"Eren, take one more step closer to that titan and swear I will-," Levi growled as Eren ignored him and stepped closer to said titan.

"He's gonna touch the butt," whispered one his subordinates and Levi glared at them so hard he swore he saw their hair smolder.

Eren reached his hand up to touch the delectable booty of a 3 meter titan.

"Eren, you have the count of 3 to get your skinny ass back here before I rip you a new one." In response, Eren simply turn and smirked at Levi defiantly, smacking the titans' ass.

Levi started stomping toward Eren, very pissed and very unafraid of the titan despite his lack of gear because Levi is a hardcore badass.

They all watched, horrified, when Eren started to walk towards Levi fearlessly, only to make a very (un)manly noise when picked up by the owner of the nice titan rump.

"EREN," Levi screamed, sprinting after the titan, forgetting about being angry because that stupid bitch of a titan just took his Eren. Wait what? Eren may be under his supervision but that didn't mean he owned him.

Levi shook his head to clear his thoughts and continued sprinting towards the titan carrying Eren, shoving his way through a crown of Scouting Legion members. "Get out of my way, shitty brats," Levi yelled, pushing some to the ground, tripping and falling face first into the very eccentric Hanji, who promptly caught him and spun him around, ignoring his struggles and glares. "Oh my adowable wittle Wevi, what're you doing," Hanji question as they crushed "wittle Wevi" in a bear hug. "Let go, shitty glasses, I have to go fetch Eren," Levi growled out, pushing at their face. "SOMEONE'S KIDNAPPED EREN," Hanji screeched in his ear, immediately dropping Levi. "Which way, where, how when?!" "Oi, shitty glasses, this way," Levi sprinted in the direction that the titan took Eren, Hanji following him, eerily quiet for some reason.

"HEY WHAT'S THAT," Hanji yelled, flying past him on her 3DMG, snatching something up off the ground and holding it upside down. "I can't read it," they said, pouting. Levi simply shook his head and ran past them, desperate to get his little titan back, already missing the stupid brats golden emerald eyes. He was annoyed with Eren for getting kidnapped and was going to punish him dearly for making Levi worry.

Levi didn't shake his head this time, afraid of losing his balance and falling over.