Buffy's eyes popped open. The fire had died out and the boys were putting dirt back on the grave.

But that wasn't what woke her.

She sat up, instantly wide awake.

A scuffling sound came from her left. She tilted her head to listen.

The movements caught Castiel's attention. "Do you hear something?"

She nodded and then grinned as she began running. "Nothing I can't handle."

"Buffy, wait!" Dean barked as he threw down his shovel.

She leaped on a nearby headstone, executing a sharp kick to the vampire's face as she jumped down. Her fists were out and flashing before he knew what was happening. She fought back a groan of satisfaction as she pummeled him.

Each blow made fire pulse in her veins. She pulled a stake from her coat and thrust it into the vampire's chest. His hands flew to his chest a moment too late and he fell into a pile of dust on the graveyard ground.

"What the fuck was that?" Dean shouted.

Buffy whirled around and threw her stake between where the boys stood, catching the oncoming vamp in the chest. "Vampire."

Dean and Sam turned their heads to see where the stake had landed before facing each other with wide eyes.

"Hotel. Now," Dean demanded.

Buffy giggled as Sam stalked to her before picking her up and throwing her over his shoulder, caveman style. Dean smacked her ass as it went by.

Castiel raised an amused eyebrow before nodding at Dean and fluttering off. Sam set Buffy on her feet long enough to open the back door. He set her in the seat and climbed in after.

Dean hurried into the driver's seat and the Impala quickly roared to life. As he shifted, a female moan came from the backseat. His head whipped around to find Sam's hand under Buffy's shirt while she writhed in pleasure.

"Fuck," he mumbled, cock hardening. "How come you get to play while I'm on the outs again?"

Sam smirked as he licked up Buffy's neck. "Because you like to watch."

Buffy let out another giggle that turned into a moan when Sam bit down. Her breathing quickened as his fingers popped the zipper on her jeans before dipping inside for a teasing touch.

"Dean," Sam growled out. "Drive."

Dean spun around and quickly got with the program, each moan and gasp from the back wreaking havoc on his libido. He was so hard it hurt, but the pain was a sweet torture.

He whipped into the spot right in front of their door and bolted from the car. Sam followed with a giggling Buffy in his arms.

Dean pulled off his shirt in time to take Buffy from Sam's grasp so he could do the same. He tossed her on the bed, smirking when she yelped on a bounce.

The two men finished stripping with hunter level efficiency before turning and advancing on Buffy. She held still, barely fighting a tremor in her muscles.

Sam placed a hand on Dean's arm, halting his approach. "I have an idea."

Dean glanced over and saw the spark in Sam's eye. "Go on. . ."

Sam nodded toward Buffy. "Strip."

She sat up and pulled off her shirt, heat and questions swirling in her gaze. Her bra came next before she shimmied out of her jeans and panties all at once.

"Touch yourself," Sam instructed.

Dean bit his bottom lip on an inhale. Fuck. Why hadn't he thought of that?

Buffy flushed a little at the intensity directed toward where she sat. Her fingertips started at her neck and began a slow brushing dance down the slope of her breast. She dallied on the nipple long enough for her breath to hitch as the small bud hardened.

"Both," Sam whispered.

Buffy obeyed the command, shyness slowly disappearing as arousal took hold.

Her nails scratched lightly as they skated down her stomach. She parted her legs slightly before reaching in to touch.

The gasp had Dean tensing, ready to leap on the bed and join her. Sam shot him a quick look, not wanting the show to end too soon.

Buffy dipped her fingers inside the gathering wetness with a relieved moan. She rubbed and touched until everything was glistening.

"Come for us," Dean said, his voice rough and ragged.

Buffy nodded, her teeth clamping down on her lower lip.

Her fingers moved faster, deeper with each thrust. The palm of her hand drove against her clit in a rocking motion that pushed her higher.

"That's it," Sam growled out as he took himself in hand. Dean couldn't help but follow suit.

Buffy's muscles tightened as she neared her crest. The sounds of skin on skin and heavy breathing filled the room.

Buffy cried out as her body leaped over the edge of pleasure. She leaned over and threw a condom at Dean before planting herself on all fours in front of Sam.

Dean rolled the latex on, trying to limit how much touching he did after getting himself so close.

Buffy swallowed Sam down, her groan joining his, as Dean pushed inside.

The men began moving immediately and Buffy squealed as she neared a new climax. The pulsing around Dean's cock pushed him over the edge just as Buffy swallowed as Sam finished as well.

The three were breathing in hard, heavy pants. Buffy was the first to start giggling, endorphins causing a giddy high. Dean chuckled and shook his head as he withdrew before going to remove the condom. Buffy collapsed sideways on the bed, leaving Sam to lift and turn her so they could all fit under the blankets.

Dean climbed into bed and propped an arm under his head. "So, that was your kind of vampire?"

"Yup," Buffy answered, still slightly breathless.

"That is a lot easier than what we're used to," Sam mused.

"Half breed, ya think?" Dean asked.

Sam shrugged. "Or some kind of special breed." He yawned. "I'll look into it."

Buffy smacked weakly at his arm. "Don't forget we need to figure out what those kids were."

"You're sure they aren't demons?" Dean asked.

Buffy nodded. "It felt different. Definitely not a demon."

Dean frowned. "Damn."

Sam yawned again before switching off the light. "I'm beat."

The other two people sharing his bed made similar tired noises of assent before the room was filled with rhythmic, sleepy breathing.