4. The Big Reveal

Peter hated to do it, but he called a team meeting. The whole thing had gone too far. Rocket had seen them naked, Gamora had threatened Drax's life, and Groot had made Drax give him flowers—which was totally sweet, but so unlike Drax. Enough was enough.

"Okay, guys. Here's the deal." Peter paced back and forth, while Drax leaned unconcernedly against the wall. Gamora, Groot, and Rocket were scrunched together on the lone couch, none of them too pleased at being there. "You've all found out some way or other, but just so everyone's on the same page…well, I just want to get it out in the open. Drax and I are together."

He waited for the reactions, but none came. So he repeated, "We're together. Sleeping together. You know. Dating, courting, whatever the hell you want to call it. Any questions?"

Groot looked up at them excitedly, a huge smile on his wooden face. "I am Groot?"

"He wants to know if you're going to, and I quote, 'keep kissing Drax forever,'" Rocket translated, looking disgusted.

Drax smiled too, came forward and looped an arm around Peter's shoulders. "I certainly hope he does, Groot."

Peter couldn't help but melt into Drax's touch. He leaned against Drax, smiling dreamily. "I hope so too."

"Bleeech." Rocket made a gagging noise. "Okay, cut the sappy cute shit. We get it. You two are screwing each other's brains out. Can we all move on? Unless Gamora's got anything to add?"

Gamora shrugged. "They already know what I think. Drax hurts Peter, I hurt him. Pretty easy to understand."

"I am Groot," Groot added, a slightly menacing look coming over his usually-gentle face.

"Groot says he'll help. Though actually, it's more likely to be Peter hurting Drax, not the other way around," Rocket pointed out. "Ya know, since Peter's the one with the history of hooking up with anything that moves."

"Rocket!" Peter looked at his friends, clearly frustrated. "Seriously? I'm not going to cheat on—" He turned to Drax. "You know I wouldn't cheat on you, right?"

"I am aware." Drax looked at Rocket. "You should have more faith in your teammate. And Gamora, your loyalty is commendable, but you should be aware that if I ever caused distress to Peter, I would turn my knife on myself long before you could reach me—"

"OKAY!" Peter cut in. "Okay, okay! Let's stop talking about suicide, okay? That sounds good, right?"

"I am Groot," Groot agreed solemnly.

Peter addressed the team again. "Okay…so we're all straight about what's going on?" He gestured between Drax and himself. "He and I are together. So yeah. No more spying on us. And no more awkward questions. Please?"

Rocket held up his hands mock-defensively. "Hey, I'm never following you again after what happened in the shower."

"What happened in the shower?" Gamora asked, looking curiously at Drax and Peter.

"Never mind," Peter said quickly.

"He caught us having relations," Drax explained, and Peter facepalmed. "What? It's true."

"Yeah, but they didn't need to know that!"

"No, we sure didn't," Rocket muttered.

And that was the end of it. Everyone knew, it was out in the open, everybody was cool with it, and everything was totally fine. Or so Peter thought, until his communicator rang one day and, being too distracted to check the caller ID, he answered it.

"Hey Yondu," he said, grimacing. "What's up?"

"What's this I hear about you shacking up with the frickin' Destroyer?"

…Oh crap.