Its a year after Mr Peabody and Sherman was out) Penny is now Sherman's Girlfriend, He became friends with Streaky The

Supercat,Bow from II,Puffball from bfdia.It was Sherman's Birthday In 4 Days Penny and Streaky Talking. Penny:


should I get for Sherman's birthday. Streaky: a Phone , Marble Race I dont know .Bow appears,Hey guys do you want to

buy a chair Both : uhhh... no. Bow : okay but you should. Both: Okay. Bow leaves . Anyways how about a kiss for Sherman Streaky, Teased

Penny kicks streaky Streaky :Ow!, Oh i hear someone in danger! Streaky : Got go, Bye! Streaky Leaves. Penny's mind ( should I Kiss him ) One Hour Later , Streaky Returns Burnt

Streaky : Aggh !, You know sometimes I wish ,..Oh your gone. Penny Meets Sherman . Sherman : Hey . Penny : Hi , Listen Sherman Lovvvvvvvvvv...

The End Im Happen To Be New From Fanfiction Part Two Will Come Soon Bye