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Chapter 6:Popular

"What is your name?"

"Draco Malfoy"

"Do you serve Voldermort?"

"Ye-yes!" I replied through short breaths trying to force my words through the pain that suddenly riddled my sides. "I will al-always serve him." I spat out, tears burning my eyes. I wasn't crying because I was scared, no, my body was in so much pain it started crying on its own.

"Do you know anything about Harry Potter?" He asked

"No" I replied and I screamed as hard as I could. It felt as if thousands of ants had crawled inside my body and were eating it from the inside out. The grander the lie, the grander the pain and right now it was right fucking brutal.

"Again!" Snape said with a wave of his hand.

"He's an annoying prat." I hissed. Snape just rolled his eyes and sneered at me and the pain eased at the truth.

"Will Harry Potter die at the hands of the Dark Lord?"

" Ticky, tricky Professor. God I hope so." The minute the words left my mouth pain like a thousand needles piercing my skin shot up my spine into my teeth.

I never knew what pain tasted like before this. Now I knew. Like bitter medicine stuck in the back of you throat or whatever sludge Snape had made me drink. Gah!" I screamed. I had tried to be snide about my answers but the pain it resulted in blurred my vision.

"Draco, you still aren't good enough to hide your thoughts let alone your facial expressions." Snape hissed. The look of disappointment I knew far too well etched on his face.

I spat out the coppery taste of blood from my mouth and smiled at him as wide as I could. "But not bad for it being my second day right?" I asked. Snape's hook nose twitched and I couldn't say if it was with displeasure or pride.

"Yes, you are doing well for your second day." He said. I tried to beam through the pain but I was sure it came out looking somewhat mental. "But you could be better and I'm nowhere near using my full force." I groaned in retaliation.

"Something to look forward to it seems." I said. Pain lashed through my veins causing my head to swing back and slam into the chair. "When the bloody hell is this going to stop hurting?"

"It should be out of your system in a few seconds. We are done for now. Go get patched up." Snape sighed.

"No, I can do it myself." I stated as he unlatched the straps that held me down against the old wooden chair. Instantly the blood came rushing back into my fingertips with each pulse of my heart.

"I don't care how you do it. Just make sure you are ready. You don't have classes tomorrow so I will be putting you through an amount of pain that will be worse than you have ever felt in your life." Snape said with a slight tinge of remorse that was gone in seconds and I gulped at his words. I knew this already and yet it still scared me. Sadly I wasn't sure if he would be correct in that statement. My past held more pain than anything physical could match, but it still did sting… a lot.

I massaged my sore bruised wrists with a sigh and a nod before leaving his office only to be dragged away by Madam Pomfrey anyways. "Let me go you cow." I snarled as harsh as I could, but she just tightened her grip and pulled me kicking and screaming into the infirmary. I knew my fight was futile just as it was yesterday but I couldn't stop acting like a child. That would be too obvious. The problem I had was that I actually could take care of myself. It seemed my past knowledge had actually improved my abilities. Now if I could just get the damn patronus to work I'd be set for the next few years to come. I felt another harsh tug against my robe. "Bloody hell woman, Have you been taking those muggle steroids? You have the strength of a damn ox."

Madam Pomfrey clicked her tongue against her teeth in agitation. "Mr. Malfoy. Keep being cheeky yapping and I will make sure your healing process is a painful one." She stated obviously annoyed that she had to deal with me today.

"Well I'll be Madam Pomfrey, seems you do have a little bite to back up that strength of yours."

"More than you know Mr. Malfoy. Professor Snape and Professor Dumbledore had urged me to take care of your injuries and I will be damned sure to do just that. Even if you act like a little spoiled brat." There wasn't any malice in her voice just annoyance. I slumped my shoulders and allowed her to continue dragging me along. Not that I would have been able to have fought her off with this 12 year old body of mine but I was going to make damn sure it was going to be a pain for her as well.

"Madam Pomfrey?" Every hair on my body curled and my body froze at the voice that called out for the old bat.

"Miss Granger. Is there a problem I may assist you with?" I turned my head to the side trying to hide whatever bruising that could have been showing on my face.

I did not need to deal with this right now and just the sound of buck toothed Granger was starting to rub me the wrong way. Especially since every time she talked or looked at me, all I could remember was the dream. I pushed off Madam Pomfrey's hand from my cloak with a small grunt. I could feel Granger's eyes boring through the back of my head.

"Actually, not me. Seamus Finnigan blew himself up again in Mrs. McGonagall's class… Is everything alright?" Granger asked and I could feel her step closer trying to see what was wrong with me.

"That is none of your concern Miss Granger." Madam Pomfrey sighed.

"Piss off Granger. If you don't mind I can find my own way you old cow. Go deal with Finnigan before he blows up the rest of the bloody damn school." I hissed before fixing my cloak and made my way towards the infirmary. Each step felt like I was stepping on fire but I had to at least pretend I was fine.

"Very well Mr. Malfoy. However if you are not in the infirmary when I get there, there will be hell to pay." I groaned at her words.

"Can't really promise that." I replied.

"Very well then. Miss Granger, will you please make sure Mr. Malfoy actually goes to the infirmary?" I paused at Madam Pomfrey's words and turned around glaring at her with all of my might. I hadn't really thought that action through until I heard Granger gasp in horror. I had to admit it hurt like hell but it wasn't that bad. Not enough that she had to look at me with pity.

"Don't bother. I can find my own way and fix myself." I growled. I turned on my heels and left the women behind. I could hear the tapping of small feet as they tried to catch up with me and I was too tired to run from her so I stopped till the footsteps slowed down. "What is it you want Granger?" I couldn't hold back my annoyance. She wasn't even supposed to be here. Things were starting to change and I was not keen on figuring out what was going to happen in our future.

"Are you ok?" Granger asked her voice filled with actual concern. It felt nice for a change. Having someone actually care about me. Father just told me what to do and threw money at me like it would have helped me feel loved. Malfoy's and love… that was a funny thought. A warm hand pressed against my shoulder and turned me around. Her long brown hair was tousled like a lions mane around her awkwardly large head and her eyebrows were bushy as ever. What was wrong with me? Just looking at her caused my pulse to quicken and her lips were so cute and pouting. Damn it Malfoy! Get a grip! "What happened to you?"

I brushed her hand away with a flick of my wrist and I could feel myself cringe at the hurt written on her face. "I'm fine. Shouldn't you be running around making sure Potter and Weasel breath keep out of trouble?" I grumbled. "Go stick your nose in a book and leave me alone. I'm not desperate enough to get help form a muggle."

"Fine you pompous twit." She huffed, obviously annoyed by my retort. "Excuse me for caring, and here I thought Harry was right about you." She turned to leave and for some reason I didn't want her to. My hand reached out and grabbed hers.

"Wait." Oh Salazar, my body moved on it's own. Shit this is fucking awkward. Granger turned to me her eyes wide as saucers before they shot down to stare at our hands. I let go of her, pulling away as if she was lava burning my flesh and I could feel the blush rushing into my face. These hormones were going to be the death of me. I was acting like a schoolboy… granted technically I was just that. "Um I mean." I stumbled over the words unsure what to say exactly. I couldn't even look her in the eye right now. I tried to scratch the back of my head to seem more kept together but it felt awkward and rigid. I was acting like a bloody wanker.

"Yes?" She asked. She was as confused as I was. Letting out a deep breath I knew there was one thing I had to do and I knew my brain was going to stop acting like a muddled mess afterwards. I mean if I kiss her I knew my brain and body would be utterly disappointed. It's Granger for Merlin sake. It'll be exactly like having to kiss Pansy… or a dog. No, less than a dog, she was a damn muggle right? Surely Draco Malfoy couldn't fall for a damn mudblood… right? I shook my head a few times, clearing it of all the questions and confusion that filled it. Who was I kidding? I wanted to do this damn it.

I place a hand against her cheek, my thumb lightly stroking her soft skin.

Her large brown eyes went wide with confusion. I leaned in, determined to place a chaste kiss on her lips but the second I was close enough to smell the ink against her skin I back peddled. Nope, I can't. That would be just so wrong she was bloody 11! Granted I'm 12 right now but still that was aside the point. My body was 12 but my brain was 18 and it felt weird. I pinched her cheek lightly and she yelped in surprise. .

"Thanks." I said before turning on my heels as quickly as possible. I didn't even look to see what her face looked like right now because for the life of me I needed to get away. There was no way I was letting her see the fire burning in my cheeks and ears, so I ran.

Well tried to, mostly hobbled quickly.

"You can't be serious!" Weasel breath screamed with the same frequency as a damn bloody mermaid. "You want to hang out with that prat? Like on purpose?" He had always gotten on my nerves, and it wasn't like I ASKED them to hang out with me. Potter for some reason has it in his head that I was some sort of good guy. I sort of needed the distraction though. For a second there in the hallway I was actually thinking about kissing Granger.

"You look horrible."

"Thanks a lot Potter, also I am right here, you ignoramus. Stop screeching like a little priss and why are you lug nuts in here anyways?" I growled, pushing myself off the bed. Madam Pomfrey of course, was nowhere in sight as usual. "Let me rephrase that. How did you guys know I was in here?"

"Hermione." Both Weasley and Potter chimed in unison.

"Of course she would." I grumbled. . "Shouldn't you two be hanging out with the big ugly oaf or something?"

"Haven't you been in the infirmary a lot lately?" Potter asked ignoring my question with his own. His tone was filled with concern and it irked me. Tiny prickles of disgust ran up my spine at the sound of Potter, caring.

"As touching as your concern is Potter. I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself and for your next question no, I don't want to be your boyfriend." I stated with a sigh of annoyance clearly pronounced in my tone.

"I told you he was mental." Weasley said.

"Oh look, Malfoy made a funny and here we were thinking your personality was beaten out of you as well." Potter stated with a small smirk.

"Or his family just wasn't born with one except for EVIL." Weasley stated with a stupid pompous grin on his face like he was so proud of that little quip.

"Oh like yours were just born to be poor?" I asked. Weasley's fist tightened as his face scrunched up in anger.

"Malfoy." Harry chided.

"What? Literally his family has always been poor throughout their whole ancestrygenerations. Well till…" I paused thinking about the twins and their little joke shop. "Anyways, as I said before. Weasel breath needs to know that if he's willing to say shit to people, he needs to be able to fucking take it as well." I hissed.

"LANGUAGE MR. MALFOY!" Madame Pomfrey screeched. For the love of Merlin of course, it was my fucking luck that Madam Pomfrey decided to walk back into the infirmary right at that moment.

"Yes Madam Pomfrey." I groaned. I turned back over to the annoyances. "Why are you two here again?"

" Because it's going to be Christmas break soon." Potter said.

"How does that have anything to do with me?" I asked unsure of where this conversation was going. I had no idea what happened that last Christmas of this year but I knew Snape wouldn't give me time off. Not that I would want to. I didn't want to deal with my father right now.

"I don't know why you're asking him. Of course Malfoy's going home for Christmas."

"Actually Weasley. I'm not. I have things to take care of here." I replied as haughtily as I could. Potter rolled his eyes. Potter was cheekier in this timeline than the last.

That innocence and joy wasn't going to be there forever. I knew that all too well. In the next four years… all hell will break loose. There had to be a way to ready him for the onslaught coming his way. The problem was the more I seemed to help the more different this world became.

"Oh your parents finally realize what a prat you are?" Weasley interjected. Ok now I wasn't going to feel bad about taking Hermione away from this dolt. I grabbed my wand. Weasley backed away scared like a little twit and Potter scrambled to stand in front of him.

"Oh piss off Weasley. I'm not going to attack you." I groaned pointing the wand at myself and flicked it. "Episkey." Heat filled my face and body. I could feel the little fractures the bruises all mend themselves on their own. My jaw clenched and I grit my teeth together at the pain.

"Bloody hell. We haven't even learned that one yet." Weasley said. His mouth gaping open like a damned codfish.

"You two really should." I groaned. They really did need to know it but I was going to keep the little fact that it hurt like fucking hell a secret. "What about Christmas?"

"Well Ron and I are going to be here." Potter replied.

"And I care because?" I asked.

"Because you will be alone?"


"You could be less alone."

"I'm sorry Potter. Did I do something that made you think we were friends?" I asked with as much annoyance as I could.

"I told you it was pointless. Malfoy's can't be nice to anyone. It's not in their blood." Weasley said with a little snarl. "Come on Harry let's go."

"Fine. Seems like we outstayed our welcome." Potter added with a small shrug.

The door closed behind them and I leaned back into the infirmary bed. We weren't meant to be friends. The doors opened back up with a bang as Crabbe and Goyle thundered through the room. "There you are."

"Have you finished stuffing yourselves like pigs?" The two nodded their heads and held out their hands. There wereweres a few treats, a muffin, a pumpkin pasty, and a simple caramel in their mitts. I grabbed the caramel and waved off the other items.

"You're becoming really popular. I mean at first people were tuffed about loosing to Gryffindor but you made up for it in the last three games by catching the snitch every time. I mean you're amazing!" Goyle muttered through his stuffed fat cheeks.

"Of course I'm amazing. Did you think otherwise?" I asked puffing out my chest with pride. I did actually enjoy hearing about my exploits. I was almost the smartest kid in the whole school… without trying might I add. Though that was kind of cheating but no one had to know that. I did however have outside homework in each class that Professor Dumbledore and Snape had explicitly told them to give me.

"Are you going home for Christmas?" Crabbe asked. I groaned at the question.

"Why is everyone asking me about Christmas?"

"Mr. Malfoy. If you are all better please leave." Madame Pomfrey groaned in annoyance.

"Very well then. I'll show myself out." I shifted my way off the bed, grunting to Crabbe and Goyle to follow me.

"I will see you tomorrow." I cringed at the thought and Madame Pomfrey sounded way too happy about that fact like she found pleasure in seeing me all bloody and broken. Then again, I wasn't really making her life easy. I would have to rethink my strategy, especially if I was going to have to see the old bat every day for the next five years.

"MALFOY!" I cringed at the voice. Pansy came out from behind the door with some more sweets and a look of concern filled her face.

"Oh yeah Pansy's here." Crabbe mumbled through bites.

"Got that… you numbskull." I said with a snarl. I turned to Pansy and let out a sigh of annoyance. "What do you want?"

"Are you ok?" She asked.

"Obviously." I replied harshly. The edges of her lips turned downward and stared at the floor. It is so hard being a nice person. How the hell do people put up with this crap? "Are those for me?" She looked back up at me with a bright smile and handed me her gifts.

"Thank Merlin I got here before the others." Pansy sighed. Nodding my head before the words really entered my brain. I took a step forward and stopped, furrowing my brows in confusion.

"Wait. What others?" I asked. Footfalls thundered in the distance and I looked up to see ten girls and some blokes make their way to me. Some carrying gifts while others smiled as they saw me from the distance. "Who are they?"

"Your fan club." Pansy stated obviously annoyed. Odd, I would have thought she would be the president of it, rather than hating it. I had to ignore the rush of excitement that ran through me. I had fans? Before, people only wanted me for my family's name or money but actual fans?

"Wait, seriously?" I asked. Crabbe, Goyle, and Pansy nodded their heads together like one sickening three-headed monster. Holy shit, I could get used to this.

The group made their way to me and one of the girls pushed Pansy aside to hand me her gift. I received a few pats on my back as they talked while I just smiled and nodded. They were talking all at once and It all sounded like a mumble of "glad you look better" or "do you need anything?" or the overall "what happened?" questions. I could feel myself beaming, soaking in the admiration. Is this how Potter felt after all those quidditch games? After winning the house cup year after year?

Did I even have the time for that? The thought was sobering to this new rush of pride that muddled my brain. I didn't want to regret anything anymore. I wanted to be the better person then I was in my past. This was great and all, but I had a priority. Though, who said I couldn't have a little fun? I looked up and was taken by surprise because there, at the end of the hallway staring at me was Granger.

Our eyes met for a split second and I didn't know if I should smile or if my face could even work properly, but before I could finalize an emotion she turned away to leave. I handed everything in my hands and pushed past the group with quick apologies and see you laters.

"Malfoy? Where are you going?" Crabbe asked. I had to hand it to the lug, probably buy him a treat or something because Granger stopped and turned around to see what was happening. Her eyes went wide when she saw me walking towards her.

"What are you doing here Granger?" I asked stopping when there was a good meter between us. Her eyes searched for an answer.

"I – I needed to see Madam Pomfrey." She replied and I let out a light hum. Something I didn't even know I did.

"Are you sure you didn't come to see me?" I asked with a smirk plastered on my face. Her eyes narrowed and her chin jutted out in determination.

"No. You arrogant prick." I shrugged at her words though the smile never left my face. I couldn't have gotten rid of it even if I had tried, and I really didn't want to either.

"Too bad. Well, she's all yours." I replied with a small nod and made my way past her towards the stairwell mentally patting myself on the back at my performance. She would think about that conversation the whole time she was back in her muggle world and it made me skip with every step I took.

I woke up the next morning filled with dread. Today was to be the first day of our winter break but here I was; in an empty room looking forward to some self-mutilation. Technically, it was torture but I asked for it so… I shook my head of the thoughts. It wasn't going to be a pleasant day but the silence coming from Slytherin house helped me think about my next moves and for once, relax.

I rolled out of bed and tossed on my clothes meticulously. There wasn't anyone to look nice for but it would be un-Malfoy like to run around like a slob. Even if the end result was me stuck in the infirmary. My reflection was a little unnerving. It was still hard to see myself in the mirror even after these last few months. The youthfulness I felt was being slowly chipped away; even with all the magic my eyes lacked the glimmer I once remembered. Maybe I was just delusional and I always looked like this. I slicked my hair back and plastered a smile on my face that hurt my cheeks and made my way down to the main hall.

The halls were quiet minus the soft Christmas songs that echoed through the hallways. Probably the professors decided it would be cheery to set up a few music spells. One hall was bells, another a harp, and one hallway the ghosts were singing. I peeked around the corner to see Nearly headless nick unhappily singing carols. Someone probably thought it was hilarious to cast Cantis on him for the holidays.

"Malfoy!" I stopped and sighed before turning around to look at Potter.

"What?" I asked briskly as he walked towards me with Weasley in tow, whom seemed less pleased than I about this situation.

"You heading down for breakfast?"

"Seems that way doesn't it?"

"You don't have to be such a twit."

"Actually I do. I'll die if I don't make your life a living hell Weasley." Weasley sneered at me and my whole day just perked up. "Fine. I'll honor you with my presence."

Weasley made a few gagging noises that I just ignored and Potter rolled his eyes. "You can just say yes you're going to join us."

I scoffed. "Honestly, I think I'd rather have a mouthful of slugs than say that."

"Sounds delicious, you should try it Malfoy. It may just be the thing you've been missing all your life." Weasley mumbled under his breath.

"No thanks, but you can tell me all about it." I retorted leaving the ginger confused to what I meant.

We made our way to the great hall and sat down ignoring the separation. There weren't enough people at Hogwarts to care about the usual seating arrangements. There were a few Hufflepuffs that sat closer to Harry and Ron while there were a couple Ravenclaws that sat next to me. Who knew being a smart ass and one of the top two in school would land me a few Ravenclaw fans?

"I can't believe you of all people are popular." Weasley groaned through his mouthful of food causing my neck to tingle with disgust.

"Hasn't anyone told you not to chew with your mouth open you obnoxious heathen? And what is so surprising about that?" I asked ignoring the plate of food in front of me. As hungry as I was, I had to contemplate the fact that if I ate too much I would more than likely toss up anything in my stomach during the interrogation.

"Yeah?" One of the girls next to me chimed in with support. "He's super smart and mature." Potter choked on his drink and Weasley snorted out some of his through his nose. I leaned back trying to avoid the crossfire.

"That is absolutely disgusting." I said my lips curling with disgust at the butter beer substance that was splattered against the table.

"Are you girls mental?" Weasley asked when he finally got a hold of himself again.

"Is it really that surprising?" I added, still keeping my distance from the lot in case he had another fit. "They have great tastes in character."

"I don't think I'm hungry anymore." Potter said pushing his plate away from himself.

"Like you're one to talk." I groaned.

"You're a wanker Malfoy." Potter added with a small smirk.

"Apparently a popular one." I replied with a shrug. "If you ask nicely I may even be willing to give you advice."

"I'll pass on that." He replied with a snort.

"Harry doesn't need your lessons he has fans." Weasley interjected. I threw my head back and groaned at the headache that was forming.

"I want you to lie to every question today." Snape said and I nodded my head. My wrists ached already and the bitter taste of whatever the bloody hell he gave me oozed down my throat like syrup.

"Fine." I stated. He nodded his head before he sat down in his chair, leaned forward, and pressed his fingers together,

"How did your mother take the fact that you will not be going home for Christmas?" Snape asked.

"Fairly normal. She never wanted me there anyways." I replied trying to keep a bored look on my face as pain wretched through my sides at the lie. The taste of copper, the warm feeling of blood filled my mouth and rolled over my tongue. Pain filled my senses and I couldn't think about what he had just asked me seconds ago.

"Not horrible, a few more years and I am sure you will be able to control the bleeding."

"Thanks." I grumbled ignoring the taste of copper coating my tongue..

"How did you gain your dark mark?" Snape asked. My lips curled at his question. That was low.

"By being an idiot." That was true.

"Lie Malfoy." Snape chided noticing my lack of discomfort.

"By killing a hundred muggles in his name." I replied through clenched teeth, though what pained me more was that I probably would have if that was my mission. I would have been more open to it than I was to killing Dumbledore.

"HOW?" His booming question echoed off the stone walls back into my ears causing them to ring.

"I DON'T KNOW!" I screamed causing a stabbing pain to shoot through my arms. Snape grabbed his wand and pointed it towards me. His anger etched deep into his face at my lack of cooperation.

"TELL ME!" Snape screamed. I mustered everything in my power to keep a straight face. Beads of sweat ran down my face, stinging my eyes as I glared at him.

"I killed Dumbledore." For a second I couldn't tell if he believed me or not. Confusion washed over his face and the wand dropped ever so slightly from his grip. I couldn't focus anymore. Everything around me was dim and my head felt light. Before I knew what was happening everything turned black.

By the time I woke up I knew I was back in infirmary. The stench of herbs almost made me want to gag.

"You passed out." Snape stated as if anticipating my question.

"Figured." I groaned. I pushed myself up into a sitting position and hissed at the soreness I felt through my muscles. Snape gripped the collar of my robe and pulled me inches from his face.

"Was that the truth?" He asked. I pushed his hand away.

"Even if it was the truth I can't tell you."

"More like won't."

"Now you're catching on."

"Don't be a twit Draco."

"It's my nature." I replied with a shrug though I regretted the action the minute it happened. Snape rolled his eyes before standing up.

"Tomorrow Draco."

"Yeah I know." I grumbled. He turned to leave but stopped with his back facing towards me.

"You did well." I couldn't ask him anything else because with those words he left leaving me alone... again... with Madame Pomfrey.

"We really need to stop meeting like this Madame Pomfrey." I groaned.

"Mr. Malfoy, If I had a choice I wouldn't be seeing you everyday." The old bat replied.

"The feeling is mutual."

"A few of your friends dropped by." I groaned at her words before looking over and saw the rolled up napkin next to the bed.

"What is it?"

"Mr. Malfoy. If you are curious just open it yourself." Madame Pomfrey groaned with a wave of her hand shooing off the rest of my questions. I picked up one of the items and unwrapped the lazy folding job. Bread. If was a little cold but I was hungry and didn't care. I stuffed it into my mouth hungrily without a second thought.

" I have to say I was surprised when Mr. Potter came in with an armful of food." I didn't respond and she looked like she wasn't expecting me to. It was a weird feeling having Potter be nice to me. "You seem to be better now so if you don't mind, leave." I nodded my head and grabbed the items off the table and made my way into the hallway.

"I see you got your supper." I looked up to see Potter without the Weasly attachment make his way towards me.

"Yeah. Thanks" I mumbled.

"I'm not sure if I heard that." Potter replied obviously egging me on to say it again. I sneered at him, or at least tried to.

"And now you've ruined it." I didn't realize this before but Potter was carrying his quidditch broom with him. "Practice?"

Potter nodded his head and smiled. "Want to join?" I stood there unsure what was happening. Was I becoming friends with Potter and why didn't that sicken me as much as I had thought it would have?

I don't know why but my mouth flapped open and asked "Why?"

"I don't think you're a bad guy." Potter stated with a small shrug. "You act mean but I don't think you always mean it. Except towards Ron."

"Yeah, Weasly and I are not the sorts that would hold hands and sing songs together Potter."

"I've seen you stick up for Hermione."

"Now you're just being delusional." Apparently something I said made him laugh.

"Whatever you say." He just stated before waving me to come out to the field with him.

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