Over 500 years ago Japan was threaten by evil forces called as Gedoushuu that lead by their General Chimatsuri Doukoku. They are evil forces that threaten civilians but they opposed by justice forces called as Shinkenger, over many decade they fought gedoushuu as their powers passed to many generations. Uknown to the world, the fighting still continue until 20th Generations that lead by Son Gohan.

Son Gohan was a young man that adopted by former ShinkenRed Shiba Takeru as Gohan posseses good swordmanship. Son Gohan now 16 years old will enroll to new school after his mother decides home school no longer effective for his study. The school that he will enter is Orange Star High School in Satan City the city where Champion of Martial Arts live.

"Being a samurai is a must but education is most important my lord" said Hikoma

"Yeah I know that already Jii-Chan, you are just like my mother too worry about me " said Gohan.

"ha ha maybe Its my habit, still not changed huh? "

"I think so " I think I should go now Jii-Chan" said Gohan.

" It's not good if you late for first day, oh before that do you need kuroko accompany you? "

"no need for that I go by myself" as Gohan starting rider on his nimbus" I will back and continue practice with others" said Gohan and flew to his destination.

"Ok take care" said Hikoma " hmm he's now grown up, seems time so fast.

Meanwhile at Hercule Mansion

"Videl hurry up to school it's your first day" said Hercule while having a breakfast.

"Ok dad im coming" Said Videl

"Beep Beep" "Yes Videl here" while wondering what happen in early morning." It must another criminal activity.

"Miss Videl we need your help! there are unidentified creature on town! We need your help ASAP!" Said the policeman.

"Ok I will be right there! " as she hurriedly to the scene

"Sorry dad I have things for settle bye! said Videl

"Crime again huh? I hope she's okay" Said worried Hercule.

"hmmm Its Satan City, alright I just need walk to the school" said Gohan as he jumping from nimbus." Take me home after school okay! "

While walking, he saw the usual thing that he fought " No way Its Gedoushuu! but only Nanashi Renchuu. " said while he look around to make sure no one will see him. " Time to teach them as lesson, Shodophone! Ippitsu Soujou! "

He quickly slashes the nanashi renchuu as there pair of eyes watching from another side of building.

"Damn it who is this guy in red spandex?! How dare he stole my job!" said angry Videl.

" Man, these nanashi quite meddlesome! Time for finish this! " as he inserted red disk into is Katana" ShinkenMaru, Kaen no mai !" His attack quickly finish remained nanashi.

"Why suddenly these nanashi appeared here? It's possible that
revival of Gedoushuu is near" as Gohan quickly disappeared.

" Better hurry to the school "

"Hey you! "

"Yikes! is there anything that I can help you? " said nervous Gohan.

" Do you know where guy in Spandex go? said Videl.

"hmmmm guess I wasn't looking" as he hurried

"Miss Videl, you will not believe it, it's the guy in red spandex appeared for three times in this two week! "

"Three times? That's weird " said Videl

"Maybe this guy is from your school." said her Butler.

"he dropped the school crest while he fighting"

Videl shocked " No way.. Hmmm I will find out who disguised as red spandex guy in my School. Said Videl as she determined to find out the identity of the mystery hero.

To be continue