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Deep Deep Red
By: Minachiko-chan

[10 years ago, Yuugi's PoV]

I watched the gun, pointed towards my parent's head, they had begged. I hear their voices as the arm of my grandfather quickly covered my eyes shielding me from the view, but it didn't matter, I was young, but I understood.

"Please let us go!!" My mother's voice, desperate and panicked.

"Let you go?" The voice that was my mother's husband, I knew it well. For I have lived in fear of it for so long. "You actually think I would not find out about what you have done?! With… with this filthy man?!"

"You don't even love her you monster!" The voice of my father, "You married her for her money, but you never loved her! Now you have everything! Why won't you let her go?!"

"Your right, I never loved her, but she was still mine! Not your's! And never will be yours." The voice had a hint of sarcasm in it, "never, do you understand?"

Then I heard it, the loud sounds, sounds I know I will fear for the rest of my life. Grandfather's hands slowly dropped down from my eyes, unable to hold them up due to his own fears and sorrow, but he kept his hand on my arm, to prevent me from moving, not that I could move.

Red. That was the color I remembered, lots and lots of red. On my parents' body, on the man's hand and clothing, red, like the wine that my mom use to love to drink with my dad as they celebrate their love for each other. I gripped my hand against my chest to prevent it from escaping, a scream, because I knew it would do neither of us any good. Soon the man came to us. And soon the cool object still tainted with my parent's blood pointed itself against my forehead.

My grandfather regained his senses then, he quickly crawled to his kneels and kneeled in front of them man and begged. "Please! Spare the child! He's so young! He will cause any harm to you I swear it!"

"He is young now." Said the man, as he tightened his finger on the little hoop. "But what about when he grows up? What then? He just saw me kill his parents, he will grow up to kill me, that will be his goal, why wouldn't I kill him?"

"He won't! I promise you! You're so powerful already! Please, please spare him Master!" My grandfather's voice quivered as he held me tightly in his arms. I didn't cry then, it wouldn't have helped, I don't know why I didn't, but I just couldn't feel the tears come to my eyes.

I think the man was unnerved by my eyes, they didn't show any emotions, he might have thought I was too young to understand this, that was probably why, because the next thing I know, the gun point was lowered.

"Hn." The man turned around, "Get ride of the bodies, and get him out of my site, I don't want to see him again." With that he left me, and my grandfather to his orders. It was then did I allow all that has happened to cross the threshold my mind. As it slowly, shatters, breaking like the glass mind of a child should be.

The last I heard that night was the soft gasp of horror that belonged to my grand father, but the last thing I saw was.

Deep deep red.

[2 weeks later]

"Hi!" A boy with almost identical face as me, he smiled at me, for the first time in a long time did I see a real smile again. "Wow, you are pretty! My name is Yami."

"….. I'm Yuugi…"

"Come on! Why don't you come over! We can play together!"

"Yami…?" Heavy steps.

"father…? I'm speaking to Yuugi! I want him to come and live with me!" I can see join upon the face of the one I hated.

"Yami!" Then his eyes turned to me, "Yuugi…You get away from my son!" Slap! … pain… against my cheeks.

"No!! Don't touch Yuugi!" hands, warm against my cheeks, embracing me.

[2 year later]


"yes, Yami?"

"Do you like the violin?"

"Of course, why do you ask?"

"You always listen to it."

"Because I like it… it's beautiful…"

"Then I'll learn to play it for you."


"Don't worry Yuugi! As long as you like it! I'll learn it for you! But in return I want you to promise me you'll always be with me!"


"Promise me!!"

"I promise…" I'm sorry Yami…

"It's a deal then!"

[Present time] [Yami PoV]

I looked at the small figure lying in my arms, sleeping soundly, for now anyways, so many had attempted to take away this precious bundle of mine. So beautiful, I touched his lips, so soft like rose petals opening under the sun. Only this sun was dark, cold and cruel, it only becomes beautiful under your touches, the little moon, so beautiful, and gentle, I fear my touches will taint you. Yet you come to me, holding your hand to me, asking for my embrace. As I hold you now.

How I fear for you little one, my beautiful light of the night. The only one I treasure so, your so fragile, the slightest wind I fear would blow you away from me forever, so innocent without knowledge of what really would happen to you, no, I will never let anything happen to you. From the first moment I saw you I had promised, I don't care why father hate you so much, as long as I have you its enough. As long as you're by my side, even my cold heart would melt for you.

I would protect you, just as the promise from so long ago, and now again, I would protect you, no matter the cause, but I fear my own abilities, you're my weakness my little love. I don't know how long I can hold on to you, it makes me fear so, that one day I would lose you, or you would leave me… but you would never would you Yuugi…?

Your gentle eyes of soft violet open for me, you raise your hand to touch my cheek again, an gesture now you are so use to. "Yami, your eyes… they are so cold… what's wrong?"

I smile gently for you, and only for you, "Nothing little one, rest, your tired and you have a hard day tomorrow."

"But your eyes… are you scared Yami?" Only you can understand my fears, only you.


"Liar…" You snuggles close to me and raps your arms tightly around my body, "You are not alone anymore Yami, your not alone, the room of your soul is open to mine. Not alone…"

I smiles softly at the words whispered from your lips, ones I have heard long again, do you even know what your saying little one? Words of possession, it shocks me it would come from someone as beautifully innocent as you, but I don't think you even understand the full meaning of the words.

You smile back at me, hands reaching out to touch me, "Your smiling Yami."

"Of course I am little one," I holds you close against my chest, "I will always smile for you."

You sign happily; it is this that I treasure the most, the thrill of games, the pleasure of the challenge, even life itself, it would mean nothing if not for this. If it means to shatter you my little love, I would give it all up in a instant, my past, my present, my future, they all belong to you. I will not allow you to disappear from me, never. You're mine, always will be. Everything is for you, everything is you, and I will protect you, never ever let go.


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