its head hard. The squid tried to spit acid at Sonic while he was in the air, but Sonic evaded with such grace and speed. He used his momentum to hit the squid's face.

"Come on Squiddy! I know you can do better than that? Or are you out of ink? Huh?" Sonic then noticed that the squid was charging something really deadly. And it seemed it wasn't aiming for him. It was aiming for-!

"RAINBOW LOOK OUT!" Sonic screamed while I looked in horror at the squid charging his laser. I soon saw a glimmer of light coming from Sonic. However, something looked different. His body looked as if it grew a bit along with his wings. His spikes flared straight instead of upwards like his super form. Sonic sped over to me with milliseconds, charged an Aeroblast, and unleashed it right when the squid unleashed his attack as well. The two had an all out power struggle for what seemed hours, but it was only mere minutes. Sonic roared once more with all of his might and Sonic took the win as the squid was sent to the depths of the ocean.

Our Sonic is back.