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And the story begins…



St Mungo's

December 2, 1979

A young boy of two sat on a stiff chair with his legs dangling and swinging back and forth and a stuffed cat in his hand. His crystal grey eyes watched his father pacing in front of him, his hands clasped behind him and eyebrows scrunched up in worry.

The boy was confused to why his father was troubled and what was wrong with his mother for her to be brought here this early in the morning. He was too young to understand things as he had just began to know and remember.

But he was not stupid. Some would say he was the smartest boy of his age. He had seen his mother's belly increase in size and the weirdest food she would demand to eat. He had woken up early because of his mother's scream and his father's hurried footsteps. Through floo network they had rushed here and the healers had taken her to a big room.

It had been hours now and he had nothing to do except watch his father pace in front of him. And then the Head Healer came out with her calm expression and a smile on her face.

"Your wife and the baby are both healthy and fine and you can see them now. Congratulations it's a girl."

His father sagged in relief and let out a bright smile which showed all his teeth. He thanked her and came to pick up the boy.

"You have become a big brother. And now we are going to see your mother and little sister." The smile was never of his father's face and it scared him a bit. He has become a big brother. But what does it mean?

They went inside the room and were greeted by an exhausted but happy woman who was holding a pink bundle of joy. Her husband gave a small peck on both of his girls' foreheads. He placed Cedric beside his mother so that he could look at the baby girl.

"Cedric, meet your sister Lilliana."


"CEDRIC!" I screamed at the top of my voice. I could hear his laughter down the corridor. I am going to kill him in his sleep. This should not happen not right now. I looked to my now blue hair, yes I said blue, and then screamed again, "MOMMY!"

"Coming dear," I heard her reply. I started crying as it was the first day of school. I wanted to make a good impression on everyone and wanted to make new friends. Luna doesn't start school until next year so I have to make new ones. My mother came in the bathroom and looked at me and started laughing. New hot tears started to fall as I sobbed heavily. "Oh my dear, wait I will make it alright." She waved her wand and all the blue disappeared and my natural colour could be seen. I smiled instantly and hugged her.

She then made a waterfall braid and put pins to keep it in place. I then went out of the bathroom with rage in my eyes and my mother followed. We went down the stairs and my anger vanished and I started laughing.

There stood Ced in a droopy manner while dad fussed over him arranging his clothes and patting his sandy hair and lecturing about being nice and kind like he has been all these years in school. For him and mom, Cedric has always been the 'golden child' of the family while I was just a little rebel born in the family.

Let me introduce myself. I am Lilliana Ingrid Diggory, born on December 2, 1979 to Amos and Piper Diggory and have an idiotic but caring brother Cedric Gavin Diggory. I have auburn hair and grey eyes like my brother.

I live near Ottery St. Catchpole in Devon, England, my neighbours being the Weasleys, the Lovegoods and the Fawcetts. And the most amazing thing is that I am a witch and I am going to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

My father works at the Ministry of Magic along with Mr Weasley. I had been waiting for my letter since Ced got his a few years back. He is in his 4th year. My first sign of magic was when I had gotten angry at daddy when he sided with Ced over my behaviour and I blasted a teapot on the table. I can never forget that day coz mommy had been very angry for blasting her teapot.

Now I am giggling at him and he gives a rueful smile back. Well I got my revenge on him. Dad checked Cedric the final time and then looked at me. "Well if it isn't my little princess," he said happily, "But we are running late so hurry, out of the house everyone."

Outside our two stored cottage, what daddy called as cars were there by the gate. Mommy levitated our bags by her wand and I wondered if I would be able to do it. Though I had an interest in potions, I loved magic in general. But Ced was mad about flying and had a knack in transfiguration.

I sat in the backseat of the car with Ced and daddy started the car and we were off to the King's Cross Station. I really hope we reach in time. And then I remembered something during our ride.

"Ced I remembered something that you promised me as a first day gift."