Genma sighed, he was on his way home after a long mission, he wanted a shower and a warm bed to sleep in and that was all. His senbon pin dangled from his mouth as if it would fall out, he was so tired. It took every bit of his strength to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

"Oh! Excuse me!" A very pretty redhead exclaimed. She had almost bowled him over when she had come rushing out of a shop right in front of him.

"No problem. Are you ok?"

"Oh yeah, I'm good." She observed that the man she had walked into was incredibly handsome and wondered how to go about introducing herself.

"Well then, I'll be on my way." And with that Genma resumed his determined march home to his shower and his bed.

"Wait a minute! What's your name?" The redhead called out behind him.

He turned around, wondering if the whole world was conspiring to keep him awake today, and saw that she was closing the distance between them. If he hadn't of been so tired he might have noticed that she was flirting with him but the only thing Genma wanted to flirt with was a bottle of shampoo and his pillow.

"Genma. I'm sorry but I just got back. I haven't slept a decent night in a week and I need a shower. Maybe we could talk another time?" He hoped that she would take the hint and let him go, alternatively he would settle for the smell of him scaring her away.

"Oh. I'm sorry." She looked embarrassed. "How will I find you?"

"I usually eat my lunch at the ramen stand. But you'd better give me a few days. I might sleep all week."

"OK" He had turned and once again resumed his walk home to the comfort he knew he would find there.

He grimaced. He hoped she didn't mention his name to anyone. He had a bit of a reputation as a lady's man. It was an undeserved reputation in his opinion. Those that didn't know him considered him to be aloof and uncaring. He preferred calm and impartial. There had been that one girl from out of town that he'd had a fling with but she had left him, to go back home. He hadn't loved her and left her as everyone accused him of doing.

Other than her, he'd had no serious relationships. His job was complicated and he was waiting for the right one, someone who could understand his job and it's associated risks. He knew she'd be along and that she'd be worth the wait. In the meantime he passed the time with flirting with the girls that came to the jounin bar and hanging out with the other ninja telling them bad jokes that made even Might Guy groan in pain. She'd be along.