"This is comfy," Twilight stated from the blue device on Lan's left hip, "Do you actually live in this thing, Megaman?"

"It's called a PErsonal Terminal, or PET, for short, Twilight," Megaman replied, "And yes, I do live in here."

"So where are we heading, Lan, Maylu?" Chooki asked from Lan's PET.

"Sci-Lab," Lan replied as he and Maylu got off the monorail.

"And that is?" Chooki asked.

"Sci-Lab is like G.U.N.'s research facility, but it focuses more on the progression of Cybernetic technology," Megaman explained.

"G.U.N.? What's that?" Roll asked from Maylu's PET.

"I'd rater not show it," Megaman replied.

"And I refuse to talk about those murderers," Stegotchi growled from Maylu's PET.

"Murderers?" Maylu repeated.

"I'm not repeating myself again; I… Don't… Want… To… Talk… About… It," Stegotchi reiterated sadly.

"Seesh, no need to bite her head off," Lan stated.

"Yeah, Stego," Megaman added, his eyes changed, "i understand that, but i seen some of my friends hurt, remember? i had a photo"

Stegotchi and Toxsa paled.

"But you don't have it with you," Stegotchi stated.

Megaman pulled out a yellow folder with the words 'anger treatment' on the front. He then pulled out a photo and waved it. Stegotchi paled considerably.

"...I'll be good," Stegotchi stated.

"I knew you'd see things well," Megaman chuckled before his eyes went back to normal.

He looked down at the photo. He blushed for a few minute. Then he began to crack up.

'i knew it about you, Guren,' Stegotchi thought with a scowl until Roll began to scratch his left ear, 'Anger Treatment later, purr now.'

"That does explain all the weird dreams you've been having Megaman..." a man with light brown-hair, glasses, brown eyes, and an orange lab coat spoke.

"And that's not even half of it, Dad," Lan said, "If you would, Stegotchi."

Stegotchi cracked his yellow knuckles, Toxsa prepared to tranformed, Stegotchi fused with Toxsa and then they chopped the Jack Out panelwith the spear. He then entered the Real World, shocking Lan's father. He fell over and landed in his swivel chair as Toxsa and Stegotchi smirked.

"Amazing!" Lan's father gasped, "How did you do that?"

"I am a zyudenryu, Dr. Hikari, So it is natural when i fuse with Toxsa," Stegotchi explained as Toxsa pulled out a disk from his chest, "This holds all the funny info Stegotchi is willing to share about himself," Toxsa explained.

"How come you didn't show it to us earlier!?" Lan asked.

"It's because you're strange," Stegotchi replied, "Just like Guren."

" What? " Megaman got shocked, his eyes changed once more, "Just for that, I'm publishing Anger Treatment #1234 all over Sci-Lab later!" Zakutor argued

"You wouldn't!" Stegotchi gasped before he entered the Cyber World.

"Just try me," Zakutor replied as the two began to walk.

"I swear I will yell at you if you even try it," Stegotchi threatened as the two began to fast-walk.

"You know me, Stego," Zakutor chuckled, the two now jogging, "I'm always doing the unexpected."

"Ah, yes. Now there's the annoyance I know," Stegotchi chuckled.

"Says the onr."

Stegotchi glared at Zakutor for that comment as they began to jog. Soon, the two began to run off. It would have been normal if it wasn't for the fact Zakutor and Stegotchi were now breaking the sound barrier which was proved by the sonic booms that happened as they began to run.

"Since when did he run that fast?!" Lan gasped.

"You mean he hasn't run that fast at all since you've met him?!" Ceylan asked.

"Not really," Lan replied.

The four in the computer then saw a black and a brown pair of blurs go by. After a few moments, the blurs passed by once more. This went on two more times until...

"That is enough," a voice ordered.

The blurs were passing by when a yellow bolt of energy stopped the two in their tracks, revealing them to be Zakutor and Stegotchi. Stegotchi had a fist reeled back while Zakutor's left leg was in a position to kick Stegotchi between the knees. Everyone stared at the sight in shock and amusement.

"An attack?" Lan pondered.

" Guys! we have to stop fighting!" Megaman replied

"It is alright," the voice said as the yellow energy expanded in one direction, becoming an silver AM-bian with yellow eyes and had a dark cloak covering most of his body, he was a silver brachiosaur, "I mean no harm."

"Who are you?" Dr. Hikari asked.

" guess what, its my mentor" Zakutor said

"I am Zyudenryu Bragigas," the creature replied, "And I am here to tell Guren-or should I say 'Megaman?'-a message."

"Guren?" Roll repeated.

"Make sense, you old coot!" Lan demanded.

" Hey!" Gabutyra yelled

Bragigas looked at Lan and pointed a claw at Lan. The yellow energy shot out of it, through the computer, and caught Lan, freezing him. He then moved Lan into a chair and dropped him in it.

"How did you do that?" Twilight asked.

The glow around Megaman vanished. He looked at Bragigas and smiled. He quickly got up and dusted his form off. He faced the Bragigas and bowed.

"Bragigas," Megaman smiled, "Haven't seen you for a day, its good that you're here, but you might please unfreeze Lan, i don't like having him frozen."

"My apologies, I suggest all of you have a seat," Bragigas said, "There is much to be explained."

The energy went off of Stegotchi and Lan and created two tables and a few seats.

"So why did you call Mega-kun 'Guren,' Bragigas-san?" Roll asked.

"It is because he holds human blood within him," Bragigas replied.

"Megaman? A human? I'll believe it if Megaman is a modern boy," Lan stated.

"That is correct," Bragigas said, "Guren is the leader of a team of six, only four are found which are you four boys, the only ones left are the ice and air elementals along with Dricera and Pteragordon, the air elemental is a male while the other is a female."

Everyone, minus Chooki, Toxsa, Ceylan, Gabutyra, Stegotchi, Zakutor, Plezuon and Megaman, had wide eyes at that. Lan fell out of his chair in shock. Everyone, but Chooki, Toxsa, Ceylan, Gabutyra, Stegotchi, Zakutor, Plezuon and Bragigas, quickly stared at Megaman.

"He's right," Megaman confirmed, "our friends' names are Arrow and Leona."

"And they are here," Bragigas stated, "The time on Quarton was frozen for until you were revived, Tenkai knights."

"Bragigas…, you mean it?" Megaman's eyes widened.

Bragigas held his hands up with the palms facing each other. The yellow energy came out of them and formed an image. On it were a male tritonian hawk with brown feathers on his body and cream colored feathers on his chest and belly, he has brown eyes, he is wearing a scarf with 2 bells, the wings were on his back, he has talons for hands and two more talons for feet and a black beak, he had a pendant shaped symbol on the right side of his chest and a female tritonian lion with long red hair, tan fur on her body and tail which has a black tuft. She had blue eyes, white fur on her jaw and her belly and chest, her hands and feet are humanoid paws, she wore white clothing in the style when azari wear clothes, she had a blue pendant, a white triceratops with blue eyes was Dricera and was next to the lioness, a green pterodactyl with yellow eyes was next to the hawk, he was Pteragordon.

"It is them..." Chooki gasped.

Suddenly, the two changed into two NetNavis that resembled Megaman. The brown hawk was now a Megaman in a brown jumpsuit in yellow and brown boots and gloves, he kept his wings to resemble his hawk self, his helmet was brown and yellow, and spikes on the tops of the gloves and boots. The female lion was now a female version of Megaman in a bluish jumpsuit with tan gloves that went just above her elbows and slim-fitting tan boots. She kept her tail and claws, She wore a blue and tan helmet but it had a hole behind the helmet, which allowed some of her red hair to be seen flowing. Both of them had Megaman's mark, but the female's was blue and the male's was yellow.

"Your brother and sister are somewhere in this city advanced other world," Bragigas explained, "But be warned, there is danger around them. An old danger you will recognize with ease."

"So how are we suppose to find them?" Maylu pondered.

"Guren must listen and play the song in his heart," Bragigas replied as he and the tables vanished.

"wait..." Megaman began as the Bragigas vanished completely, "what does the song in my heart mean?."

Suddenly, his symbol began to glow. Everyone took a small step away from him as the light grew. A sphere of blue energy emerged from his NaviMark. A green sphere emerged from Toxsa's NaviMark and a yellow sphere emerged from Chookis NaviMark

"Is that normal?" Ceylan asked as a sphere of blue energy emerged from his symbol

Dr. Hikari shook his head. The spheres fused into a silver one. A small silver battery came out of the sphere. The battery was having a brachosaurus design similar to Bragigas as Bragigas reappeared on the transer he is now wearing on his left arm.

"No way," Megaman gasped, "My zyudenchi!"

"Your zyudenchi?" Lan asked, "What's so important about a zyudenchi?"

" Haven't i tell you that already?" Gabutyra replied

"And there's another piece of evidence that Megaman is Guren," Toxsa chuckled, "Only a member of the Tenkai Knights and Kyoryugers can use those zyudenchi."

"You mean there are more than one of those?" Dr. Hikari pondered.

"There are 16 main zyudenchi in all," Chooki explained, "Gabutyra, Plezuon, Zakutor, Stegotchi, Dricera, Pteragordon, Saberodon, Tuperanda, Dimenkodon, Parasagun, Stymero, Bunpachy, Ankydon, Allomerus, Tobaspino, and Bragigas. But we might look for the rest, Leona, the lion tailed cyan and brown Megaman, has Dricera and Stymero, Arrow, the winged brown and yellow Megaman, has Pteragordon and Bunpachy, i, the yellow Megaman, have Zakutor and Dimenkodon, Toxsa, the green Megaman, has Stegotchi and Parasagun, Ceylan, the light blue Megaman, has Plezuon and Ankydon , and Megaman has Gabutyra and Bragigas, but the rest are possibly Megamans as well, Lt. Versaft, the black and orange Megaman, has Saberodon, Draco, the green and white Megaman, has Tuperanda, Kawheek and Thenryr, the orange and green Megaman and dark brown and blue Megaman, had Allomerus and Tobaspino."

"Megaman has Gabutyra and Bragigas?" Roll asked.

Megaman nodded. He looked down at his transer with Bragigas gently smiling, then he looked at Gabutyra who is also gently smiling, not noticing a gentle smile formed on his face. Roll walked up to him and began to stare at Megaman's face.

"... Are you okay? Why are you looking like that?," Megaman said nervously.

"Your eyes!" Roll gasped, "They different!"


Everyone stared at Megaman's eyes.

"She's right," Dr. Hikari stated, amazed, "They're a pure violet blue now."

"Really?" Megaman pondered before his eyes changed back to normal, shocking everyone.

He shook his head and stared at everyone.

"Uh… why are all of you looking at me like that?" Megaman pondered before looking down at his hand, "And where'd this transer come from? And who is the zyudenryu in it?"

"You don't remember?" Dr. Hikari pondered.

"All I remember was being mad at Stegotchi and then the next thing I know, you're all staring at me," Megaman replied, "Now quit it!"

"Fascinating," Dr. Hikari spoke, "It appears when his eyes change to the violet blue color, an alternate separate mind appears, and when they return to their normal dark emerald, he goes back to normal and doesn't remember anything experienced by his other mind."

"So I have a Split Mind Disorder now?" Megaman asked before groaning, "Oh this is just great! This is almost as bad as that other illness!"

"What other illness?" Chooki asked.

"i had them long ago," Megaman replied, his eyes switching to the violet blue, "Everyone, we're going to try and find Arrow and Leona before they get clobbered by a Mettaur."

"A what?" Chooki asked.

"A virus that wears a miner's hat and carries a pickax," Lan explained, "Most common and weakest virus."

"That'd put Arrow down a few pegs," Toxsa chuckled, "He'd battle the mettaurs to see that. Awesome, too."

"I accept my friends' offers but to be honest, im a little nervous too," Megaman stated.

Everyone but Stegotchi, Toxsa, Twilight, Ceylan, Chooki and Zakutor sweatdropped at that. Megaman then began to prepare his arsenal, then he stared nervously.

"Wait a second, Megaman," Roll said, "Didn't Bragigas say that you had to listen and play the Song in your Heart to find them?"

" I see that he might agree " Bragigas said in a calm voice

Megaman thought of that then he nodded. He gave a sheepish look and blushed. He closed his eyes and clenched his core brick which appeared . The core brick began to glow before transforming into a changer on his wrist with his tenkai knight symbol on the top of it and the base being shaped to resemble a tyrannosaur and wolf head. He opened his eyes and began to float. Everyone then heard a set of hums in the background.

Megaman: At the beginning, the bell echoes to let you know that it's just a matter of change from a terrible yesterday!

Male voice: It's all right, since you're here next to me! I'm not alone, and that's what'll awaken my courage!

Megaman: This sullen sky dazzles so! It's so bright that I feel as if it's the sun!

Female voice: I'll share this with you, the joy of my hopes. The more we cross, the deeper our bond becomes!

All three: The future and the present join together with this puzzle! Our hearts are connected and our dream becomes the proof!

The song ended and Megaman's changer changed back into a core brick around Megaman's neck. It began to glow red and started to drag Megaman off.

"Thanks for the advise, Roll," Megaman smiled before he ran off, "We'll be back later!"

" Yes! See ya guys!" Gabutyra smiled acompaning Megaman to save the 2 heroes.

" Stegotchi and i will stay herem because we need to recharge!" Zakutor yelled

"Bring me back a video of Arrow and Leona holding the remains of a dead Mettaur!" Stegotchi called.

"You'll owe me one hundred blasts," Gabutyra sighed before running off.

"What's with him and the blasts all of a sudden?" Lan pondered.

"Could be Guren's curiosity is quickly catching up to him," Twilight replied, "Wait for us, Megaman!"

" Wait up, guys!" Ceylan replied as he followed the lavender Megaman with wings and a horn.

He jumped into the air and his namesakes began to transform so fast, they were a blur due to the light. When the transformation finished, he was in the form of Tributon and he changed into a robotic blue eagle. He then began to fly in the air.

"Oops, forgot about that," Chooki chuckled, "You see, those robotic wings of his can let him fly as fast as Guren's wolf form can run."

"Come on, Roll," Ceylan said as he grabbed Roll's hand, "I really need you to meet our friends."

" us too!" Toxsa yelled as he and Chooki ran and followed Megaman and Twilight

Roll nodded. Ceylan was able to get himself and Roll to get into the air and began fly off after Megaman.

"How strong did you say Ceylan was?" Lan asked.

"Are you calling Roll fat, Lan?" Maylu demanded.

"N-No, Maylu, not at all!" Lan yelped as he hid behind Dr. Hikari.

"Ceylan can carry up to four quartonians or five humans," Stegotchi replied.

"So can you tell us how you know so much about Guren?" Dr. Hikari asked.

Stegotchi sighed as he closed his eyes and crossed his arms.

"I knew you'd ask that," Knuckles sighed, "Alright, I'll tell you everything I know about Guren Nash. Just save all questions at the end. And if you ask even one question, I'll stop talking for a week about subjects on Guren. So how about we start from when I first met him and his friends. It was a bit of a normal routine for me on Benham City..."