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~Lost being ~

This is an alternative universe where everything is practically the same except one fact that makes it different .In this vampire knight universe, humans and vampires are not the only species present on earth instead we have over hundred thousand different creatures from elves and fairies to demons and vampires. Of course the strongest on the current known and existing species are the vampires due to their long bloodline history and frightening powers they are hailed as the strongest out of the supernatural. Humans are the most common, often seen as easy prey for many mythical creatures till one day where they obtained magical powers and capabilities to forge destructive weapons and to strike down their once fear predators becoming hunters. Humans gained this ability by drinking the blood of a divine beast said to have fallen from heaven. Initially what the being wanted was to help alleviate the pain and fear of the humans but the outcome was entirely different from what he wanted .His species ended up being hunted to the brink of extinction becoming a lost species. A war between the mythical and the natural then broke out. Many of he supernatural were hunted and killed while humans were preyed .The war only ended when the one out of the remaining of the lost species denoted itself and erased everything within 100 kilometers at the height of the war destroying everything in its path. This led to a temporary stalemate in the war as both sides suffered devastating consequences. There has been efforts to restore peace between the two sides but progress was extremely slow due to conflicting ideals and thinking and thus the fight between the hunted and the hunter still continues on till today .

Cross academy.

A loud chilling howl can be heard from the outskirts of the school compound .The full moon shining ominously in the cloudless night sky only serves to increase tension in the darkness .The figure on the bed shifted slightly his peaceful night disturbed. Soft breathing become hurried and ragged, silky silver strands drenched in sweat clinging onto the figure's pale porcelain face. His movements become more desperate the white sheets becoming a mess due to his struggling before all everything stilled as amethyst eyes shot open.

Zero pushed his tried self from the soft sheets, leaning his head on the headboard an arm over his eyes attempting to calm himself down from the nightmare.

"What a joke …"

Zero Kiryuu is a hunter, a hunter turned vampire .A Ex-human .Its both a disgrace to himself and his kind not that others feel the same but to zero it was a sin that he had to carry .Well ,an additional sin to the one he already had to carry .So far nobody knew his secret ,heck even he wish he could forget that part of himself but apparently he would need to leave the world of living to do that which he doesn't plan to anytime soon .

'3 months in a row huh …even in death you still make my life miserable 'Zero sighed softly.


Rido Kuran stood in all his glory a smug look on his face as he stared down on the prefect standing opposite of him, Bloody Rose pointed directly at him. Not a word was uttered between the two as they waited for each other to strike. Kaname watched the scene with calculative eyes before launching an attack on his uncle .A hearty laugh erupted as the male dodged the blow by leaping into the air, carelessly putting himself in the line of fire .Zero raised his gun ,fingers on the trigger .Rido's face shown his shock and surprise at his current predicament before it turned in the bewilderment and glee .His eyes bore into zero's as he conveyed his dying message .

'To think you still have not told anyone ,or more surprisingly no nobody found out of it yet .Shizuka should be lucky to have a sip of you ." Zero faltered slightly, a look of panic passed through his eyes before he pulled the trigger obliterating the other to shards disappearing into the wind.

Flashback end

Zero swung his legs over the edge of the bed. Checking the room and locking the door and pulling the curtains over.' This is going to hurt …' Zero braced himself hands on his bed clutching the sheets like his life depended on it as his face contorted in pain .His back muscles rippled as the right side protruded slightly.

'My god this is horrible …'Zero whimpered, focusing his command to his dormant hidden power. Pain shot up his body like a bullet. Zero crashed head first onto his bed, beads of perspiration tricking down his face as white feathers with silver highlights cascade down .The Soft feathery wing stretched out to the end of the room in its magnificent wake surrounded by an ethereal glow pulsing with ungodly power .Zero laid his head on his bed too worn out to move .As if apologizing for the traumatic pain it caused the wing folded around the body covering his tired body .Stroking the white feathers of his wings ,zero visibly relaxed in its gentle hold .

"At least this part of me is still normal …"The boy spoke to no one is particular as he continues to smooth his fingers through his wing stretching the muscles that he kept contracted for the last week. After an hour of stretching and cleaning, Zero deem his wing still functional and well .Waving a hand in the air ,his wing disappeared in a pulse of light .

'Why can't the extraction be easy too ..Whatever ,Yuki and that bastard is coming back tomorrow .Better get some shut-eye in preparation ..' Stifling a yawn, the boy collapse back onto his bed falling in a deep sleep ,the white feathers in the room shattering into bits of light .

Cross academy

A black sleek limousine pulled over at the gates of the academy. A pair of siblings alighted from the vehicle .The girl had a bright and excited smile while the matured male only had a upturn of his lips as they watch a long haired blonde adult rushing towards them with open arms.

"YUKIIIII, KANAME!" Kaname took a step to the side as the blonde crashed onto his sister, hugging the life out of her .In the end ,Kaname could only treat the girl like a sister unable to bring himself to take the next step in their relationship to which Yuki undertook and accepted the fact that her brother did not love her more than siblings do .Yuki greeted her father lovingly before she looked over the blonde's man shoulder ,attempting to look for something or someone .

"Chairman?" Kaien looked at his daughter before smiling brightly already knowing what his Yuki wanted to know.

"Zero went to stables, he said he would be coming slightly late." Yuki huffed in annoyance.

"I'm not surprise if he told me he wants to marry lily on day. Seriously can't he visit me first before tending to his horse? We have not seen each other for 3 months …"Yuki grumbled under her breath, earning a chuckle from Kaien and a small smile on Kaname's face.

"Wipe that smile of your face bastard, Its annoying and unnerving."A cool yet slightly amused voice cut through the air. Yuki snapped her head in the direction of the voice to see her brother walking towards them .

"Wow "Yuki cant help but shrill in delight as her brother strode over abet reluctantly. Kaname couldn't help but admire the other who look extremely beautiful when he chose to take care in his appearance .The prefect was wearing a white open hoodie over a navy blue shirt, dark blue skinny jeans outlining his curves well and blue sneakers.

Yuki leapt into zero's arms to which the other returned, a pleased smile on his face .Kaname tore his eyes from the heartwarming scene instead choosing to address the chairman ."How's the situation ?"

kaien sighed tiredly at the question asked. "Not good, there has been report around school of beasts being sighted around the campus, though zero has been rather efficient in dispatching them so far ,I'm not sure whether we could keep this up for long .The numbers are not small and the recent intruder was a rank S minotaur ."

"Looks like someone is trying to bring down the school."Kaname deduced.

"I'm not sure that's all to it though. "The man replied, Kaname rose a brow in question prompting the other to explain .

"It looks like they are also searching for something or someone on the campus, there has been reports of break-ins but nothing has been stolen nor has anyone been attacked directly, often it was just exchange of blows or words ."

"I see "

The group head towards the school building, with Yuki and Zero infront discussing and chatting about various things that happened in the past 3 months.

"Neh Zero , have you heard about the recently discovered Rank SSS species? Aido-senpai was blabbing about how great of an achievement or finding it was."

"What is it?"Zero prompted seemingly interested in the topic.

"Seraph "Zero paused in his steps as he registered the word not noticing that Yuki was already steps infront of him.

"Zero what's wrong ?'' Yuki asked worriedly as the sliver-haired boy started trembling slightly before he raised his head adopting a calm façade.

"Nothing, where do you hear it from ?"

"Sheesh zero ,if you wanted to know more just ask ,all is the mighty zero just didn't want to admit that I am smarter than you ."Yuki teased wiggling a finger infront of zero.

"Like real, so are you going to tell me or not? "Annoyance was clearly spelled on zero's face as he glared at the female.

"That's better, hmm I think it was in some research achieves found in an abandon mansion in Italy something about fallen, divine being that started and ended the war so they ranked it SSS due to the amount of destruction caused in the war 10 years ago that put it to end ."

"I see …"The topic ended there and then as Yuki change the subject to some pranks that they pulled on Aido .

Night class dorm

The place was kept sparkling clean by the residents of the night class mainly made up of vampires and a few other night species like werewolves and zombies. Having their luggage already arrived earlier, not much unpacking had to be done as they went to they separate rooms for a shower and change while zero and the chairman went to get dinner ready . The nobles would only arrive later the week due to individual commitments.

Kaname fresh out of the showers, took his prepared attire on the bed and begin to dress .His mind drifting to the earlier conversation between Yuki and zero .It was strange that the discovery of the seraph would bring such a shock to Kiryuu .It was as if he knew something about it .Kaname knew something was up .It cannot be a mere coincidence that the school would be invaded by both creatures and rouge hunters once the announcement about the seraph was made ,it just cant be a simple coincidence ,the attacks seem coordinated and plan supposedly by someone who obviously had power and control over a variety od species . Maybe he would confront Kiryuu later about it oh the irony of not wanting to talk to him yet having to. Kaname mused as he stepped out of the door heading towards the dinning room .

Dinner was surprisingly civil; no exchange of smart insults, screw ups, fighting nothing .it was a peaceful and serene dinner. Toga Yagari was there during dinner occasionally casting weary glances at the two vampires and a worried one towards Zero. Yuki and Kaien tried to hold conversations but both Kiryuu and I replied with answers that ended the talk there and then .Eventually the two gave up and dinner was ate in silence .after the meal I followed Kiryuu to his room .of course I didn't get far before having a gun pointed at my temple .

"What do you want Kuran ?"Zero snarled in irritation at having being followed. 'For god's sake I want to sleep.'

Kaname looked at zero for a minute before replying with a stoic expression."I merely wish to question you about the recent attacks." and your reaction to the seraphs. Zero clicked his tongue in annoyance before lowering his gun and walking towards the balcony knowing that the other would follow .

"Spill" A cold straight to the point demand.

Though I refuse to be ordered this way, my curiosity suppressed my urge to growl at his insolence .Meeting his gaze I replied.

"Did those who trespassed the campus seem strange in any way to you ?" He looked shock at the question ,before avoiding my eyes seemingly in thought about something before those charming amethyst eyes widen in realization .

"They all have a strange look in their eyes, they have their own conscious but they seem to be controlled or influence in a certain way by an outside power."

Wow, I think that is the most he had said to me since we first met in one sentence .

"I see." That means I was right there is something dark involved in this .As I ponder about the next step and possible reasoning to the current situation ,Kiryu begin to make his way to the door .Just then I realize I still have one question in my mind I reached out touching his right shoulder blade slightly .

"Crashed!" Kiryu spun around so fast that I couldn't get out of the way before I was send crashing to the floor with the boy on top of me .My hand still throbbing in an angry red from the hit .It looks like I touch a sensitive spot, though …

"Bastard …" An insult broke my train of thoughts as I looked up .My wine red eyes meeting his amethyst ones .I was stunned by his angelic looks ,enhanced by the gentle moonlight seeping in from the gaps of the velvet curtains .To say I was entranced would be an understatement I was utterly mesmerized .

"Kuran do you want me to dig your eyes out? "Zero threatened, annoyed and pissed at his current predicament of being caught under the heated and lust filled gaze of his nemesis.

"It would certainly help if you would get off of me ."Zero looked down and at the other's face a few times before finally registering the gravity of the situation. ' Shit shit, what was I doing!'

Kaname looked smug at the blushing teen, his cheeks tinted a light pink it was a sight he plans to see again .The usually rebellious and angered teen blushing. Still Though the sight is nice to watch, the position we are in is not that uncomfortable, it is certainly unnerving to have you're once love rival straddling you. Zero got off in a rush, gave a fast apology unbecoming of him before rushing off supposedly to his room.

Pushing himself of the ground, kaname flexed his fingers, recalling the feeling he felt when he touched the other. Is it me or was there a bone that was no suppose to be there ?" Kaname flexed his fingers recalling the sensation he felt in wonder.

Somewhere distant

"My lord ,we have found the information you wanted ."

A figure fully clothed in black stood up from his throne walking over to the file flipping through the pages for something that would possibly be looked passed by the ordinary eye .A smile broke out of the figures face, his sharp canines gleaming in contrast to the shadows around him ,before a mechanical laughter range through the night .

The page that brought the beginning of a new war:

"There has been a confirmation of a rank of beings that surpass the norm and only one species has been classified in this category that is still in existence .

Rank X –drakulard (extinct )

Rank X –Orochi (extinct )

Rank X-White crow (extinct )

Rank X-Exceed (extinct)

Rank X-Black seraph (1 remaining)"

~The End of chapter 1 ~