Description: A fishing trip turns deadly when Ib becomes ill. When a strange doctor takes an interest in them; their lives and sanity are put at risk. Ib/Mad Father/Witch's House Crossover. One-sided Aya/Garry.

Warnings: Dark, Character Death, Attempted Suicide, Torture, AR Crossover, Crazy people are still crazy. If you don't like characters like Aya or Mary being the villain: don't read this. I am taking quite a few liberties here, but I in no way think this crossover is possible, being made by different people, it's just for FUN ~ !

AN: So, I'm really pleased with this story. There are still a couple of kinks that I'd like to iron out, but I think it's pretty good. Take this story with a grain of salt. A twisted, bitter, mad grain of salt.

It all started out as a simple, stupid idea.

A fishing trip. He'd just mentioned it one day. His father used to take him as a kid back in Japan, and he'd loved it. He said he'd take her. He shouldn't have, he realized later, knowing her parents would never agree. Not to him taking her, and especially not over night.

She latched on to the idea. He knew she wouldn't let it go. So when she called and said that her parents had finally agreed, he couldn't say he was surprised. He picked her up that Friday, all pack and off they went. When she said her parents were at work and handed him a list of emergency numbers, he didn't question it. He didn't figure on an old note for an old babysitter or exactly how bad she wanted to go on that trip(1). He just helped her in the car and drove off.

It's been a stupid idea.

… … … …

Ib's eyes grew wide as a massive tug on the end of her fishing line nearly took her right off the edge of the pier. Garry caught her arm startled, seeing her jerk.

"You got one!" He grinned excitedly, letting go as she scrambled to her feet, bracing herself and preparing to battle. "Do you need help?"

Ib shook her head, getting a better grip on the poll. The fish was strong, but it wasn't stronger then her. Gripping tight with the one hand, she reached for the reel and started spinning it as fast as she could. The fish fought against it's capture, tugging and yanking at the line. Garry watched eagerly, tossing her little words of advice.

Finally, with a grunt, Ib gave a vicious tug and the fish flew into the air, landing on the pier before her. Again, Ib's bright, red eyes widened to the size of saucers. The fish was a glimmering blue-green and about as big as Ib's head. Huge, considering how close they were to the shore.

Garry let out an impressed whistle. "Wow! That's the biggest one yet! Do you want a picture?"

Ib looked over at him, her expression still in shock at her amazing catch, before she nodded quickly.

Garry grabbed the flopping creature by it's mouth and unhooking it from the line, suppressing a shudder. Obviously, he didn't expect Ib to hold the fish by the mouth, even if she was more comfortable touching the fish then he was, so he had her stick out her arms and placed it in the crook.

"Careful not to squeeze it," he warned. "Or it'll slip away." She jumped when the cold fish scales brushed her arms. "Say cheese!"

Ib slapped on a big 'ol grin as he whipped out his disposable camera. The image through the lens made him laugh. There was Ib, pretty little rich girl all dressed up, holding her prize fish and sporting a cocky grin. He was definitely happy to be getting the memory on film.


"Did you get it?" She asked.

"Yeah, I think so."

Ib's expression immediately turned serious as she spun around and quickly tossing the fish back into the water. Flopping down on the pier, her bright eyes racked the murky water for movement.

"Is it ok?" She asked, solemnly.

Garry didn't know, but as he peered over the edge and determined that the fish wasn't going to re-surface belly-up, he nodded. "Yeah, there it goes, swimming away. It's just fine. What a great fish you caught."

Ib looked at him and her expression melted into joy. She jumped up, laughing, innocent, nothing or the strong, silent child from the long dark halls, or the composed, obedient daughter trapped under her parent's gaze. Around him, she was just a little kid.

He wondered sometimes, if he was the only one who got to see her that way. It made him feel more like an adult-

"That was the biggest fish I've ever seen, Garry!"

"Yeah! It was as big as a shark!"

-And a little more like a kid.

Ib made a face that made him laugh. "No it wasn't."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, sharks are even bigger then you are." She giggled at how obvious that was, but it was cut off by a quick cough that snuck out of her chest. Quickly she covered her mouth and another cough forced it's way out, followed by another. Something inside her lungs seemed to crackle and then she was coughing, hacking, gasping for air, still trying to keep her hand over her mouth.

Garry winced, kneeling down to pat her back. "I thought that cough was gone…" He muttered. She shook her head, trying to say she was fine, but having some difficulty. She had been coughing ever since they arrived. It had only been little coughs, with no fever or other symptoms, so he had just passed it off as some kind of allergy. But that wasn't an allergy cough and it was definitely getting worse.

Picking her, and the pail of fish he'd caught for dinner, up he brought them both back to their little camp. 'I'm just fine', she kept saying, until he pulled a thermometer out of the medical supplies and stuck it in her mouth.

Yep. She had a fever.

"Oh no…" He muttered under his breath. He should have checked before they'd left camp earlier. What if he'd made it worse. What if she'd gotten West Niels disease from the mosquitos? Or malaria!? Could you catch malaria in that area?!

"I'm not sick." Ib said firmly, not wanting her three day vacation to be cut off on Saturday afternoon. They'd already spent half the day driving on Friday. She didn't want to go! "It's just a cough! Nothing to worry about!"


"I'm fine!"

Garry sighed. He could see the determination in her eyes… and the feverish flush coming to her cheeks. He took her hand and knelt in front of her. "Ib. I know you want to stay, but if you sick I need to get you home so that you can rest. If I don't bring you back, your parent's will never let me take you out again. You wouldn't want that would you?"

Ib looked away from him nervously, which he mistook as sadness.

"I promise I'll bring you back another day, Ok?"

Ib looked at him with doubt and Garry pouted. "What? You don't trust me? I love fishing. We'll go lots of times."

Ib sighed sadly and Garry bit his lip, nervous by her change of behavior. "Come on. Why don't you sit down and relax? I'll get everything picked up." He hurried her into her little lounge chair and made quick work of cleaning everything up, pilling it into the car.

"Are we going to eat the fish?" Ib asked when he was done.

Garry felt nervous again, when he saw how flush her face had gotten. Her eyes were looking a little clouded and she looked tired. Whatever this was, it was coming on her fast.

"Well, I'll stick them in the cooler and bring them with us. I'll prepare them tomorrow, if you're feeling better." Of course, it looked like it wouldn't be long before all she would be handling was chicken broth.

She didn't say anything, just fell victim to another coughing fit. Garry waited it out. When it was done, she looked at him and said in a little voice, "I don't feel so good…"

Garry felt overwhelmed with parental instincts. "Oh, Honey…" He quickly got a blanket, wrapped her up and carried her to the car. "It's ok. Don't worry. Why don't you go to sleep and we'll be home before you know it." She nodded a little weakly as he buckled her in and made sure she was comfortable.

The fishing area they'd stayed at had been the secret spot of a friend-of-a-friend. A little lake up, out-of-the-way, with a gravel road over the mountain. Not even too the fishing spot, in fact, the instructions to getting to to this spot had included the words: "Drive exactly 14.8 miles then turn left and drive right across the field."

It hadn't been very encouraging, but he'd found it. And finding his way out wasn't difficult either, but he wasn't looking forward to the drive back, making poor Ib wait the whole way home. Oh, why did he pick such a far away spot? He lit a cigarette, then immediately put it out, thinking about her health. Now his nerves where going to get to him.

He was searching around for a child-friendly station to listen too, when Ib suddenly sat up.

"Pull over." He looked at her startled, and she covered her face, flushing green.

"Oh!-Ok!" He pulled over into the grass and Ib jumped out. Garry threw open his door and made it around the car just as she started to heave into the grass. "Oh…!"

It took a few minutes to get it out of her system, while Garry held back her hair, her nice sun hat, and rubbed her back. When she was finished he gave her plenty of water and waited until she said she was feeling better.

'Poor thing,' he thought. Maybe she had food poisoning? But he knew how to prepare raw fish and he hadn't let her eat any strange berries. He carried her back to the car and buckled her in, covering her with his coat, which always seemed to comfort her.

Meanwhile, Ib was feeling worse about messing up the fishing trip then she was about being sick. The water felt heavy in her stomach and swished around as the car moved. Garry had that overreacting panic written all over his face. She thought, for sure, she had ruined the whole trip.

She was dwelling on that thought when her body snapped against the seatbelt and the drivers outstretched arm, as Garry hit the break a little too hard.

"Sorry!" He said quickly, but distracted, making a quick and rather illegal U-turn. "Did you see what that sign said?"

A little ways back, there was a small dirt road, almost obscured by trees and bushes. Yet, nailed to a tree, was a wooded sign that said:

Doctor Drevis

Patients Welcome

… … … …

The little wooden cottage was quaint, surrounded by flowers and warm bright light. The air of the woods was clean and fresh, and everything felt beautiful. That luck they had to find a doctor all the way out there!

"What are we doing here?" Ib asked, wiggling in his arms until he put her down.

"I think this is it. Why don't' you wait here and I'll go check it out?" She nodded as he started forward.

Halfway to the door, he began to think logically. It was a mysterious cottage deep in the woods. It could just as well be a scary, crazy man with an ax? But what kind of crazy man would sure a sign saying he was a doctor? He stopped in front of the door. But that wasn't too bad a plan. They were there, right now. What did he know about how crazy ax-men think? What did he know about this Drevis guy? Was he even a real doctor? Really, how dumb was he; thinking about taking little Ib into some strange mans house in the woods without so much as letting anyone know where they were?

As worried as he was, he could wait until they got back to town. He could take her to a real doctor. He knew her parents would prefer it. And even if she didn't, he-

*Knock knock*

Garry squawked at the young girl who'd briskly walked passed him and banged on the door. "I-Ib! Hold on, I was just thinking maybe this isn't a great-"

"One moment!" Came a gentle voice from inside, cutting off his whisper. It was a women's voice, young probably. He wasn't filled with urge to grab his bold friend and bolt back to the car, anyways.

True to her work, a moment later the door opened slightly, revealing a beautiful women with eyes so blue they reflected the afternoon sky. Short black hair framed her honest face, and she looked at them almost surprised, but not cautious or uncomfortable, which was a reaction he was used to getting from girls.

"Hello." She said, her eyes moving between them slowly.

Garry blinked, still fearing the burly man with an ax he was no longer quite sure was inside, but much more relieved by this first impression. "H-Hi. Um, is Dr. Drevis here?"

She opened the door with a warm smile that made them both feel safe. "Yes, I'm the doctor. May I help you?"

"I'm sick." Ib piped up, her voice overlapping Garry as he asked, "You're the doctor?"

"Oh my," Dr. Drevis laughed, kneeling gentle before the girl, not seeming to care about her dress at all. She touched the girls forehead, looked into her eyes and checked her throat, eyes darkening concerned. "You are warm… I don't think it's too serious, but if it is…" She smiled, giving Garry a look that scared him. "…we wouldn't want anything to happen to this pretty girl."

Garry bit his lip. She thought it was something serious- damn it! It was Malaria! Fuck!

Dr. Drevis stood up and motioned inside with her arm. "I'm just an herbalist, so you should probably go to a proper doctor after this, but I know I have something for your fever. Would you like to come in?"

"Yes please." Ib said, walking right in. Garry, worried and not about to let her go followed along inside.

The inside of the little building was even more charming the the outside, with big windows and natural lighting. It felt open, with archways that made Garry feel comfortable.

"Is this your house?" He asked, looking around.

"Yes, my home and office." She motioned the the back, where he could see some tables and medical supplies. "Theres a couch in the living room. Please take a seat. Unless your sister wants you to come in."

Ib shook her head quickly, plenty brave enough for a medical exam (and old enough to know some involved getting undressed). Garry knew the same, although he felt a little strange about leaving her alone with the doctor.

"Well, no… that's ok. I'll wait right out here." Garry shifted. "I'm not actually her brother, so…"

Dr. Drevis looked between them. "Father?"

"No! Just-Just a friend."

The doctor nodded. "Come with me, Miss. What is your name?"

"Ib," she answered, following her into the back. Garry sat down on the couch as a curtain was pulled across the arch blocking his view.

… … … …

Dr. Drevis gave her a perfectly normal physical. Checked her pulse and breathing, but she seemed distracted; Preoccupied with more important thoughts, so Ib didn't ask her any questions.

Garry occasionally asked questions through the curtain, which the lady answered simply and Ib insisted she was fine.

Still, there was something strange about her. Ib couldn't tell, what it was. Something about the way she touched her face, or admired her hair. Maybe it was something about all the knifes along the back table, but Ib told herself that the nice lady was a doctor, and she was too old to be afraid of doctors.

Finally, Aya moved to the cabinet and pulled out a small case. "Alright, I'm going to treat your fever now. You aren't afraid of needles, are you?"

Ib straightened up proudly, despite being wearily from the sickness. "No. Not at all."

The doctor smiled and Ib flinched, for a second thinking the smile similar to the mad grin of a pleased painting.

"Let me see your arm Ib," the madness was gone and Ib relaxed, letting the doctor do her work. "and I promise you'll never get sick again."

What do you think? I'm sure not where anyone thought an Ib Mad Father crossover should go, but I hope you Like it. I can't wait to hear what other people think, as I am really, really pleased with this story.

The rest of the story is completely written, I just need to finish revising it, so the next chapter will come as soon as that's done.

(1) If anyone has a better idea as too how they got on this trip, I'm all ears. Note, my head canon is that neither of Ib's parents trust him. So, 'Ib convinces them' is not an option.