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Chapter 58

Yang joins the battle! Reunited with her sister, Ruby battles on to hold the line with Blake, but a familiar dangerous foe reappears. With Blake injured, taking a blow meant for Ruby, the crimson haired girl breaks down at seeing the girl she loves struck down in front of her. Luckily, a rejuvenated Yang steps in and protects her as she clashes with Emerald! As the two fight, Ruby escapes with an injured unconscious Blake into the woods but Yang stands her ground with a reluctant Weiss as the two face overwhelming odds.

Chapter 59

As if things couldn't look even grimmer for both Yang and Weiss, Yang is feeling the aftereffects of the medicine she took earlier as her body is starting to fail her in battle. Inconvenienced with the loss of one eye and her body shutting down, Yang is on the verge of being bested in combat… until a friendly face arrives!

Chapter 60

Penny joins the fray as she and a small contingent of troops aid Yang and Weiss in their escape. Weiss guides a defeated and exhausted Yang away from the lost cause of a skirmish that Penny leads and escapes into the darkness. The General spends this time mulling over the loss of her forces and what is happening with the Kingdom of Vale at this very moment… not to mention her feelings for the unconscious blonde swordswoman who is with her as they ride into an uncertain future.

Chapter 61

Things do not go well for Penny as she fends off the Haven troops but she manages to escape, leading the enemies with her into the forest. Though she manages to lose them for a time through the thick wintery forest, she knows it's only a matter of time before they find her again… but she accidentally bumps into both Blake and Ruby! Penny quickly tells Ruby of the situation but the sounds of encroaching Haven troops has the orange haired Atlas soldier forcing Ruby to take Blake and get as far as possible away from there. Giving the redhead a small parting gift in the shape of her amulet, Penny waves a tearful Ruby farewell as she decides to make one final stand to buy the small mute girl and the unconscious Faunus enough time to escape the woods…

Chapter 62

Weiss arrives in the port town of Salem but soon discovers that it is under Haven control. Ditching her Vale armor and donning a disguise, she scours the streets for medicine, taking note of how the citizens of the town are under strict watch from the occupying Haven troops. She nurses a still weak Yang as the two of them are staying in an inn in the town while the two of them grow ever closer… though Weiss' heart can't help but turn cold at seeing her lands be slowly taken over by Haven. Doubt and guilt are present in the girl's mind and she begins to change… for better or for worse, she's not sure.

Chapter 63

Blake's in danger! While they escape immediate danger, Ruby notices as they've ridden for days now that Blake's condition has gotten worse! Struggling to keep on moving to elude Haven, the small scythe wielder grows more and more concerned for her Faunus lover. Risking to stop in a nearby town, Ruby risks it all and reverts to her old methods of stealing to survive. Swiping enough to hopefully nurse the Faunus back to health she's greeted by an unsuspecting face who follows her back to her injured friend.

Chapter 64

A blonde woman confronts Ruby! Scared and on edge, Ruby attacks this stranger who followed her into the woods where she and Blake have been hiding! Though the woman holds her own for a time, it's her words that cause Ruby to stop as she realizes that she's not her enemy. This stranger reveals herself to be none other than Tactician Glynda herself! Both she and Ruby quickly work to nurse Blake back to health while Glynda tells the latter of what has happened within the Kingdom.

Chapter 65

Finally nursed back to health after a week, Blake is quickly brought up to speed while both she and Ruby agree to follow Glynda's lead and descend further inland into Vale to meet with a few contacts with her. Not knowing what had become of both Yang and Weiss, the two know somehow that they are still alive and proceed with their own mission. They silently say a prayer for Penny, the one who let them get away and move on…

Chapter 66

Yang is back on her feet! She and Weiss though make plans to flee the country, recommending to use the boats that are still setting sail from the docks in the town. Though the ports are blockaded by Haven's navy, they notice that merchant ships with a permit are allowed to leave. Securing a safe passage by a Captain who still has love for Vale, they're next destination is back to Atlas to seek much needed help and refuge. Though before they leave, Yang notice a little girl who looks just like Weiss being harassed by Haven guards. Her sisterly instincts kick in and she rescues the girl at the expense of their cover. But Yang also learns a dark secret about the Schnee's shadowy past…

Chapter 67

Barely managing to evade capture, both Yang and Weiss escape Vale via a boat but not before meeting the low borne Schnee girl whom Yang had rescued named Snowflake. Leaving the girl with a parting gift so she could take care of herself, the blonde loaned the young Schnee the mysterious slender blade she had received from that stranger all those days ago out in the middle of nowhere. But during their long voyage, Yang asks Weiss about the Schnee's family history and learns of how the ruling Schnees are ruling for a reason. There are actually multiple sub-families of Schnees… that were hunted down long ago and crushed. Though it seems some survivors are still alive in Vale. Sub-families which Snowflake must've belonged to. Surprised by Weiss' indifference at the meeting of another Schnee, Yang notices that the girl she had fallen for has begun to change as they sail towards Atlas… but she also wonders how her little sister is doing.

Chapter 68 / 2nd ARC

It's been a whole year now since the takeover of Vale by Haven. Ozpin rules from behind the shadows with an overeager Cinder trying to assume the throne. Though she rules over the Kingdom with an iron fist, the citizens revolt under her tyrannical leadership. Ozpin proposes that Winter rule in her place but Cinder is having none of it, opting more than once to kill the Schnee to put an end of it. Whispers of weakness and dissent are present in her ranks every day she doesn't follow through with her threats and more than once Emerald tries to take matters into her own hands… But Cinder bides her time and waits, focusing more on crushing the uprisings popping up all over the occupied country.

Chapter 69

Yang continues to train, though she knows the day draws close when she and Weiss will both return to their motherland. Learning how to fight without her narrowed vision hampering her now, she grows accustomed to her one eye and new Atlasian Blade she had crafted. Though she knows she has grown stronger, she is still unsure of Weiss. Over the months the Schnee General has grown much more distant and cold, keeping to herself and rarely going out unless it is to confer with Ironwood about aid. Yang confides in an unlikely Atlas friend, Coco as the two of them talk… but though they both know Ironwood wouldn't send troops on Vale's behalf now that the Kingdom had fallen, Coco tells Weiss to know that she and a handful of her 1st Order troops will sneak aboard with them to return to Vale… and free it.

Chapter 70

Embedded within the resistance now, Ruby and Blake pride themselves as veteran members of the Vale army. Surrounded by fellow Vale patriots who wish to see an end of Haven rule over them, they train these militiamen and aid in guerrilla tactics against Haven supply caravans. Led by both Gylnda and Pyrrha, the Vale resistance grows ever closer in launching their combined attack against the surrounding towns of the Castle in order to draw of the infamous General of the Haven Marauders… High-General Emerald Sustrai.

Chapter 71

Still within the castle walls and one of the last surviving members of the Belladonna clan, Kateia Belladonna keeps to the shadows and learns of the inner turmoil of the nobles who have stayed with Vale. Hearing that they plot against Ozpin and his new position as Royal Steward to the puppet Queen Winter, Kat intervenes and relays the information to Adam. Though the move lets her gain even more trust with Adam, Kat's real motivation was to keep Ozpin in his position. If he was killed, the occurring power vacuum wouldn't benefit anyone but Empress Cinder… and hinder the rebel forces who plotted against her outside these walls.

Chapter 72

Gylnda and the rebels move against Haven and are met with victory with their skirmishes. Hit and run tactics as well as growing support from towns tired of Haven's oppressing rule have provided the resistance with more volunteers… but at what cost. Gaining the undivided attention of High-General Sustrai now… the dark skinned girl calls on the support of one Neo who quickly works on tracking down the resistance cells on her own.

Chapter 73

Disaster! Weeks have passed since their last successful mission and the resistance is quickly losing their ground as they're met with ambush after ambush! Though as they fall back to the hills to gather their strength, Blake catches sight of a familiar looking girl. Clashing with none other than Neo, is the Faunus outmatched?!

Chapter 74

The heated battle continues on as Haven troops rush the resistance encampment. Though as Blake tries to flee, she is injured by Neo. Though the sadistic multicolored assassin toys with the downed Faunus, an unlikely savior arrives in the form of a whitehaired girl wielding a long slender blade. Narrowly rescuing Blake and injuring Neo in the process… a Schnee descendant flees with Blake to the predetermined fallback point.

Chapter 75

Questions arise as everyone questions this new girl who almost resembles Weiss but they are all met with disappointment as they realize that it is not their beloved General but in fact a surviving member of the Schnee family. Snowflake arrives to join the resistance, telling her tale of how she was rescued by the famed Commander of the fabled Vanguards… and quickly gains the attention of Blake and Ruby. Though when she tells her of when she last saw Yang and Weiss, Blake and Ruby finally rest easy knowing it was a year ago and that they had been okay. But they have bigger problems now as they had lost a lot of ground… they hope that Weiss and Yang return to them in time. And soon.

Chapter 76

The day has finally arrived! Weiss, Yang, and a handful of 1st Order soldiers depart for Vale. Armed with new weapons, armor, and hearts full of revenge, the group sail across the open seas and contemplate how much their homeland has changed in their absence. Yang and Weiss bond a bit more as old feels flourish again while Coco laments to her desertion against Ironwood's orders… but she hopes she will reunite with Penny again in Vale.

Chapter 77

Kateia reunites with Gylnda and tells the surviving resistance fighters of the turmoil stirring within the Kingdom. Blake, surprised to see a fellow clan mate asks about her brother in which she learns the truth about Adam's treachery against the royal family. Hearts are heavy but determination is steady. Continuing to regroup and rearm, the resistance cells lick their wounds and get ready for their next move… But things between Blake and Ruby start to get rocky as the ebon haired Faunus distances herself to deal with the loss of her clan alone.

Chapter 78

Setting out to see it herself, Blake has Kat lead her within the Kingdom of Vale to see it with her own eyes. The city as she remembers it is nowhere to be seen. Poverty and darkness is all that encompasses the once glorious white kingdom. Watching the place she grew up in die with her very eyes, Blake swears an oath of vengeance against her once beloved brother and Winter. She acts hastily on it, infiltrating the castle but is soon overwhelmed as she quickly found out. Barely escaping with their lives, both Blake and Kat retreat back to the resistance to fight another day.

Chapter 79

Things between Blake and Ruby worsen as Blake continues to brush the smaller girl off. Tensions rise and when Blake finally yells at the smaller girl, it's only when tears of sadness are shed that bring the Faunus back to her senses. Reconciling with the redheaded girl she cared about deeply, it is here when Blake finally hears her name uttered by the girl she loves.

Chapter 80

Arrived! Yang and Co. finally hit land and quickly set out to get their bearings. But the first town they come across is Haven occupied. Furious and lusting for revenge, Weiss leads the charge headlong into battle, killing each and every Haven soldier in the town. Only when the last enemy is on the floor is when Weiss orders Coco and her 1st Order troops to raze the town, burning any and all citizens who housed the enemy. Bewildered with the order, Yang confronts her General but is met with a truly different Weiss who raises a hand to the blonde… Confused and hurt emotionally, Yang leaves the company of Weiss and the others and sets off on her own, unable to follow the girl she once held dear's orders.

Chapter 81

A week has passed and Yang is still alone. Falling into her old bad habits, it isn't long before she finds herself drifting into towns and drinking herself into a stupor. Though with every inn she visits, more and more grandiose tales of things she's done in the past leave her lips… and with Haven agents around every corner, it isn't long before the blonde is visited by a pair of twin bounty hunters out for blood.

Chapter 82

Clash! Back to her womanizing ways, Yang is visited by a pair of young twins. Eagar to forget about Weiss, the blonde visits a room with the girls but love isn't what's on their mind. Ambushed by them, the former Vanguard Commander is in a fight for her life against the deadly twin bounty hunters who turn out to be employed by Ozpin himself! Former Vale soldiers themselves, Melanie and Miltiades, deserters and traitors to the Vale army double-team Yang as they aim to kill the drunken warrior.

Chapter 83

Anger. Relying on anger once more, Yang pushes herself to dangerous levels to survive the ambush. Using the enclosed room they were fighting in to her advantage, the wild blonde managed to turn the tables and kill the two twins, though not before sustaining her own deadly almost fatal wounds. Fleeing the inn, the blonde barely is able to make it to the outskirts of the town before she collapses but not before hearing alarm bells sound in the distance and Haven horns sounding in quick succession. Lying face down in the dirt, crawling to conceal herself from encroaching troops, Yang's thoughts go out to Weiss and Ruby as she lie down, scared and in tears.

Chapter 84

Still alone in the wilderness and injured, Yang knows she's in a bad spot. Night has fallen now and the voices and footsteps of Haven grow ever closer. But she meets an unlikely friend… in the form of a wolf. At first she thinks she's going to be eaten by an animal… a pathetic way for her to go, but she soon notices that the beast is injured, just like her. Growling softly towards her, it soon collapses nearby. Feeling an odd kinship towards the animal, Yang gives the last of her rations towards the gray wolf to which it eagerly eats. She tells the beast her story, knowing her last moments were soon upon her as the predator's eyes watch her the entire time. But as soon as the last words leave Yang's mouth is she finally discovered… by none other than a face all too happy to see her. Neo.

Chapter 85

Weiss and the rest of the 1st Legion she led continue their path of vengeance along the coastal line of Vale, massacring any and all Haven patrols they come across. The former General is ruthless against any town she deems "unsavory" as she continues to kill anyone she sees as Haven supporters in cold blood. Though it isn't long she hears word from townspeople about resistance cells led by a one Gylnda. Hearing the familiar name, Weiss has a new goal in mind as she searches to meet up with her former mentor, though thoughts of Yang linger on her mind.

Chapter 86

Captive… strung up, tortured, and barely hanging on… Yang endures her mental and physical breakdown by the sadistic Neo. Naked, bloodied, and completely at the short assassin's mercy, Yang silently begs for the end to come soon. Given up on any sort of rescue or redemption, the blonde teeters on the brink but her torturer takes pleasure in keeping her there, careful to never kill her prey. Alone with her thoughts, Yang retreats to her mind and relives her past and wonders what she could have done differently. She calls out for Weiss with every lash she receives, Calls for her younger sister Ruby for every stab embedded into her body, and begs for her mother with extremity pulled. Though that isn't all her torturer does to her as when the sun falls, whimpers can be heard from her prison. And it's when Yang learns just how much terror Neo can instill in her.

Chapter 87

Growing tired with the unresponsive blonde now, Neo contemplates finally killing her prey, almost feeling sorry for the blonde with how far she pushed her. Leaving Yang to her own devices for the night, Yang's once lively lilac eye is now dim as it rests on the full moon, visible from the room she was enclosed in and she is reminded of images of Ruby. As a single tear leaves her eye, a howl in the distance gains her attention before voices and shouts are heard. It isn't before a sight which she had never thought was possible is seen from her view as a gray wolf enters her vision from outside before disappearing. More shouts and screams are heard and Yang grasps the one emotion which has saved her countless times for one final task. To escape this hell… Using the chaos happening just outside, the blonde sets her plan in motion.

Chapter 88

Getting the guards' attention from outside her room, Yang uses the last of her strength to create a diversion and escape. Though she's naked and unarmed, she finds her unlikely savior in the form of the wolf from the forest. Disbelieving such a thing but not taking it for advantage, Yang and her canine friend throw off the disarrayed camp before losing them in the woods… it's here that she names her beast "Zwei". Meaning two in Vale's ancient tongue which she learned from Weiss long ago, explaining that the beast has saved her twice now… Now from the torture and before in the woods… when she almost let herself die from her wounds.

Chapter 89

Securing a meeting with a resistance cell, Weiss awaits the visitors in a Vale aligned town with her Legion comrades. Though as the time comes for their arranged meeting, a Haven ambush instead greets her. Fighting wildly and angrily, Weiss and Co defeat the ambush but not before they notice that their arranged contacts were in fact hunting the very Haven troops they had just fought… And their contacts were none other than Snowflake and Kateia…

Chapter 90

Brought to the Rebel encampment as fast as possible, Weiss soon meets up with old friends. Ruby, Blake, and the others are all but glad to see Weiss, Coco and the others now and information is exchanged. It's not soon after that news of deaths and misfortune are exchanged. Coco learns the fate of Penny, hearing she held a last stand against Haven to ensure Ruby and Blake's survival, Ruby is distraught to hear that Yang had returned to Vale with Weiss… only to abandoned her soon after, and Weiss breaks at the hearing of her mother and father's death with Winter's ambitious rise to the top with Ozpin's help.

Chapter 91

Assuming command once more, Weiss tries to lead the resistance into bigger and bolder battles against Haven, much to Gylnda's concern. Both Pyrrha and Gylnda notice Weiss' change and try to advise her against brash actions, but the white haired girl doesn't listen. She has vengeance on the mind as she sacrifices rebel lives for her revenge as they win bloody battles but at terrible costs.

Chapter 92

Seeing the inevitable battle looming on the horizon, Gylnda tasks Blake and Kat with recruiting any and all fighters they can find in the surrounding towns. Joined by Ruby and Snowflake respectively, the teams of two set out to find others who disapprove of Haven's rule. Blake and Ruby soon encounter a familiar face as Ren is found once more, leading a band of misfits in protecting a small village against Haven patrols. Kat and Snowflake however find a lead to an old soldier who is leaving blood and destruction in their wake as a trail of dead Haven and White Fang soldiers alike are left behind in towns as they follow the trail.

Chapter 93

Growing ever impatient in waiting, Weiss bides her time with visions of how she'll kill Ozpin and claim the crown for herself. Planning to rule alone and without mercy against any and all who would speak out against the new Vale, she grabs the concern of Coco who tries to reach her old friend to no avail. Though behind closed doors, Weiss breaks down, broken and afraid as she curses her late parents, having warned them of this happening. She cries herself to sleep, mumbling Yang's names before the nightmares take her away.

Chapter 94

As the two, Snowflake and Kateia continue their search for this soldier who could singlehandedly best multiple Haven troops, they pass through multiple towns who each give them a different description of the fighter. The two girls bond a bit in their travels but their much differing personalities clash multiple times as they finally meet face to face with their target.

Chapter 95

Yang is found by Snowflake and Kateia who quickly bring the famed Vanguard commander to speed with what has been happening in the months she's been away. Though hearing that Weiss has met up with them, Ruby is fine, and seeing Snowflake matured and still carrying the same blade she gave her all that time ago, Yang and her companion Zwei tagalong to the rebel hideout to meet back with everyone.

Chapter 96

Cinder and her occupying Haven forces incite civil war inside the Vale Kingdom walls. Tired of Ozpin's delays and excuses, the Haven Empress moves to secure her rightful position and annex all of Vale under her rule. Tasking Emerald with securing the borders of the Castle to not let anyone in or out, the fearsome Marauders patrol the inner realm of Vale while Adam and his new position with in the White Fang scout to find the rebels and to confirm these odd sightings of Weiss Schnee that have been popping up. Meanwhile within the castle, Ozpin plans to hold his ground and manipulate Winter even more so to secure his position as "King" of Vale to rule beside her.

Chapter 97

The gang's all together again! Yang finally sees her sister after all this time! It's a tearful reunion as tears are shed once more. But when Yang confronts Weiss again, both are unsure how to act or feel. It's only when Zwei sniffs and rubs his head against the Schnee's leg that Yang embraces her General. It's a time of comfort and relief for the ex-Order of the White Lion soldiers as the survivors all catch up and have a joyous time in their celebration. But doubt and darkness looms as the time to strike nears.

Chapter 98

Days later, Gylnda receives word from an unlikely contact that within the walls of Vale chaos is ensuing. The time to strike is now! Leading the charge at the sun's first rise, Weiss and her patriotic rebellion of soldiers march forward towards Vale. During their march each one of them share their last feelings and thoughts with one another knowing full well that after today… everything was going to change.

Chapter 99

Arriving at the gates of Vale, all are disheartened to see the former glorious Kingdom in such disarray. Battle has already raged and Gylnda informs Weiss that they have allies within the keep. Former-General Cardin Winchester has been secretly leading a revolt within the Kingdom and keep tabs on both Cinder's Haven troops and Ozpin's loyalist faction, adding a surprise element to the civil war going on. Using the chaos to her advantage, Weiss launches a full head-on attack towards the interior of the castle with Yang, Blake, Ruby, and the others right by her side. Though it isn't long before the merry group splits in the hectic battle that ensues and each of them are met with former foes…

Chapter 100

Old memories resurface as Ruby finally comes face to face with her former torturer and the one who killed Velvet all that time ago. Plagued with the haunting visions of her old friend being beheaded in front of her eyes over and over, the small girl launches into a frenzy to avenge her first friend she's ever made! Meanwhile, Blake confronts her own brother and after a heated dialogue, blades clash as Adam tries to plead with his sister to no avail.

Chapter 101

The battle rages on outside as the rebels push further and further into the Kingdom's inner sections. But both Weiss and Yang managed to move ahead of the pack, taking a secret royal tunnel to lead into the main White Castle. Though once they get inside, they are met with none other than both the Empress and Ozpin engaged in their own personal duel. Shocked by the arrival of Weiss and Yang, a clash erupts before Ozpin retreats further into the castle's walls, leaving the Empress to face the two girls alone.

Chapter 102

Gone berserk! Yang loses it at the sight of Empress Cinder, memories of her mother being killed coming back to her. Yelling at Weiss to go after Ozpin, Weiss leaves her lover to fight the Empress alone with her wolf companion and heads further into the castle to find Ozpin and her sister, Winter. Yang however seems to be no match for the competent tactician and archer, Cinder as she continuously hinders the former Commander at every turn. Right when things are looking dark for Yang, her faithful Zwei sacrifices himself for her, taking an arrow to the neck and setting Yang off past the edge.

Chapter 103

Ruby and Jason's battle continues but the scythe wielder proves to be the better fighter as she fells her opponent, much in the same fashion as he did to her friend, finally avenging Velvet. Blake on her end fights with her brother still but she could never best the older sibling. It's only when her pleas of asking him for a reason on why he betrayed the clan reach him that Adam allows himself to be stabbed by Blake's sword. The elder Belladonna breathes his last breaths but not before whispering one last secret to his beloved sister with a smile never leaving his lips.

Chapter 104

Yang and Cinder's battle comes to a close! One out of arrows, the other cut up so bad that she can't use her weapon. In a fight with only rage and willpower propelling her now, Yang manages to get the upper hand on Cinder, finally incapacitating the ebon haired Empress. Only when the two of them are lying on the ground, separated by only a few feet that Cinder retells the tale of the legacy that was laid before her. A legacy that was now shattered as she failed. Dead now, Yang regards Cinder not as another enemy but as another person who has suffered as much as she had in this world before Yang herself closes her eyes and drifts in and out of consciousness.

Chapter 105

The long awaited meeting finally happens! Weiss and Ozpin clash! Few words are spoken before Weiss goes on the offensive, attacking like a wild animal. She is met with failure as her former teacher evades her blows, all while mocking her. Toying with Weiss some more, Ozpin calls for Winter who shows up and belittles Weiss before engaging her herself as the two sisters do battle, much to Weiss' horror and anger.

Chapter 106

The battle ends with one sister dead at the other's feet. Delivering the killing blow without batting an eye, Weiss turns her bloodied rapier to Ozpin next as they continue their duel, with Ozpin relaying how he killed her parents. Losing ground to her anger, it isn't until Yang enters that Weiss gains the upper hand, with Yang catching Ozpin with a knife in his shoulder before the blonde collapses from losing blood.

Chapter 107

Weiss bests Ozpin! Felling the older snake, Weiss sticks him through the throat, forever ending his lies and manipulations with her sword. Rushing to aid Yang, she wakes the blonde before the two of them finally realize that it's over… they won. Getting to her feet to hug the new "Queen" of Vale as Yang jokingly calls Weiss, she catches a glimpse of an arrow flying right towards Weiss' back. Quickly moving to push her love out of the way, Yang takes the arrow meant for Weiss… much to the former Princess' horror. But with one last gift to give the Schnee, Yang turns and throws her last knife towards the culprit, catching Emerald in the neck… who was wielding the deceased Cinder's war bow.

Chapter 108 / Epilogue

It's been two weeks since the retaking of Vale and things continue to be hectic but today will be an exception with the Kingdom's walls at least. Today's the day of Weiss' crowning… she will be the new Queen of Vale. After the battle, she quickly reformed a standing army for Vale who was tasked with clearing out any and all Haven and White Fang intruders within their borders, close to the Kingdom, led by High General Pyrrha herself. Reforming the armies was going to take work but she had the personal to lead them now, she remembered, she wasn't alone to shoulder the burdens. But as she stepped out to receive the honor to become Queen, she first unveiled the renaming of the White Castle to "Dragon's Citadel" in honor of her ex-lover Yang. The blonde having lost her life having taken that arrow for her. Ordering a statue of the blonde to be erect within the Citadel's garden as well as naming her new elite unit to be led by High-General Coco called the "Golden Berserkers" in memory of her.

In the coming months, Weiss would become a firm and tightfisted ruler but she wasn't unfair. She would never take on another lover, still keeping herself still tied to Yang, wielding the large blade she used in her final battle as well. Weiss surrounded herself only with trusted comrades and rarely ventured outside the Dragon's Citadel, opting to have Gylnda be her Advisor to public affairs.

She would soon also start up an Order led by Blake herself, tasked with finding former Haven dissidents who were of higher rank. Not to mention the former Vanguard member Jay which Ruby herself was pursuing.

Cardin Winchester would be granted his nobility back and he would be in charge of the Kingdom's royal guards, tasked with keeping order and peace with the walls of the Kingdom of Vale.

Weiss would also give the sub-Schnee Snowflake a chance at redeeming her family's past exile and letting the girl join the ranks of the army. Though Weiss knew Snow grew some kind of attachment to Yang, Weiss herself couldn't bring herself to want to get along with her distant cousin, much to the other's sadness.

Though Ren was offered a title and rank within the newly reformed Vale, he refused, opting to return to Nora's old hometown to take care of her younger sisters in the late Nora's steed, picking up on the craft of blacksmithing.

There would be sightings of a multicolored assassin girl around Vale and the bordering kingdom of Signal but anytime Blake's agents would go to investigate, they would never find the rumored Haven assassin, with sometimes the agents never even returning.

As for the traitor Jay though, the Faunus would never be able to live her life in peace. Forever having to look over her shoulder, the lioness Faunus herself knew her days were numbered. A crimson cloaked scythe wielding girl was hunting for her, relentlessly and ruthlessly, even putting that mission above all else. It would be months, maybe even years, but Ruby would never stop hunting the traitor down. And she would kill her, without mercy.

But as the years go by and Weiss' new Kingdom flourished over time, she would never forget the blonde rebellious girl whom she met that day out in the training fields. The one who changed her life forever and captured her heart to this day. The one who taught her so many life lessons and hardships.

She would never forget her Commander and lover.

She'd never forget Yang.