"Now where is everyone?" Megaman pondered as he looked around the entrance to a large stadium.

"Mega!" a voice called.

A pink blur latched onto Megaman. He nearly fell over by the unexpected, yet light, weight added to him.

"Hey, Roll," Megaman greeted as he looked at the pink thing that latched onto his back.

The thing was actually a girl around his age. She had soft, ivory-colored skin, deep, jade-colored eyes, a slender figure accentuated by subtle, willowy curves, a pink and black jumpsuit with the arms and legs being black and the rest pink. She had gold rings on her pink boots and gloves and two large yellow tassels on her pink and red helmet. The symbol of her chest was the top part of a heart with a red triangle below the mark to complete it. Her hair was kept together by a large green bow.

"Come on, Mega," Roll said as she released him and began to drag him somewhere by holding his hand, "There are some NetNavis I want you to meet."

The two kept walking with Roll leading, both of them hoping the other didn't notice the blush on their face. The two finally made it to an open part of the arena that wasn't the field. The two saw a boy around 13 in yellow armor with yellow helmet with 2 orange squares and 2 orange lines on it and long ginger hair with his mark in a white ring, the symbol being a symbol that looks like Megaman's symbol but it is orange instead of red and a small boy around 11 in green, yellow, dark green and silver armor with dark green gloves and boots and large yellow gems on his elbows and a yellow square green helmet and green hair coming out behind the green helmet with his symbol a green backround with a symbol like Megaman's but it was green instead of red. Megaman's heart skipped a beat when he saw the other two there. The first one was a yellow and ginger haired boy with a blue shirt and a yellow and orange jacket on it with two handles on the each of the pockets, blue pants, green eyes, and brown shoes. The other scared Megaman deeply. He was a green haired boy with a headband with a thunder mark with a green shirt with a skull and a black short armed jacket with blue pants. He had on brown shoes that reminded Megaman of normal ones. He had small brown eyes and the stare didn't help much either… neither did the mysterious yellow guns with dinosaur face they had at their belts or the watch like object in their left wrists.

"Mega, meet Toxsa Dalton and Chooki Mason," Roll introduced.

Megaman shook out of his shock.

"Nice to meet you, Chooki, Toxsa," Megaman smiled as he held out a hand.

"You too, Megaman," the ginger haired boy returned the handshake.

" What's up? " the green haired boy said

"This should be an interesting day," the 13-year-old said.

"Yeah, Protoman," Megaman chuckled nervously, 'How the heck are Chooki and Toxsa here?'

"Gutsman can't wait to fight! Gutsman will win, guts!" the bulking Cyborg banged his fists together.

"Seems He got an ego problem," Megaman quietly said.

" i hope Gutsy gets beaten" someone quietly chuckled

No one really heard him except for four of them.

'Gutsy? Who started calling Gutsman 'Gutsy?'' Roll thought.

'Only an some dude would think up that kind of name…' Toxsa thought.

'At least Gutsman isn't called 'Gutsy' or 'Gutslehead.' Boy, that nickname is embarrassing…' Chooki thought.

"Ah, here are the matches," Protoman spoke as the screen Toxsa was watching changed.

The matches were a bit surprising. He was to go up against Toxsa in the last round, Roll was to fight Gutsman in the first round, and Protoman had to fight Chooki in the second.

"Seems Toxs might get good workout…" Megaman muttered.

'Toxs? He's already nicknamed Toxsa?' Roll and Chooki thought.

'Note to self: Beat Guren,' Toxsa thought, 'No wait… I mean Megaman. Beat Megaman.'