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All in Your Head, ch 13

By Tano

She opened her eyes, and saw nothing but darkness. And she was scared. She wasn't afraid of the dark, no that wasn't the problem. The problem was, she was outside, it was noon, and pitch black surrounded her. She couldn't see anything. She blinked and tried to focus in the darkness, but nothing. There wasn't anything there. It was like she was in space or something. She opened her mouth to call for help, scream, say something, but there was no sound. Complete silence.

Then she realized, she wasn't standing on anything. There was no ground, no surface to stand on. She was sort of floating around. There was no up, no down. She tried to feel something to hold on to. Nothing.

She was alone and very afraid. But what could she do?

She closed her eyes and cried into the void of space. Even she couldn't hear it. She opened her eyes and saw ahead of her, a light shining in the blackness. She squinted, it was so bright. She tried to run towards it, but that didn't get her anywhere. Tears filled her eyes, and the light blurred. She wiped them away and tried again. She was slowly moving towards that light. Whatever it was, at least it was light.

Maybe it was a star. But it was the only one she could see. There was nothing else. As she came closer to the light, she felt a wonderful sense of warmth. She felt better. Closer and closer she came, but very slowly. Finally she could see what it was. She saw the earth, blue and beautiful below her. Or was it above?

How was she above the earth? Only minutes earlier she had been on it... She was on her way to Arnold's house to meet him. They were going to go somewhere for her birthday. Perhaps if she could find her way back to Hillwood from space, she could still make it in time. But she was moving so slowly.

She was then so close to the earth, it seemed she could touch it. And without thinking she did. The blueness rippled a bit, and then was calm again. Strange. She was larger than the earth. But, if she was, how could she get back home? She touched it a second time. It rippled and she sighed. She wanted to go home.

And then she felt something sucking her up. The earth had become like a black hole. It was sucking her in! She tried to fight it, but it was no use. She fell into the bright sphere of blue white and brown. She still couldn't hear herself scream.

Pure blackness again. But she heard something. A voice. It called to her. She hadn't even realized she had her eyes closed, but she opened them. A brightness filled her eyes and she squinted to see who was talking to her.

She saw Arnold above her, looking worried. She sat up. She was back? Or had she been there the whole time? Was that all just a dream? Well, it made about as much sense as one would.

"Helga? You alright?" Arnold asked and she inwardly swooned. She'd missed that voice, when she had been lost in that void out in space.

She opened her mouth and was relieved to hear her own shaky response, "Y-yes."

"Good." Arnold smiled, "You fell asleep on my front stoop and when we carried you in you started crying. Were you having a nightmare?"

It had felt too real to be a nightmare. But she nodded.

He smiled and she smiled back. It was such a relief to see him, hear him, hear herself. It didn't matter what happened, as long as she was with Arnold, it would all be ok.

"So, what do you want to do?" he asked her.

"Anything, as long as I'm with you." she told him, without really thinking about what she wanted to say. But maybe that was it. She was about to take it back, but a voice in her head stopped her. IWhy take it back, you meant it, didn't you?/I

She did, she had. So, she didn't snap into her mean habit. She just watched him for a reaction.

He looked at her, interested. "You mean that?" he asked.

She looked down at her shoes. She still needed new ones. And maybe some new shoelaces. Yes, maybe some red ones would be nice. "Well, I mean..."she sighed, "Yeah I guess so."

He smiled widely, "Well, come on." he grabbed her hand and helped her off of the living room couch. And they ran outside in the warm sun. She never realized how nice the world was.

"Where are we going?" she asked, panting as they ran.

"I dunno, somewhere, we'll see."

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