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"I did not have a choice, " A commanding voice told the child infront of him. The one-year old child could not understand the words that were directed at him but he knew instinctively that the creature infront of him was not his friend. He wanted his parents and his brother, he wanted to feel the warmth and comfort that they would bring him. He reached out his tiny hands to in a vain attempt to search for them only to flinched away in pain as a harsh slap collided with his arms.

"Hence it is only fair for that you too, do not have a choice in choosing your own fate". The voice repeated, it sounded strained even to his ears .A child's ears. Why was the man sad? The baby boy looked up at his kidnapper reaching his hands out to touch the sad and melancholic face infront of him, his hands wiggling in the air as the man moved away. Casting one last look at the boy wrapped in blankets on the floor, the man whispered a few words causing himself to slowly crumble into dust as his powers in the shape of black liquid seeped through the stone floor towards the boy he laid as a sacrifice to fate staining his left pure snow white wings an ugly black. The boy trashed in agony as the foreign power begin to invade his body trying to remove his seraph's blood and replacing it with their own.

In the last minute of life, he saw the boy staring at him with a tear stained face,

"May you find the wings to fly from your chained you find light beyond the dark. May you find love and happiness from this cursed destiny." He whispered as he disappeared into the wind, leaving the boy in the arms of his parents who had arrived at the scene. Zero felt warm arms immediately securing his tiny body tightly in their arms, soothing him. The boy still staring at the spot where the odd man once stood.

Zero woke up when the recurring dream faded away. No, not a dream, a memory. He gasped the silky material that lay over his heart. The pain was excruciating. He didn't know what prompted this dream but he was sure he didn't want to go through it again. The dream was a reminder of how he came to gain the accursed power of the black seraph.

"A seraph created by gods to surpassed gods themselves. An unparalleled being whose mission is to serve fate. Decided neither by blood nor choice but by Fate's hands. Trapped forever in the never-ending struggle for freedom until the start of a new beginning." Zero didn't know how many times he recited the ancient scripture regarding this species 'blessing'.

"A cruse under the name of blessing, what a joke." He laughed in mockery. How could anyone really believe that such a power exist without a price of equal to its might. His predecessor must have been crazy in the head.

One thing Zero learned in his life is that nothing comes free. Never. There is always a price tag hovering in front of every choice he made. Some were insignificant but others were … he didn't even want to think about it. However it seemed that not everyone shared his sentiments like his brother for instance. Zero couldn't tell whether he was overflowing with joy or grieve and betrayal that his eyes are staring to watered.

"I'm pathetic. I threw fate back into god's face so many times, that now I have become their plaything." Zero mused at his condition .He has gone through so many things that adults would have pissed themselves if they were to went through what he had .He escaped death, fought against instinct and destroyed those who stood against him.

'This may be may be my last stand against fate' Zero decided .He was tired, his stone mind and will continuously eroded by coming waves till one day they would become one with vast ocean that was once against looked towards the door.

"Yuki, you can come in you know.'' The said girl peeked in from the now unlocked door.

"How long did you know I was there?" Yuki asked, a blush evident on her face from being caught. A vampire who can't conceal her presence but its Zero so it should be expected.

"The moment you whispered to Kuran-senpai that 'my sleeping face is like a baby doll'? Zero stated in an amused tone, though slightly pissed at the analogy watching the girl still standing in his doorway with a full-blown smirk on his face.

"Oh My Gosh! Zero, are you smiling?" Yuki exclaimed in shock, though the teasing tone in her voice said otherwise. Nonetheless, Zero reverted back to his usual look in a matter of milliseconds, devoid of all emotions except the trademark scowl showing his displeasure.

Zero raised his leg just in time to swat away the 'insect' that came flying towards him.

"My son! Are you alright?! Let daddy look at your wounds." Chairman Cross fussed over the annoyed teen still on his bed .A hand on the other's chest pushing the man away from his body.

"I'm F.I.N.E. " Each syllabus pronounced with a strong layer of threat underneath. Cross gave a sigh before settling at the edge of the bed .The soft glow of the moon highlighting the prominent black bags under his eyes as well as the sorry state of the long brown tresses that frame his face. The Chairman looked twice his age .

"How long?" There was no need for elaboration. The Chairman understood immediately.

"3 days." Zero nodded but said nothing in return but his eyes showed concern and gratitude for the man infront of him. Although he would never admit it, he already acknowledged the man as his father.

Cross soaked up the image of his adopted son wondering how he was going to break the news to him. He knew Zero wouldn't like it ,but there wasn't much choices left to consider. Once again, his son is thrown back into chaos, his escape from troubles a short lived one.

"Zero-kun, listen carefully. I know this might upset you but right now it is the best choice we have …"

"Just get straight to the point." Zero stared directly into the eyes of the chairman, he could guess what is about to come.

"You need to leave the school." Okay. He was not expecting that. Rage and disappointed bubbled up in his heart.


"Wait, I'm not done. We are not asking you to leave the school permanently." The Chairman smiled .He would never send his son away just for the safety of the school. He would rather let the school and himself to be destroyed before even thinking of casting his son away.

"You will be going on a trip to Italy .You need to find out who is after you." He would have asked a hunter stationed there to check at the research institute but knowing that information on the ranked X creature can only be understood by the creature itself, it would be best if Zero were to go.

"What else? Cross raised a brow but smiled, knowing nothing can hide from his son. This is also the most difficult part.

"Kaname-kun would be escorting you there."

-36,000 Feet Above the Atlantic Ocean-

Zero looked out of the window, amethyst eyes staring at the white clouds and blue mind flickering the images that lead to this current perdicament.


" What?!"

Kaname sighed esperatedly. "We are taking my jet".

"Are you crazy? Two high schoolers taking a private jet to Italy, it would just scream 'Target Me!' " Zero rebutted sarcastically. Kaname and Zero stared at each other before kaname broke off the standoff, leaving a bewildered thought the other would insist more.

'I thought he would put up a greater fight ...'

Kaname left the room, opting to call Takuma for a new arrangement.

Flashback End

Zero continued to stare out at the clouds, his face contorting in mind disgust as he caught sight of the pureblood setting next to him. He swirled towards the window the moment he saw kaname glance at him. He was happy not having taken a private jet with only the blood sucker for company, but he was by all means not elated at the prospect of being next to one to the remaining 5 hours either. The reflection of the flawless blood-sucker on the window didn't help either.


The clean white room filled with esquite features brought distaste to Zero as he drop his luggage bag on the carpeted floor.

'At least, the rooms are separated', glancing to the door, he could see Kaname entering his own room. To Zero, a common hotel room would suffice but apparently due to Kaname's pureblood status, they ended up in a suite as it was inappropriate for a pureblood to live in anything considered normal in Italy.

'Well, they made it pretty obvious.' Zero grimaced at the memory of being pierce with hundred of arrows at the lobby when they tried to get a room while Kaname was showered with love.

They were lucky that I didn't shoot them', not that he could as bloody rose was currently in possession of the bloodsucker having forced to relinquish his 'partner' to the other before they left the country.

'It's going to be a long day'. Zero groaned.

The trip to the institute was filled with the same tension as that on the the plane. Their guide to the ruins behind the white walls and modern windows of the research center stood at the gate.

Zero's eyes stayed on the other's form more than brown curls teased the man's well-sculptured face, his skin a bright healthy tan. He didn't look like he belonged to a place that digs up rocks and inspect skeletons. He was all smiles as he greeted the two.

'He seemed human.' Kaname's eyes bored into his lilac ones, a silent message passed between them .Both coming to a conclusion that despite the non-treatening aura, there is a need for caution.

After pleasantaries were exchanged the group headed up the ragged path towards the ancient ruins pearched at the hilltops overlooking what it seems to be a parady of a black hole on earth, a land of emptiness filled with sand and bare land spread out for them as they reach the top, desolate and void of life .

''Pity isn't it?'' the guide spoke. "A land once flourishing under the guidance of the seraph reduced to nothing but dirt, there were no survivors of the great disaster that occurred here a hundred years ago. The cause remains unknown till this day …"

The bubbly voice was drowned by the deep sadness Zero felt through the Earth that was the home of his ancestors. Despite having no knowledge of this place, he felt the devastation and cruelty inflicted on the day of the accident. The shear multitude of emotions pouring out of the earth washed over him like a tsunami. He scrunched his eyes in pain .

"Zero". The familiar baritone voice cut through the hazy pain of his migraine. Zero turned facing a blank look from the other vampire, the guide hovering close to him .

"Oh my god, are you okay?. You look flushed." Zero wanted to him to shut up. The hyper attitude is starting to get to him. Reigning in his annoyance, he replied the pureblood tersely.

"Let's go."

The destroyed gate greeted them with a broken welcome. The guide bounced towards the temple situated at the center of the ruins, having miraculously survived the century long neglect and abuse.

They come to a stop infornt of two angels.

"These are the angels that guarded this humble abode, the left is Albite while the right is Obsidian, both act as guardians to the head seraph of the temple, Albite was his lover while Obsidian was his jealous brother of Albite that wished for …." Zero once agin ignored the other's rambing as he stared at the statues.

It was obvious that one of the statues was favoured over the other. The one on the right was tattered and torn like fabric, the once glossy and glistening black stone was marred with scratches and charred holes as if burned and stabbed. The other was still shining a pristine white, standing tall and new like when it was first made,the two were the sun and moon, representing death and life. The twin angels over balance.

Zero took a step towards the damaged angel, running his hand over the jagged lines that marred its he felt a connection to the being that the statue was mold after as if the story passed down for generations isn't entirely true as if there was a history that was buried under all the lies. A secret carried to the grave and treasured by those involved. Despite the magnitute of damage, Zero felt the warmth of love and melancholy sweeped through into his finger tips as a story unflod in his mind.A tale of two lover against the wishes of the prejudal society they serve and guide. A love so pure and strong that the loss of their another half sent the other in rage. Yet, the gentle final ending they shared was so sacred and intimate that Zero didn't shed tears for their death but smiled in memory of their happiness.

Kaname watched in interest as a small smile lit up on the other. It was the first time he saw Zero shed his trademark scowl and expressionless face. It was eye-opening for the wary hunter to throw all caution into the wind and bare his emotions for all to see.

"He looks like an angel." Kaname glanced in the direction of the guide as he heard his staement .Kaname gave no indication of agreement but he felt a burning irritation that he immediatelly stamped down. Kaname believes he had been feeling out this few days, it should have been the nasty taseless tablets he consumed in the way here. He didn't need anyone to point out the fact that there hadn't been any problems since he started drinking them since it was invented .

As if sensing Kaname's eyes on him, Zero turned his head away, his hand however still laid connected to the angel. The sight of Zero connecting himself to the defiled angel send a shivering pleasure down Kaname's spine. The damp and dingy landscape painted a look of deep hidden desires which Kaname was drowning in.

However, as if sensing his thoughts,Zero snapped towards his direction, his amethyst eyes gleaming with something dark. Kaname wiped all trace of emotions on his face and stared back impassively. He wasn't sure why he thought of Zero that way, but he wasn't going to let it repeat again. It was wrong on so many levels.

Zero having paid his respect to his ancestor, tilted his head to Kaname and gestured to the temple. The two approached the gate with caution.

The symbols on the ground were a faded murky red. The eerie feeling sets in when Zero sensed the aura of death mingled with the melachronic feel of the temple.

'Someone has been in here'. He looked in Kaname's direction. The other having noticed the same thing glanced over as well. They made eye contact right before the temple lit up in bright orange flames.

Zero drew his gun pointing it at the netrance of the temple or what left of it after the explosion .Standing infront of the gates was his twin.

"Hello Zero." Ichiru drawled ,a smirk on his face. Zero growled in return, a burning desire to pulverise his twin...

"It's a pity isnt it ?", Ichiru gestured to the demolised temple, "After all wasn't this the birth place of your powers?'' The burining sensation in his chest grew as Ichiru taunted. Zero glared.

"Looks like you have more self-control then I thought" Ichiru concluded before making eye contact with Zero, but he wasn't looking at Zero but something deeper.

Zero's instincts flared, moving to the right he narrowly escaped a well-aimed needle to his neck.

"I knew you werent normal'' Kaname pushed his powers to the ground sending a wave of rubble towards the guide.

"Heh, I knew it wouldn't be easy anyway." The blond-haired man landed beside Ichiru in a crouched, in his hand a black rifle.

"I'm Arashi, nice to meet you triple S-Class Pureblood and X-Class Black Seraph". A feral grin on his face.